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500 Pound hairy UK girl
Lara Latex - 500 Pound hairy UK girl

Well I'd heard through the grapevine about Isabel Ice's fondness for "Fruit 'N' Veg so I thought I'd try one of my challenges on her. Well it wasn't really a "Challenge" I suppose, since she'd already been eyeing up the local grocer's shop. Anyway what a scene, it was like, "The Munch Bunch" on crack! Vegetables being shoved in every hole, (Organic, I should point out) Even ATM with a cucumber. Well it was so horny that at the end, the veg's were so covered in juice that I decided to dice them and make a stir fry of my own recipe, "Bum-juice Legumes Fricassee a la Isabel" It was absulutely delightful with a glass of Chianti. Please contact me if you want the complete recipe, you can try making it with your own girlfriend for a romantic slap-up dinner for two!
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Big British boobs part 2
Kelly - Big British boobs part 2

Well, call me a sadist, I know I cut Pt1 just as my dick was squeezing into Kelly’s tight pussy, but it had to be done! I mean think about it, a beautiful, sexy babe with BIG JUGGS, clad in stockings AND A FRENCH MAID'S UNIFORM, bent over and about to get my dick. Life doesn't get better than this. Anyway I gave her a good shag as I was gagging for it (French maid's uniforms, stockings and heels "float my boat", it's a symptom of getting old, you see!) Later on, Kelly changed into a more slutty outfit and I fucked her again. It was really horny when she came.
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Pretty blonde sex doll
Barbie - Pretty blonde sex doll

Well after the babe mayhem I've had at Jimslip HQ we're back to a traditional, pretty little blonde babe this week. She called herself "Barbie" and like the real "Barbie" she didn't do a lot. No fisting, smoking minges, or vegetable capers. She looked sensational in her slutty outfit though. These girls are here to look pretty and get fucked. Am I bothered? Does it look like I am?
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Big British boobs
Lara Latex - Big British boobs

What's with these babes of today? I mean last week Portia rolls in, driving a flash motor and this week the lovely Kelly glides over in a lovely Mercedes SL500 and there's me, "International Porn star and Man of Mystery", driving a clapped out Fiat Cinquecento! Anyway, Kelly and Lara took it on themselves to don some sexy clobber, Kelly in French Maid gear, high heels and stockings and Lara in sexy fishnets. They then plunged into some serious Lesbo XXX action. I couldn't wait to get my sweaty paws on the lovely Kelly, especially when I could see her giant JUGGS bursting out of her tight dress. So watch out for Part 2 of this great update!
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Fucking British pussy
Portia - Fucking British pussy

You can't say I don't spoil you! It's as good as getting invited to the Ambassasdor's party . I'm having to work my way through babe after babelicious babe at the moment. Yes, the lamps are burning late these days at Jim Slip Headquarters. Anyway, Portia arrived in a very flash looking car and got changed into some high boots and white stockings, which I thought looked very nice indeed. She then did some good dildo action and invented a new parlour game, "Is it a dick or is it a dildo?" which was great fun. An absolutely fabulous fuck!
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