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Hostess with the Mostest!
Sunny Diamond - Hostess with the Mostest!

This week we have the lovely air hostess, Sunny Diamond. I stumbled on her during one of my streets trawls for fresh meat. Sunny was enjoying the lovely weather during a stop-over when I slithered up to her and made her an offer she couldn't refuse.....well I suppose she could have refused, if she'd wanted to, but anyway, she explained that she worked for a very budget airline and didn't make much money, so the promise of wonga for some modelling was very appealing. Naturally, we dressed her up as a sexy air hostess and as you can see, she brushed up spectacularly, especially with the stockings and heels and don't start me on the big juggs!


Dolly Spice is twice as nice!
Dolly Spice - Dolly Spice is twice as nice!

After vunder-babe Lou Lou, you must be asking yourselves, "Is there ever going to be a let up up in this "Tsunami of Totty" that is engulfing" Well, I'm afraid not, because this week we have the delectable "Teen Dream from planet Total Fantasy", Dolly Spice, in some hot action! To be honest Dolly was so rampant that I was frankly shocked to my very core, In she waltzes and without a bye or leave, dons an outfit that the old folk out there would say "Was designed by Satan, woven in Hell and should be under lock and key, only to be removed for those, very rare, "Special occasions" that a dutiful wife must endure!" In other words, an outfit that has no other purpose than the downfall and corruption of Man. Dolly had already informed me that she was a pole-dancer by night. It was easy to imagine the audience of sex starved drunks...


Lou Lou will SOCK it to you!
Lou Lou - Lou Lou will SOCK it to you!

What is it about over knee socks that are so damn sexy? As you have no doubt noticed, Lou Lou has been wearing a pleated skirt and over knee socks, a classic ensemble on the Jim Slip website. Interestingly, I and others witnessed a nice looking girl getting on the Underground the other day and guess what? She had on a very short skirt and over knee socks. Looking at the guys around pretending that they weren't looking was hilarious, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't hide the drool seeping from the corners of their mouths! It's nice to know that I have my finger on the pulse of what you all like out there and to be honest it hasn't changed for the last 20 years. In fact the darkest period in my life was when the Maxi skirt came into fashion in the 1970's. The designer should have been tried in The Hague for, "Crimes against Mank...


Lou Lou College Girl Crumpet!
Lou Lou - Lou Lou College Girl Crumpet!

This week I am once again trawling the streets of London looking for fresh meat for you all to sink your teeth into. Some of you young folk out there might be confused by the word, "Crumpet" used in my title. Well, suffice it to say, those out there from the, "On The Buses" generation will know that, "Crumpet", means "Tasty bird" or I believe in modern speak, "Fit bitch!". Anyway, I managed to entice Lou Lou back to my lair and got her to rummage through our dressing up box. Luckily she chose the school girl outfit which suited her rather well I'd say. Having made her entrance, she then got chatting to Lara about stuff that I think you'd all find most interesting. In the mean time feast your eyes!


Dressed as a cheap slut
Amira - Dressed as a cheap slut

This week we have the beautiful Amira who emailed me and asked whether she could star in a Jim Slip scene, whilst dressed as a cheap slut. Her, "Boy" friend had put her up to it. Well, I should say "Man" friend since she informed me that he is 44 years old! What a disgusting pervert! He should be ashamed of himself encouraging his 18 year old girl friend to perform acts of gross lewdness, whilst dressed in the mode of a cheap whore, with the full knowledge that this depraved debacle of pornographic filth was to be recorded on a televisual recording device! Did this man not realise that the base and sinful antics performed by this hussy, would ultimately be broadcast across the World for millions to watch and drool over, this gross spectacle of porno muck satisfying their secret desires at their most craven? Sir, you will surely turn away...


I simply phoned Gustav my local pimp
Miky Gold - I simply phoned Gustav my local pimp

This week I haven't trawled the streets for a tasty bird. Quite frankly I couldn't be bothered, so I simply phoned Gustav, my local pimp and had him dispatch some fresh totty forthwith. Well, when I opened the door and found Miky standing there I nearly fainted in shock. Her giant juggs entered the apartment a good 2 seconds before the rest of her and don't start me on her skimpy denim shorts! She looked like she'd arrived on a space ship from Planet Porn! Anyway, we wasted no time and got down to some serious jugg juggling and shagging! I must send congratulations to Gustav, before he finds himself floating down the Danube.......again!


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