Carly G
Carly G - From biker chick to sexy secretary

This week we decided to get Carly out of those skin tight rubber pants. They were still sticky from a rather nasty initiation right by, "The Hells Mopeds". In this depraved act, they ceremoniously empty their thermos flasks of Earl Grey tea all over their hapless victim! In this case it was Carly! Anyway, we hosed down her pants and dressed her up as a sexy secretary, complete with high heels, stockings and suspenders and wow, did she look a treat, with those giant, juicy juggs sticking out and that lovely round bum, I could see why the "Mopeds" keep her as their plaything! One minute making packed lunches, the next locating another Tea Room to trash, who knows what Carly and The Mopeds will get up to next! So, if you ever visit Surrey and you hear the high pitched scream of what sounds like 10,000 giant mosquitos, you'll know The Mopeds ...
Rated by Jim Slip