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Smoking with her pussy
Victoria Brown - Smoking with her pussy

Here is the fabulous Victoria Brown, sex maniac and bum-fun queen! Starting with a touch of fisting and bum-hole stretching to get me in the mood! She then moved on to smoking one her Capstan Navy Cut cigarettes from her pussy. She said this was in place of giving up smoking! I'd love to see her having a fag after a good meal in a restaurant! What with all this and a pair of GIANT JUGGS I was in Heaven.
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I am full of Goulash
Patricia - I am full of Goulash

Well you can't say that all the girls look the same on One week we have a delightful, fragrant, English Rose like Caroline, then this week we have Patricia. She stomped in from Budapest bellowing, "Geev me the deek of Mr Jeem Sleep, I am full of Goulash and am now ready for the fuckeeng!" I would challenge any man to take on Patricia and walk away unharmed. She was up for everything and anything, preferably all at the same time. She sucked me like a Dyson, powered by a jet engine and fucked like a hammer-drill on full power. I was left spent, lying in the corner like a discarded rag doll as she left and hitched a ride in the cargo hold of a jumbo jet back to Budapest!
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A lovely English rose
Caroline - A lovely English rose

Here's a lovely English Rose for your delectation! The lovely Caroline approached me to perform in a Jim Slip, in order to help her play the part of a, "Common prostitute" in a forthcoming feature film she was being cast for.. Obviously she takes her acting seriously, as she felt she could only do the part, if she could experience it's actuallity.Well I leaped on her like a rabid devil - dog on crack and sank my gnashers into her peachy, smooth flesh. Well she wasn't as innocent as she looks and gave as good as she got. I don't think she'll get a BAFTA for this performance though!.....Unlsess they've got a category for "Best Hot Shag 2007".
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To the UK for sex
Nicole - To the UK for sex

There has been much comment on the number of Poles coming to the UK to work, well with BABES like Nicole coming over in droves, I say ship all our scumbags over there, rename Britain as "New Poland" and offer all Polish babes between the ages of 18 and 35 £1000 each to come and re-settle in London, preferably next to me! I mean, just feast your eyes on the lovely Nicole, it was like wrestling with a wriggly octopus in a red dress. The thing is, these girls just like men, all men, big, small, fat, thin. Suggest girl-girl fun and they just scoff, "Why do I want to prod other girl when there is man with stiff dick for the fucking?" Well what can you say to that, except "Why indeed?" BY THE WAY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE!!!
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Six foot babelicious slut
Vanessa - Six foot babelicious slut

Well Christmas came early when the lovely Vanessa appeared at my door. Six foot of babelicious, Eastern European, georgeousness. Towering over me and breathing the hot breath of lust into my ear, (touched with a hint of goulash) she sent shivers down my spine. I mean these girls just love fucking, from the moment they wake up to the last thing at night, they are obsessed with one thing, "I need to fuck zee men!" I am sure the Hungarian authorities are putting an aphrodisiac in the water supply, because these girls are SO HOT!
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