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I meet the luscious foreign student Lou Charmell
Lou Charmelle - I meet the luscious foreign student Lou Charmell

I am reading a book about Zombies at the moment. The "Undead" that trudge the streets in a never ending search for fresh meat! Strangely, they reminded me of the antics of Jim Slip although my suit is in much better shape than your typical Zombie's! Haven't they heard of dry cleaning?This week I meet the luscious foreign student Lou Charmell from France! She was travelling by train to London, when I struck with my trusty secret camcorder. Oddly, even though she came from France, she didn't know Tiffany Doll! Anyway, Lou spoke very good English and I managed to get her to make a detour to , Chez Moi, for some hardcore porno action in return for hard cash! Naturally, the thought of getting paid, in proper currency, rather than in Euros, made all the difference. It was heart warming when she announced, "'Aving zee monet avec your winderful ...
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Sorry about my text of last week, which didn't actually give you any information about Hajni apart from the fact that she was hairy! As you can see by now she was not only hairy, but also very hot! Those tights enclosing that mound of hair was also very sexy. this week on top of all the sex fun from last weeks episode you get to see me plunge my dick into Hajni's gorgeous tight arse! I hope you have enjoyed the "Hair of Hajni", because I fear you won't see her like again for a very long time!
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Hajni hairy and HOT!
Hajni - Hajni hairy and HOT!

This week's delightful babe, Hajni will be a sight for sore eyes for those of you out there over a certain age, ie, SHE HAS HAIR! Let me explain for the young people out there, try stopping a guy in the street who looks over 35 years old and say this, "Jim Slip told me that in the olden days, women used to have hair all over their bits, is this true, old man?" he will answer, "Yes sonny it is indeed true, in my day If you were lucky enough to get into a girl's bloomers, you had to hack your way through a huge forest of hair, now here's 50 pence, run off and buy some glue to sniff!" "Thanks, old timer, but I'd rather have your wallet if you don't mind!" "Be off with you, you young scamp before I clip you around the ear!"
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Porno first-timer!
Amanda Baby - Porno first-timer!

Now that Gustav has spread the word that I'm a bit of a celebrity in this part of the World, girls are coming out of the woodwork, wanting to star in one of my scenes. So we have been "Audition/ scenes" This week, we have the petit, Amanda Baby, not her real name as you can imagine! Anyway, Amanda arrived in Gustav's limo which is actually a stretched Trabant, painted all gold, with Elk fur covered upholstery. The vehicle is driven by a pair of supercharged Trabant 2 stroke engines. To be honest Gustav's limo is a mobile environmental menace, billowing huge plumes of smoke wherever he goes! God knows who he bribes to keep it on the road! Anyway, back to Amanda, who I thought did quite a good job for her first porn scene and it was particularly sexy with Lara filming the scene, semi secretly. It made it look all very furtive and sexy and...
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Warmed herself up with her wicked banter
Daisy Rock - Warmed herself up with her wicked banter

As you can see, once Daisy had warmed herself up with her wicked banter she turned into a crazed sex kitten or should I say, “Kitten-Kong?” She just couldn’t seem to get enough cock! She craved it as does a man dying of thirst in the desert, crave a long cool glass of water. She pummelled and abused me until I had been squashed into our famous IKEA sofa. No IKEA robot could possibly simulate the punishment that Daisy Rock meted out on our sofa that day. I’d say that it would be like dropping a large car, loaded with luggage, on the sofa from 50 feet up! There was no stopping our Daisy from her wantonness and it is a wonder that I, Jim Slip, am still alive to tell the tale. So, whilst, you’re pawing you way through the scene, spare a thought for I, who must perform far beyond what is duty bound and I do it entirely for you, my br...
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Potty-mouthed slut!