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I'm Tu-Tu Sexy
Diamond Cross - I'm Tu-Tu Sexy

As you saw in last weeks exciting episode, Diamond looked sensation playing with herself on the stairs and that was just a prelude to her wanton antics later in the scene.Diamond's ripped tu-tu would have had her thrown out of the Royal Ballet for sheer sluttishness and in all honesty, I myself was shocked to my very core by her disgraceful behaviour! As will see this week, Diamond attacked me like a hungry Labrador in search of a juicy bone! There was a time when the image of the Prima Ballerina was one of innocence and virtue and now look! Diamond has managed to drag these fine values down into a world of sleaze and depravity, a world in which yours truly reigns supreme!


Black Sexy Swan
Diamond Cross - Black Sexy Swan

This week may I proudly present one of the most stunning and sexy babes EVER to adorn the pages of and that is really saying something, since this site is bursting at the seams with beauties! I warn you now, wear goggles when you watch Diamond in action, just to stop your eyeballs flying across the room. Decked out in a strategically ripped, black tut-tu in the mode of that bird in the film, "Black Swan", Diamond is breathtaking beyond belief and even I your humble host, had to make a double-take when I laid me beady eyes on her! Anyway, I will drone no longer, so sit back, relax and enjoy a thing of beauty!


Skimpiest denims on earth!
Stacy Snake - Skimpiest denims on earth!

How these girls squeeze themselves into these tiny little shorts leaves me wondering how they don't do themselves a mischief! Stacy Snake as she chose to call herself (Although I do not believe "Snake" is a common surname in Russia) had written to me and demanded that I include her on She explained, "Many Russian girl fuck you heap big time, why you leave me out, you no like a me? You wanna fuck me English, cos I wanna be fucking you! I am liking to wearing little denim shorts as big as postage stamping! and I am putting my hair in the bunches like what the grapes in the market arriving! I am also fuck very gooood, in Russian style!" Well, I am quite "au fait" in the Russian "Style" of fucking, it usually means me being smashed into the sofa by a pile driver, dressed as a beautiful girl, but who am I to complain? Alas, I am b...


Hot MILF in sexy undies!
Valentina Valenti - Hot MILF in sexy undies!

Well as you can see these posh MILFS are always gagging for hot, pervy action. In porn films they're always ogling pool attendants or seducing pizza delivery boys! I can see why us guys just love 'em. Valentina's lingerie was just...well, as my gran would have said, "That outfit would raise eyebrows in a whorehouse in Cabo San Lucus, honey-buns!" Did you notice Valentinas knickers?? Well they looked like they were, "half-made", her pert bum was hanging out of them with no shame! My gran would have said, "You wouldn't have survived very long on a destroyer in 1941, patrolling the North Atlantic in THAT outfit, duckie!" Anyway, Valentina fucked like a human dynamo, she ripped me apart like a ravenous she-lion and discarded my spent carcass to one side when she was satisfied!


Top Class Totty
Valentina Valenti - Top Class Totty

This week Jim Slip brings you a touch of class! A beautiful woman that enjoys the high life. Valentina, a woman that has her Ferrero Roche chocolates delivered by helicopters flown by master chocolatiers! The windows in her house are not made of glass, but of Swarovski crystal! I accosted her as she strolled one of the grand avenues of Budapest. She said her diplomat husband was a pervert and at that moment almost certainly engaged in disgusting acts of depravity with prostitutes and so she was certainly up for coming to mine for some xxx porno action! Well, Valentina certainly brushed up well and I know I'm no expert on lingerie, but I bet you £100 hers hadn't come from the Tesco "Home'N'Wear" range!


Teeny-weeny gold bikini!
Pamela - Teeny-weeny gold bikini!

My gran would turn in her grave at the shameless antics of modern girls! She would have screamed, "Bring back the birch!" at this week's girl, Pamela. She turned up at chez mois, wearing no more than a tiny gold bikini, heels and a denim jacket. To be honest I was shocked that she would flaunt herself in public in such a manner! I am sure many retired colonels would have gladly put Pamela over their knees, pulled her bikini bottoms down and given her a well deserved and very sound thrashing! I would also imagine those same colonels would have also been unable to resist the temptation of shoving Pamela's mouth over their engorged dicks! In fact the same thought crossed my mind, but instead I did what any man (and many girls) would love to do and that is I plunged my hands into her bikini and groped her sodden pussy! I'll leave it to your i...


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