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Cute slutty babe
Katie - Cute slutty babe

Hi everyone, I'm Otto, Jim's 22 stone, twin brother! My porn name is Phil Mippants. I've been brought in to film the Part 1's of these tasty birds wot Jim gets. You see Jim just ain't SLEAZY enough. So I'm here to bring you the SLEAZE FACTOR that I know you all love. I mean Jim wos always the fucking goody two shoes of the family, he wos wearing a fuckin' suit and bow-tie when he was 5 years old and now with all his sophisticated chat and shit wot he does, is JUST NOT PORN! I mean take me, I'm fat, sweaty and common. I wear a bum-bag and my best pick up line is, "Hey, babe can I put me finger up ya snatch?" In fact, I'd say I wos ya classic porno cameraman. So anyway, Jim gives me this tasty bird, Katie to "Break in" for 'im. Well what a nice bit of skirt she was. I mean 'er minge was soaking wet even before we started and I 'ad her playi...


Teen streetslut for the day
Isabella - Teen streetslut for the day

Well theres cute and theres CUTISSIMO! Well that's the lovely Isabella. She wrote to me saying "Dear Jim, will you fix it for me to be a streetslut for the day, Love Isabella, age: 18 and 3/4's?" What is with these girls who want to be "Streetsluts?" It must be a dark, strange fantasy for females. Even in Hungary the girls seem to have this need to behave like "Streetsluts". So it's not just an English, thing. Anyway, I decided to dress Isabella up in the "Dorothy, from Wizard of Oz" outfit, which always seems to suit cute young girls in my opinion. Well for a novice, she took to being a slut like a duck to water. She was remarkably good at sucking cock for a girl of a mere 18 and 3/4's, her expression not mine, but I just loved making her say it! Anyway I went through the usual menu of depraved acts as per the Jim Slip ethos, ie "When en...


Gave her a good seeing
Rowena - Gave her a good seeing

You'll be excited to know that I have been in Budapest filming some of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! They'll be coming up soon. I was assisted by my identical twin brother, Otto, AKA "Phil Mippants" and his girlfirend "Donna Rear" who I will tell you about in due course. This week we have the cuddly Rowena, who I took the opportunity to film in the bathroom, sliding soapy suds all over her body. Not much to say about her except after her shower, I dragged her out and gave her a good seeing to.


Daily life in the UK
Cyprus - Daily life in the UK

The lovely Cyprus managed to beat a path to my door, braving hoody thugs, psychopaths, muggers and Hijab wearing, suicide bombers. Such is daily life in the UK. But still infused with the spirit of the Blitz we carry on regardless. I am also being stalked by a crazed vicar, who has been recently released from Broadmoor and started a "Say NO To Filth" campaign, he maintains he is merely enjoying his "Human Right" to protest, by standing outside my house at all hours.........but why the axe? Anyway back to Cyprus, well what a little babe. She decided to adopt the character of "Britney Shears" in her marketing and it certainly worked for me. I'd say she was probably certifiable, but hey, this is Jim Slip here. Her mouth had as much suction as a Henry Hoover and her pissing antics where quite fun, if a little short. She loved cock, (What a cl...


500 Pound annoying nun challenge
Sister Naomi - 500 Pound annoying nun challenge

Well, I must admit, in the crazy world of Jim Slip anything can happen! I was innocently waiting for a bus, when I found myself accosted by a Nun (Sister Naomi) asking me about the £500 Challenge card that I was holding. Nuns are always so damn inquisitive, always poking their noses into everything. They kind of have a really annoying enthusiasm about everything. Like Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music", you feel like smashing her over the head with her guitar! To be honest, the last thing on my mind was the idea of getting to grips with a nun! The last time I dealt with nuns was at school. They were a brutal lot. The Mother Superior had been posted here from Germany after being thrown out of the Gestapo... for cruelty! I still remember lying on the floor as a group of nuns kicked and punched me for being late with my homework. ...


500 Pound car breakdown challenge
Lena - 500 Pound car breakdown challenge

Well, put me in a tall glass, cover me in fruit and ice cream, put a wafer in each ear and call me a Knicker Bocker Glory!..... I couldn't believe it......while driving down a busy A road I spotted a damsel in distress. The lovely Lena was standing by her old Nissan Micra waiting for the AA to arrive. Well what an opportunity to try out my £500 Bum Fun Challenge. I told her that she'd probably need a new car as her Micra definately looked ready for the scrap heap. So the thought of getting 500 smackers just for a quick shag, meant a new car for her. She'd been told she was going to have to wait for 2 hours for the patrolman to arrive,so without much convincing she came back to "Maison Jim". Well we dressed her up in a rather fetching all in one fish-net body suit, with rips in in and some high boots. (Just a note for the ladies ou...


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