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A teen dream from Heaven
Tiffany - A teen dream from Heaven

As promised, I bring you yet another gorgeous teen from the frozen wastes of Russia. Well, I actually met her in Budapest, admiring a Hungarian statue and thought I would pounce, whilst Lara filmed from a distance. She had the roundest bum this side of Vladivostok and what's more she'd managed to pour them in to some skin tight jeans. Anyway, I managed to entice her back to my lair and after Lara filmed some single girl antics, Tiffani then donned some skimpy, "Daisy Duke's" together with a fluffy top and some cowboy boots. Talk about a teen dream from Heaven. I couldn't believe it when she intimated that she liked hot anal action. I mean to say, imagine peeling down those skimpy little shorts and squeezing yourself into that tight hole! Maybe don't try, because you might get a heart attack!
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Anabell from Russia
Anabell - Anabell from Russia

This week I have for you the delectable Anabell from Russia. As you know we haven't had many Russian girls, but they seem to be flooding in at the moment, which is great because they are all beautiful. As every girl in Russia seems to like ballet, it seemed appropriate to dress her in a ballerina's outfit which suited her perfectly. It must be the freezing conditions in Russia that makes the girls rampant, you have to fight them off, as they are gagging for cock from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave! Check out the pink over knee socks and the strange pink heeled shoes, they are very sexy and I'm sure all you foot fetishists will be salivating at the sight of them! Next week we have another total Russian teen babe!
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This week, for your delectation, I am proud to present the very sexy duo of Nikita and Zara, or should I say, dirty teen VS slutty and beautiful MILF. Zara is the demure MILF with a penchant for stockings and Nikita is the young teen, with the gorgeous, tight arse ,clad in skin tight jeans. What a combination, you will marvel as you see Nitkita plunge her tongue into Zara's hot minge and you will be even more impressed when you witness Zara squeezing her hand down the front of Nikita's jeans and playing with her sodden crack. It gives me a hardon just writing this stuff, because I've already seen it!
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A sensational babe
Crystal Pink - A sensational babe

This week I am pleased to announce the return visit of Crystal Pink. What a sensational babe! She's been working for a budget airline so she had some very sexy stories about her antics on long haul flights, luckily Lara caught all these dirty stories on camcorder for your enjoyment. Naturally, we dressed her up as a sexy Air Hostess, complete with fishnets and thigh high boots. If the airlines had girls dressed like this it would be a little easier accepting the stale sandwiches they serve on their flights. Anyway she was hotter than ever and I just couldn't wait to rip her knickers down!
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Hard core porno filth
Felicia - Hard core porno filth

Firstly, may I extend Seasons Greetings to one and all of you! I expect many of you have told your better halves that you are on the computer, "Looking for a new car insurance deal, dear!","What again?"..... whilst in reality you are actually trawling the web for HARD CORE PORNO FILTH! Well so you should be, what were PC's invented for anyway? Writing to the milkman and watching porn! Come to think of it, what would the 3 Wise Men have been doing if they'd had laptops? (Note to the young people: In the time of Jesus, there was no electricity, DVD's or Playstations! Folk used to read books made out of stone for their fun) Anyway this week we have the lovely Felicia who hails from Slovakia and looks rather cute in a skimpy dress and white stockings and heels. Enjoy!
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UK is covered in snow
Candy K - UK is covered in snow

Being that Christmas is coming soon and the UK is covered in snow, I thought what better, than to clad the lovely blonde student, Candy Sweet, in a sexy white outfit, complete with stockings, which looked really sexy. I got her to do some "SINGLE GIRL HOT ACTION" as it's known in the trade, just to get her, "Fired up" as it were, then I jumped in. It's quite unusual to see white stockings in a Jim Slip scene and to be honest I found them quite a turn on and may well consider buying a pair for Lara, my camerawoman, for Christmas!
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