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Perfect body?
Candy Alexa - Perfect body?

When I saw my wife Lara engaging Candy in hot lesbo action, I thought to myself, "There's something missing here!" then I suddenly realised what it was. MY DICK, that is what was missing! A girl with a body like Candy's, i.e. perfect tits, little waist and beautiful round bum is lost unless there is a cock somewhere in the picture, i.e. MY COCK! lol So I hurried to the bathroom to freshen up and emptied half a bottle of Hai Karate! on me just to make sure. This stuff works great on the birds and also keeps wasps and flies away when you're at a barbecue! Anyway I arrived back on set just in time to marvel at what a wonderful body Candy has. It looks like it was fashioned by the Devil himself to wreak havoc. I reckon this is the real reason the Pope is resigning. I think he was surfing the net and accidentally stumbled on Candy in her littl...


Sexy blonde in stockings
Cherry Kiss - Sexy blonde in stockings

Well, as the wise and hallowed members of would have seen, Cherry passed the strict trials laid down by myself, Jim Slip! She proved that she can behave like a wanton slut and at no time show any shame, reticence or guilt. She proved that she could swallow a whole dick and spit it out again without a care in the World. This week the fun continues except Cherry is transformed into a girl about town and to achieve this she put on stockings and suspenders and heels and a rather nice spotted dress. In fact the perfect outfit for any woman to wear and in so doing guarantee that they end up bent over the kitchen table and fucked senseless! So girls a little advice form Jim. If you want to spice up your sex life, junk all that nasty, tacky, "Something for the weekend, Madam?" clobber you got from the sex shop and kit yourself out in ...


Bubbly Babelicious Blonde Beauty
Cherry Kiss - Bubbly Babelicious Blonde Beauty

You'll be pleased to know that yet again skin-tight rubber effect trousers make yet another appearance on This week they are clad around the gorgeous legs of one of the sexiest babes to ever walk the hallowed hall ways of, Cherry Kiss. She found her way to one of my castings and as you will see passed the strict protocols and tasks set by me, with no effort at all. She does one of the most sexy fully clothed scenes on stairs I've ever seen and your eyes, as did mine, will be popping out on springs when you see her sitting on the stairs, legs wide apart running her perfectly manicured fingers up and down that skin tight rubber, whilst gazing wantonly at the camera! Having had to endure filming this she then strides down the stairs and wiggles her bum at the camera and then suggests that she should suck my dick! Nat...


A whole Lora love
Lora Summer - A whole Lora love

If my late gran had seen Lora's skintight rubber effect trousers she would have venomously spat, "I expect you'll find trousers like THOSE hanging in the Devil's wardrobe soon enough!" Although I can't imagine The Devil has need of a "wardrobe" per se. Truly on Lora they did cling in places that would make a brothel owner blush! For that reason alone, I accosted her in the street and did my "I'm a photographer......blah! blah!" routine on her and sure enough she was back at my place and in no time I had my fingers clenched into her round, rubber-clad buttocks. I challenge the Pope himself not to be tempted from his holy path by the site of a girl like Lora strutting around in these abominations known as trousers! Anyway, as you will see Lora was a very cute, young minx and was more than willing to peel off her trousers and everything else...


A minx in a Mac!
Alyssa - A minx in a Mac!

Please forgive the witty pun, but due to the freak weather conditions I had to interview the gorgeous porn fan, Alyssa, out in the pouring rain in her Mac or "Raincoat" to the young folk out there. Anyway Alyssa put herself forward as a worthy participant in a Jim Slip jolly jape and naturally I agreed. She looked so good in her Mac that I got her to wear it in the scene and you will see that she had stockings and suspenders on UNDER the Mac, which to us men IS VERY SEXY INDEED. Don't ask me why, ladies, but if you want to give your man a thrill, get yourselves a Mac and put on underneath nothing else apart from sexy lingerie and heels and then expose yourself to your partner and I can guarantee you will be bent over the sink and fucked senseless immediately. BUT DON'T DO IT AT THE OFFICE OR IN A BUS QUEUE OR SHOPPING CENTRE as you might ...


I reached for my smelling salts!
Gina H - I reached for my smelling salts!

As you will see from last weeks episode, it takes a master of dexterity to handle a camcorder and a wanton slut, all at the same time. They certainly don't teach you in photography books how to film yourself screwing a tasty teen whilst holding a camcorder! Most enthusiasts would simply place the camcorder on a tripod and just have fun. But not yours truly, who insists on bringing you material in glorious close up detail. The things I must endure in order to deliver fresh porno muck to your TV screens! Luckily Lara came to the rescue and freed my from the now steamed up and battered camcorder. Anyway, when you feast you eyes on this complete babe, there is one word, or rather 2 words that you would never dare utter, let alone hear. Two words that you could not believe would emanate from such a bundle of cutishness. Two words, that shocke...


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