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Massive hooker sale here
Robyn - Massive hooker sale here

Is this Pat Butcher? I thought I'd go and visit Robyn, last week. She's the Madam who together with her thuggish boyfriend, dragged the hapless Lara off for an evening of sleaze and prostitution in the streets of King's Cross a few weeks ago. Anyway, being a "Successful" madam I was expecting her to have a lavish office, but in fact I found her standing on a street corner, holding a sign saying, "Massive Hooker Sale Here". Well you've got to take your hat off to her for marketing. Apparently her "Office" had been recently fire-bombed. Oh how we laughed, as she reminisced about the night with Lara. How "Stumpy" the one legged nut-case had "Fallen for her" and how "Ali" had kindly left a box of Bombay Mix as a gift for Lara.


The 500 Forint challenge
Angie - The 500 Forint challenge

With the success of, I have been treating myself to a few luxuries in recent months.Gone are the days of rummaging through peoples' rubbish bins for a few scraps! Now it's like the "Ambassador's Party" at Jim Slip headquarters. I've got new tyres for my bike, can afford toilet paper and don't even have to hang peoples used tea-bags on the washing line, to make my self a cuppa! Another luxury is treating myself to a girl that comes and cleans. The lovely Angie was Hoovering my carpet when I came up with a good wheez of doing a challenge on her. Knowing that the currency of Hungary is the Forint, I decided to tempt her with a 500 Forint challenge. Unfortunately she wasn't impressed since 500 Forint is about £1.00. Anyway we negotiated a decent sum and I immediately sat her down and plunged my hand into her knickers. ...


Sweet British porn princess part 2
Poppy - Sweet British porn princess part 2

Well what a transformation, from ballerina to schoolgirl (Complete with straw boater) what could I do when Poppy burst into the room but drop to my knees and give Thanks to The Lord!!! It was quite a site to see the lovely Poppy gnawing on my cock, it reminded me of my old Labrador being a given Pedigree Jumbone (Without the teeth chewing or the floppy ears of course) Anyway, she squeezed down on my dick and started to fuck me with gusto, but all the time I kind of missed the ballerina outfit, so I put it on...............No not really! LOL, I got Poppy to put it back on and then continued to screw her. Well I have to admit Poppy is one of my all time favourites and I think it was great letting her be a cutey rather than a rampant porno whore, just for once!


Sweet British porn princess
Lara Latex - Sweet British porn princess

Well this week I had the honour of having some fun with the lovely Poppy Morgan, star of a thousand films and general Porn Princess. Well I had to think long and hard about our scene. I mean what could I do to Poppy that hadn't already been done before, after all she's had everything apart from the kitchen sink stuffed up her in previous films? So I thought, "I know, I'll go for the cutesy, cuddly Poppy, the Poppy you'd take home to meet mother." So I dressed her as a cute little ballerina and let her and Lara have some Lesbo fun. Do you know what? I think it turned out really sexy seeing her like this, I mean she is so damn HOT, especially when she is being cute and innocent. I particularly loved the bit when she's talking to camera, whilst fucking Lara with a dildo. Anyway you'll be pleased to know that in next weeks episode I dre...


Supposedly from Germany
Trinity - Supposedly from Germany

I was on the phone to my friends at "Theme Girls", you know the escort agency that sends over girls dressed in different themes from films and so on, like "Tin Man" or "Cleopatra" except they never have the girls I want. Anyway this week they sent over "Trinity Van Helsing" from Munster in Germany (Supposedly), personally I think she was from Southend. Anyway, she turned up in a sexy fraulein costume, complete with knee high socks. I had my suspicions about her nationality, when she greeted me with, "Gott in himmel, donner und Blitzen die Englischer pig-dog!!" Now I don't speak a word of German, but I'm sure I read this line in a comic called "The Eagle" when I was a boy, where a bunch of our Tommies met a bloodfirsty platoon of the Bosch. My worst fears were confirmed when she raised her arm and shouted "Heil Hitler!". Anyway, I went...


Sexy penniless student
Roxy - Sexy penniless student

Sometimes I have to admit, "There is a God". A few weeks ago I got a letter from a girl wanting to do a £500 challenge. She said she was a penniless student. Knowing students of to-day all her money was probably squandered in the Uni bar, unlike in my day, where we used our hard earned cash buying teddy bears and scarves and appearing on "University Challenge". Anway she suggested meeting at a location nearby. I was quite doubtful, but thought it worth a try. Well what a complete babe! To be honest I thought it was a wheeze from one of the local nut-balls, but no, it was a real, living, breathing, gorgeous babe waiting for me. Well, I bundled her into the "Mighty Midget" and whisked her back to my lair, where Lara dressed her up in a " Sexy Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz" outfit and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when...


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