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All that glitters IS Goldâ¦.Tracy Gold!
Tracy Gold - All that glitters IS Goldâ¦.Tracy Gold!

Yes, folks she's back by special request, mainly by yours truly, to do a special Festive turn for your delectation. I have even taken the liberty of including a Christmas carol on the soundtrack! Tracy has the innocent smile and look of a glamour girl from days gone by and what could be better at this time of year than to bring her back and have her adorn the pages of over this joyful time. Anyway folks, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year. Lara and I will be heading to far off shores to recuperate after a very busy year and we are looking forward to bringing you even more gorgeous babes over the coming year!


Naughty Nurse in Nylons
Andrea Francis - Naughty Nurse in Nylons

Well as members will have seen, Andrea passed her "Audition" with flying colours and proceeded to the next stage. This is the final and most dramatic transformation on the path of enlightenment that girls must pass, before they are allowed into the hallowed annals of! This is where she undergoes a metamorphosis from "girl next door" to "girl next door, but now dressed up in kinky clobber." Yes, folks, my eyes nearly popped out of my head, when Andrea made her entrance in a sexy nurses outfit, seamed stockings and high heels. This girl has the longest legs you have ever seen, they never seem to end. In fact if you were a seamed stocking fetishist, I would say it would take a good 60 seconds for your tongue to travel up the seam from the bottom of her heel all the way up its tortuous path to the suspender belt. However your host...


A Fin Full of Fun!
Andrea Francis - A Fin Full of Fun!

This week for the first time on we have a long legged Finnish blonde babe called Andrea! She is an operating theatre nurse back home and decided that she wanted a respite from being soaked in blood and hacked flesh by being in one of my casting sessions. Well as a member you will see that she took to the camera like a duck to water and wasted no time in proving without a doubt, that she was truly ready to descend into the murky, steaming quagmire of porno filth. If patients undergoing surgery under her care could see her wanton behaviour, they would indeed believe that they had died and woken up in Hell, or in fact Heaven! Anyway, if you are thrilled at this weeks episode your eyes will pop out on springs when Andrea changes into a sexy, white nurses uniform complete in seamed stockings and heels. Her legs just went on and o...


Honey Im Home! 1950s casting cutie!
Mira Shine - Honey Im Home! 1950s casting cutie!

Well, here's a babe who looks like she has come straight out of an advert in Woman's Weekly from 1959! In those days (I've read) women were at all times, pristine, nay, fragrant I would say. At no time would you find one slobbing about in a track suit holding a bag of chips in one hand and a wooden fork in the other. However, Mira might have been pristine on the outside but beneath that thin veneer lurked a complete slut! I thought I was performing a serious casting for young ladies to perform in my next movie, but Mira had other ideas. With absolutely, no respect for, "The craft" she blurted out that she had in fact turned up for the casting for no other reason than to get laid by a seedy man with a camcorder purporting to be casting for a movie. She then lifted her dress to reveal, stockings, suspenders and the roundest bum I'd ever ...


The Babe of Bashkortostan
Gina H - The Babe of Bashkortostan

Well to be honest Gina doesn't come from Bashkortostan, I just needed a Russian town that rhymed with "Babe". Anyway, welcome to "Jim's Casting Cuties" and this week we have the wonderful Gina who came all the way from Russia to join the "Jim Slip Hall of Fame". As you will see, she was given the choice of a number of different outfits to wear in her tryout and decided on the sexy school girl uniform, as a homage to Britney Spears. I must admit Gina did a rather splendid impersonation of Britney marching up and down, except in this, Gina did give the camera a flash of her knickers as she turned away from the camera. Naturally, I screamed "FREEEEEZE!" whilst I took a gratuitous shot of this sight, as I know there are probably many millions of us throughout the World, that will salivate at the sight of a tiny pleated skirt, swinging to one ...


Swedish Sex Kitten!
Diana - Swedish Sex Kitten!

This week we have Diana, a real life Swedish porno girl! For those of a certain age, Sweden is the birth place of porn, the Primeval sludge from whence porn itself emerged and flourished! Some will remember excitedly fumbling with reels of Super 8mm film and cine projectors, trying to thread dodgy Swedish porno films, bought from seedy, Soho sex shops. They will fondly recall the hairy, buxom babes in stockings and suspenders and the men with flares and goaty beards. Some films were even badly dubbed with posh English voices. Those were the days, 3 minutes of daft fun on every reel. Diana being Swedish naturally was over here looking for porno work. She described how back home porn was available on every street corner and an enormous £ multi-billion industry. She certainly brushed up well and was every inch the retro style Swedish porn s...


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