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Worship The Arse!
Viktoria Diamond - Worship The Arse!

This week we have the gorgeous Viktoria, yet another TOTAL BABE! A babe with a body that must have been fashioned in the Fires of Hell by the Devil's own hand! A body that would tempt the most devout from his path of righteousness. At the birth of Man, if she had been Eve, Adam would have slung the apple away and said, "Sod this apple, I want a piece of THAT ass, girl!" She actually approached me and asked me if I knew where the nearest metro was. Metros in Budapest are so dammed difficult to find, you see they bury them underground, which is bloody inconvenient if you ask me! Anyway, feel free to salivate and ogle at the female form at it's most tempting!


This week I had my birthday
Chanel C - This week I had my birthday

This week I had my birthday. Some guys get socks, others get aftershave, but Jim Slip gets a tasy bird delivered to his door. Clad in mini-kilt and over knee socks and a complete, All American "college girl" look, Chanel arrived at my place and was gagging for some hot, kitchen/ diner action, which makes a change from the sofa which is in for repair at the moment. The IKEA robot sofa tester is unable to put the sofas through the rigourous pummelling that only I, Jim Slip, can put them through and so it had collapsed! Anyway, we got straight down to it and the first thing I did was plunge my hand into her tight knickers and from then on I had no choice but to ravage her on the spot!


She's far too cute to actually DO anything apart
Nataly Gold - She's far too cute to actually DO anything apart

How many times have you surfed the internet for porno-filth and on the rare occasion you stumble on a really cute, natural girl, you say to yourself, "She's far too cute to actually DO anything apart from some lame fiddling with herself!" Yes, we've all been there. But on these beautiful babes DO actually behave like wanton sluts and the craziest thing is, the more beautiful they are the more dirty they are! This week, Nataly, believe it or not, is going to guide my dick up her tight bum. No, you aren't dreaming this, IT'S TRUE, this babe is out of control when it comes to getting her manicured hands on a stiff dick!


Frozen wastes of Russia
Nataly Gold - Frozen wastes of Russia

If you thought that the cavalcade of beautiful babes was over, well you are wrong, on it goes! This week we have an absolute stunner called Nataly Gold. Naturally, she is from the frozen wastes of Russia. How on Earth do they produce these girls over there? They are simply stunning and dirty as well. I wont even tell you what this, picture of innocence and propriety, has in store for you all out there, for if you knew you would turn away and bite your knuckles in frustration to see. So I will spare you this torture. Simply sit there and enjoy a thing of sheer beauty!


Please let, The sun go down on me!
Avril Sun - Please let, The sun go down on me!

Well, if you thought Angel Hott was cute, then check out the delightful Avril Sun. Decked out in tiny denim shorts and strutting her stuff, it's no wonder that people are now acclaiming Jim Slip with becoming all "Arty" now we are getting one beautiful, fresh-faced girl after another. I'm afraid there is no let up in the babes over the coming months, they just keep getting fresher and cuter! No horrible tattoos, no stuck-on tits (Well, most of the time) no botoxed sausage lips, no frazzled bleached hair, just beautiful fresh, untouched babes. Girls who look like they eat good food and go to bed early! Courtesy of yours truly! Jim Slip.


So Hott she burns!
Angel Hott - So Hott she burns!

Well you saw the "Mother of all teasers" in last weeks episode and now it's time for Angel Hott to take some hard cock! Remember this was her first hardcore scene and she took to it like a duck to water, as we like to say over here. To be honest I think she preferred just getting on with the fucking than all this, "Single girl masterbation" mallarkey. However, being a sadist I wanted you all to have to wait a week to see her getting fucked and it's certainly worth the wait! However, shed a tear for me, for having to endure standing outside the room, peering and snuffling around the door, as Lara filmed her for part 1, so you can imagine I simply couldn't wait to get my trotters on her!


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