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Scarlett - FIST OF FURY

As you've already seen, Scarlett looked very sexy indeed in her giant fishnets, micro mini and heels and she was up for some good hard screwing, as would befit a lass from Newcastle. So we continued until the big moment, when Scarlett announced, "Eh lad are youse ready to fist me?" I closed my eyes in trepidation as she rolled up me sleeve and slowly proceeded to squeeze my hand in its totality into her sodden hole. Now I know what it must be like being a gynaecologist! It certainly was a strange experience for me and it appeared that Scarlett loved the sensation, so I went along with it, but was rather pleased to get back to the, "How's yer father", which is a bit more up my street to be honest. I tend to leave all this fetishy stuff to all those Merchant Bankers and High Court judges, who like wearing rubber shorts and having oranges s...
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Newcastle Nymph
Scarlett - Newcastle Nymph

I must admit, you lot our there make even a person like me blush. This week, hailing from Newcastle, we have the wonderful Scarlett. She had written in, aided and abetted by her boyfriend, to be on, "Jim Slip's Stars in your Eyes". This is where girls, with my help, live out their ultimate dream. Well, Scarlett's ultimate dream, was to dress as a complete whore and get fucked by moi! You will smile as she relates the story of how her boyfriend made her dress up as a whore and stand outside a chip shop, "Touting for trade", whilst he observed from the shadows, wearing a pair of night-vision goggles and a dee-stalkers hat! Anyway, she brushed up well as a, "Street-slut", but unbeknown to me, Scarlett had another trick up her sleeve, or rather up my sleeve as it happened, namely she was a fan of the ancient art of, "Fisting". As you know, I ...
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a pair of BIG JUGGS
Nicole - a pair of BIG JUGGS

Unlike last week'sbabe, Bernice, Gustav's second girl, Nicole, was a little more raucous and buxom than her waif like predecessor. She dressed in the mode of a cheap whore, ie red and ripped fishnet tights and wow what a pair of BIG JUGGS! In Budapest you don't get that many BIG JUGGS, but Gustav has really excelled himself this week, because I thought Nicole was dead sexy! Giant JUICY JUGGS and a luscious arse! What else could any man dream of? I must congratulate Gustav when he comes out of intensive care. Nicole explained that he'd been gunned down, in some no doubt sleazy altercation, with some other scumbag, but he still manages to run his empire of foulness from the comfort of his hospital bed. Anyway this weeks scene is very hot so sit down and enjoy!
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Sleazebag to the Stars
Bernice - Sleazebag to the Stars

Over the next couple of weeks, we have a couple of beautiful girls supplied by that "Sleazebag to the Stars", Gustav B Schnozzleburg, "The Pimp of Budapest". This week he has come up trumps with a gorgeous teen called Bernice. She arrived clutching a letter from Gustav, written in his giant, infantile, crayon style writing, announcing, "Here is cute girl, give me money she ist gooood!". He knows me well enough these days to send the girls, "Pre-kilted" as it were. That is to say they arrive already clobbered up in the appropriate cute teen outfit ready for action. Anyway, you couldn't get cuter than Bernice, who even had thick over-knee socks on, which were very sexy indeed. She also sported a huge grin throughout the scene, which as you know is a big turn on for me.
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I was being ravaged by 2
Rebecca More - I was being ravaged by 2

You just can't get the staff these days can you? I mean you hire a camera-person to film you shagging and the least you could expect is some kind of sense of decorum and professionalism. Whist performing, "My art" one does not expect, "One's appendage" to be wrenched from the clammy hands of a wanton slut and jammed into the mouth of one's camera-person! Yes folks, this is what I must put up with on a daily basis! So on this particular day, I was being torn apart by the, "Piranha of Porn", Rebecca and if that wasn't enough, she was being aided and abetted by my camera-person and wife, Lara. So to put it more so simply, I was being ravaged by 2 of the most wanton sluts in the UK, all for my art! Well, I hope you all appreciate the lengths and trauma that I most go through to keep "HMS Jim Slip" ploughing through the high seas!
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Only the UK can produce the sluttiest
Rebecca More - Only the UK can produce the sluttiest

Well folks we're back in England again and can't you tell? Yes, it's wanton slut time again. Only the UK can produce the sluttiest, dirtiest girls on Earth. For all you foreign folk out there, if you ever visit the UK, you will find dozens of sluts roaming the town centres at night, in micro mini skirts and high heels, propositioning any passing male.They should announce this fact in the British Tourist Board advertising. This weeks babe, Rebecca More could and should be crowned the UK's, "Queen of Sluts". Maybe she should be given a room at Buckingham Palace, as it would be convenient for her crazed sluttish "carryings on" in Central London, by cover of darkness. Anyway, I found Rebecca, plying her trade in a back alley and got her to come back to mine for some hot and rampant sex action. Well, before we started, Rebecca started recount...
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