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I was being ravaged by 2
Rebecca More - I was being ravaged by 2

You just can't get the staff these days can you? I mean you hire a camera-person to film you shagging and the least you could expect is some kind of sense of decorum and professionalism. Whist performing, "My art" one does not expect, "One's appendage" to be wrenched from the clammy hands of a wanton slut and jammed into the mouth of one's camera-person! Yes folks, this is what I must put up with on a daily basis! So on this particular day, I was being torn apart by the, "Piranha of Porn", Rebecca and if that wasn't enough, she was being aided and abetted by my camera-person and wife, Lara. So to put it more so simply, I was being ravaged by 2 of the most wanton sluts in the UK, all for my art! Well, I hope you all appreciate the lengths and trauma that I most go through to keep "HMS Jim Slip" ploughing through the high seas!
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Only the UK can produce the sluttiest
Rebecca More - Only the UK can produce the sluttiest

Well folks we're back in England again and can't you tell? Yes, it's wanton slut time again. Only the UK can produce the sluttiest, dirtiest girls on Earth. For all you foreign folk out there, if you ever visit the UK, you will find dozens of sluts roaming the town centres at night, in micro mini skirts and high heels, propositioning any passing male.They should announce this fact in the British Tourist Board advertising. This weeks babe, Rebecca More could and should be crowned the UK's, "Queen of Sluts". Maybe she should be given a room at Buckingham Palace, as it would be convenient for her crazed sluttish "carryings on" in Central London, by cover of darkness. Anyway, I found Rebecca, plying her trade in a back alley and got her to come back to mine for some hot and rampant sex action. Well, before we started, Rebecca started recount...
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The shadowy world of girls
Leila - The shadowy world of girls

Today we delve into the shadowy world of girls who ply their "trade" by night. Sexy babes, clad in fur who will engage you for an evening of pleasure for a handful of coins! In this weeks very furtive and sleazy scene, you will witness, Lara Latex, skulking in the shadows, secretly filming my shameful liaison with, Leila. She had been procured from a local pimp by name of, "The Fat Man", who lurks at one of the stations in Olde Budapest. The drunken, morbidly obese, toothpick chewing, scumbag, (Why do pimps always have stuff stuck in their teeth?), announced in a guttural voice, "Leila is good girl, she do every...." He then burst into a disgusting, hacking cough, symptomatic of a severe case of TB and then continued, wiping foam from his mouth, "I have her myself only a few minutes ago, He! he! he!", my reply was a predictable, "Charmed...
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Lovely Romanian girl, Abelia
Abelia - Lovely Romanian girl, Abelia

As you all know, I get emails from girls from every country in the world, well almost every country. However to adapt an old slogan from a major cannery of fish "It's the girls that Jim Slip rejects that makes the girls on the best". So, I'm usually quite fussy. This week we have the lovely Romanian girl, Abelia who drove through over 500KM of icy wastes over to do a scene with me. Why is it that these girls always have such cute bums? There was much mirth at our little misunderstanding over her home town, which sounded like "Yes". Anyway, once she donned a tiny little pair of denim shorts and a cowboy shirt, I ceased to care and just had to plunge my hand down the front of those shorts and fondle her. Check out her big, juicy juggs, which is quite unusual for girls from this part of the World.
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A budding concert pianist
Connie - A budding concert pianist

Budapest is such a sophisticated city. Everywhere there are beautiful girls struggling to become artists, musicians and yes porn stars! One thing they all have in common, is the fact that they have to get jobs like making burgers, to finance their studies. This week's babe is no exception. Connie is a budding concert pianist and when I laid eyes on her I thought, "Wow I wouldn't mind her tickling my ivories!" (Well, actually, when I first saw her, I didn't realise she was a pianist, I'm just making a joke!) Anyway, using the subtle charm that has got me into the knickers of hundreds of babes I managed to entice her back to my lair where she brushed up rather well dressed in a little kilt and over knee socks and the biggest smile I've ever seen. Absolute stunner!
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Delightful skinny teen
Kylie - Delightful skinny teen

This week we have a delightful skinny teen for you to drool over. As it happens she's 20 years old, but looks more like 18, that's what the Hungarian diet of Goulash, no smoking and early nights does for you, it fights all, "7 signs of ageing" in one go! She announced that she had recently had a job in London working as a chambermaid in a hotel, which immediately got my imagination racing, as I imagined Kylie flitting around with a duster, wearing a French Maid's uniform, seamed stockings and high heels. My fantasy was dashed however, when she explained the uniform was but a drab old housecoat with flat shoes.That's the trouble with todays hotels, they have no respect for our old traditions. In fact that's the trouble with our NHS. Hard nosed, miserable, nannying, old lesbians, were allowed to ban the sexy starched cotton uniforms the nur...
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