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The market researcher
Katie - The market researcher

Well these young women of today, they're so forward and brash. I'd just started to do my opening presentation, out in a local shopping centre, when I was approached by one of those annoying people doing "Market research". Well I so busy trying to escape that it took Lara to point out that the interviewer was in fact a "TASTY BIRD" and worth trying to entice into my "£500 web of sleaze and debauchery". So I did my usual furtive, overview, to the lovely Katie and lo and behold, she announced she was up for some lunch-time fun. She pointed out she was only getting £3.00 an hour to be insulted and abused in the street, so it seemed a bargain to be paid £500, to be insulted and abused in a luxury me! Well thanks alot Katie!!
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500 pound Nut-ball challenge
Keeley - 500 pound Nut-ball challenge

In this country as soon as you get a camera out in public, they come out of the woodwork. Yobs, knife-wielding hoodies, loud mouthed van drivers, all attempting to at worst, kill you and at best ruin your sound. Another type is the curious "Nut-ball", who is just desperate to get on TV. Well Keeley, appeared in my shot and was possibly the ugliest girl I'd ever scene. She seemed a little deranged, but that didn't stop me from negotiating a price for some fun, you know me, "Anything with a pulse". Anyway, I was stunned, when she transformed in to a tiny denim-shorts clad sex crazed babe, who liked it up the arse as well!! Call me old fashioned but I just love little denim shorts and you couldn't have got smaller than Keeley's, it was lovely plunging my hand down the front anyway check it for yourself.
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Lurking around bus-stops
Emma - Lurking around bus-stops

Well you could have blown me down with a feather! I'm doing my usual lurking around bus-stops when I spot a tasty bird, just ripe for my £500 challenge. Well, I get chatting to her and realise I already know her. The lovely Emma had been on what she called a "Long holiday" and had just got released. The bonus was she was desperate for a shag and didn't care about the £500, she just wanted cock! Anyway while taking a piss, she told some shocking stories of things that had happened to her. The best was how she got gang-banged by a gang of ugly dykes, using kitchen utensils on her. Well although I appeared to be sympathetic, I was actually quite turned by her story and so will you! She was also a desperate, rampant shag!
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Parking attendant challenge
Ruby - Parking attendant challenge

Well you never know where the next shag is coming from. I had parked the old "Slipmobile" in a public car-park, when it was ticketed by won of those money grabbing leeches, (Parking attendants) Anyway, on approaching her, I thought, "Hmm, maybe this old frump might be up for a £500 challenge" Lo and behold she was up for it and I couldn't believe the transformation from Neo Nazi sadist to sex mad babe. Maybe it was the frustration of her job, you know the constant assault and abuse, that made her cream herself for cock, but she was certainly a great shag and to my surprise came three times. I would have loved to have given her one up the arse, it would have been a pleasant change from me getting it up the arse from traffic wardens!
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500 Pound hairy UK girl 2
Isabel - 500 Pound hairy UK girl 2

Well I must admit seeing, "The Munch Bunch" (Lara & Isabel) in action turned me on and I couldn't wait to hand the camera to Lara and get my cock jammed into the lovely Isabel. The various veg had opened up her holes and it was really easy to squeeze my dick in. Her pussy and arse tasted of fresh cucumber with just a hint of courgette! Anyway we had a fuck-fest including DP with a vibrator and she actually came 3 times, which was amazing feeling her body grip my dick and then judder.............that was horny!
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500 Pound hairy UK girl
Lara Latex - 500 Pound hairy UK girl

Well I'd heard through the grapevine about Isabel Ice's fondness for "Fruit 'N' Veg so I thought I'd try one of my challenges on her. Well it wasn't really a "Challenge" I suppose, since