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Sexy Biker Chick
Carly G - Sexy Biker Chick

In the leafy, peaceful, county of Surrey, England, there are three words that strike terror into the hearts of all simple God fearing folk. They are, "The Hell's Mopeds". A ruthless band of middle-aged ruffians, who roam the streets on 2 stroke mopeds causing havoc wherever they go. They think nothing of driving at 2 mph ABOVE the speed limit! Their battle cry is, "No sleep till bedtime!" and their crimes range from dropping litter, to ordering Devon teas and then running away without paying! I found the "Mopeds" gorgeous mascot, "Biker Chick" Carly G sipping tea, whilst the "Chapter" had gone off to steal sweets. She was clad in the tightest rubber pants I've ever seen and I decided to risk the wrath of the "Hell's Mopeds" by getting her to come back to my place for some fun. This is one hell of a sexy babe and your eyes are going to pop...


Sexy First-timer
Grace - Sexy First-timer

This week we have a very cute 18 year old, who has trekked all the way down from the icy wastes of Russia to dip her toes in the scalding, bubbling waters of porno muck! Her name is Grace and she is part of my, "Will she or wont she" series, during which I audition gorgeous babes whilst feverishly clutching my camcorder and see how far they are willing to go. Will they choose to immerse themselves into the quagmire of sleaze or will they get cold feet and run away? You will be gripped with suspense as she slowly and sexily caresses the camcorder, in fact steams up the camcorder......and my specs! You will drool all over your keyboard as you see this babe slowly unzip her tight denim shorts and groan whilst she plays with herself and lazily asks, "Do you have the big cock in your pantaloons?" Anyway, the big question is "Does she or does...


back in Blighty with the lovely Crystal  Coxxx
Crystal Coxxx - back in Blighty with the lovely Crystal Coxxx

This week we are back in Blighty with the lovely Crystal Coxxx waving the flag for Britain. In recent months in the UK there has been floating around the internet a certain "Celebrity sex tape", well obviously it is not a tape, but a clip. In this grainy clip, a cad and bounder is filming this cute, young celeb kneeling in front of him slapping and sucking his dick. It's quite sexy as she slaps his dick all over her face. Anyway, Crystal did a very good impression of this scandalous act with my dick, whilst I, just like the aforementioned rotter, filmed her from above. In fact Crystal looked spookily similar to said celeb in the scene. Obviously, we did a load more stuff after this which you will enjoy, whilst the Celeb clip ended rather abruptly!


Prowling the streets for tasty birds
Zorah - Prowling the streets for tasty birds

Yet again, here I am prowling the streets for tasty birds! Is there no rest for me from my eternal quest for new, young flesh you all to drool over? You are indeed cruel task masters! This week my travels found me chatting to a beautiful fan of the opera who agreed to return to my studio to participate in my,"Recherche de l'erotisme!" I thought it sounded better than, "You wanna come back to mine for some slap and tickle , luv?" Anyway, Zorah brushed up rather well as a bubbly blonde waifette and was more than happy to ditch all the pretentious French nonsense and get down to some good old British hardcore xxx boy- girl action!


Sex crazed Devil-Girl!
Angel Piaf - Sex crazed Devil-Girl!

Well as you can imagine, having to endure watching Angel changing into a sexy secretary, then a cowgirl, then a waif and finally a ballerina, I was chomping at the bit, to rip down those flimsy panties and to sink my trotters into that lovely round bum! Last week I got a blow job and this week I got the full monty as it were. Angel was like a girl possessed by Satan himself and I would challenge any righteous man to fend off her crazed and desperate clawings! Even waving a Crucifix at her and chanting, "By the power of Almighty God I command you, begone unclean spirit, begone to the Fires of Hell from whence you came!" had no effect. In fact it only made her worse and she hurled herself across the room, tore down my trousers and forced my dick inside herself with a guttural moan and made me satisfy her! She writhed around throwing her hea...


Babelicious, bootiful, ballerina!
Angel Piaf - Babelicious, bootiful, ballerina!

As you know is absolutely stuffed full of the most stunning natural babes on Earth. No sausage lips and stuck-on tits here! This week we have a babe that pushes the "Babe" envelope from 10 to 11! Yes Angel was so beautiful, I had no choice but to get her to do a little fashion show in different outfits, so I could decide what would be most fun to shag her in. Decisions! decisions! To be honest she was gorgeuos in all the clothes and it was extremely difficult deciding what to go, for so I went for a long walk to help me decide. Anyway, when I got back, Lara and Angel had made the decision and to be honest I think they made the right choice!


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