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Like a crazed Zombie
Tracy Gold - Like a crazed Zombie

This week we have the stunningly beautiful Tracy Gold. Now Tracy has been umming and arring about taking a jump into the cesspit of porn for some time and I thought what a good time to try out my, "Will she? or Wont she?" series. During which I film a babe like Tracy and generally see what happens. Well what happened was that I nearly collapsed with wanton lust as she flitted from room to room looking like some kind of angelic waif, whilst I slavishly followed, like a crazed Zombie, leaving a trail of drool in my wake. "So what happened, Jim?" I hear you cry, well you'll have to watch and find out!


A web of sleazy sex fun with your truly!
Lexi Ward - A web of sleazy sex fun with your truly!

I bet with even Lexi's power of prediction and horoscopes, she couldn't have foretold that on this fatefull day, she herself would be enticed into a web of sleazy sex fun with your truly! I expect the following day she must have been shaking her crystal balls trying to work out what went wrong. As you have seen Lexi is a very sexy girl indeed and you wouldn't believe she'd have such large, ripe and juicy juggs lurking under her skimpy top and who would believe how she'd look with a pair of fishnet stockings on! So next time you are visiting a craft fair or some mystical event, remember with a bit of the Jim Slip treatment even soothsaying, nut eating hippies can be transformed into hot, lust filled, sex kittens!


The soothsayer of Sussex
Lexi Ward - The soothsayer of Sussex

Well you can't say you don't get a nice selection of different babes on! This week we have a Miss Lexi Ward or should I say, Gypsy Rose Lee, the soothsayer of Sussex, I stumbled on her whilst she was in a state of tantric mystic meditation. She was in communication with the Sun, Moon and Stars and the very Earth itself, when I propositioned her to come back to my place for some "Tantric sex fun". This is hippy talk for dressing up in kinky clobber and getting roggered senseless, whilst holding a joss stick and chanting, "Om!"


Delicious Kitty Black
Kitty Black - Delicious Kitty Black

This week we have the delicious Kitty Black. The gorgeous 19 year old trekked all the way from Siberia to star with me and wow what a bum! I don't know what the girls eat or drink in that part of the World but they've all got the most cute, round arses and Kitty was no exception. Check out the kinky clobber she was wearing when she arrived! I can't believe she'd walked the streets dressed like that, maybe its the rigeur in Novisibirsk to dress like this, but in these parts the locals would have been outraged. What about the fact that it is about -30C in Siberia at the moment? That tiny little fur trimming she calls a coat wouldn't keep out the cold for a second! But that's that's Russian grit for you, the same dogged determination that crushed the forces of Adolf and today has hardy, beautiful, girls trudging the icy wastes in high heels,...


Sexy CEO
Valentina Cruz - Sexy CEO

This week we have the gorgeous, sexy, be-stockinged MILF, Valentina. Yes, you've seen her before, but not like this! Since we last met, Valentina has started her own business making "Flat-Pack Love Dolls", with a sales slogan of, "Only Wood will give you WOOD!" You see her love dolls are made of wood, or MDF to be more precise. She didn't seem to be bothered that the dolls would be a little hard, angular, splintery and wreak of wood glue on completion. Anyway, she was dressed in a skin-tight suit with stockings, supenders and heels, (That's Valentina, not the love-doll!) and you know what any woman clad in this stuff does to me, it drives me CRRRAAAAZZZZEEE!! So I ravaged her then and there, without a "bye or leave", as the old folk say, well at least they used to say in the 1890's!


Agents of Satan!
Bibi C - Agents of Satan!

As you know The Devil tempts the weak in many forms and guises. Us God fearing folk never know where and how He will strike next, for ever stalking us, for ever trying tempt to us from the path of Righteousness! He will use greed, gluttony or even Bibi and Avril! Witness my brethren, how Satan chuckles to himself as I am toyed with by his Agents of Sin! This week the girls or should I say, demons, thought it would be amusing to squeeze my dick into Bibi's bum, whilst giggling to each other in a most conspiratorial manner! Truly I say to you, these two temptresses were under orders from Beelzebub Himself and I was but an innocent plaything under their Evil spell! I was so appalled by their behaviour, that I cast them from my abode......... the following morning with nothing but a full English breakfast (With all the trimmings) and a taxi ...


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