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Penniless student challenge
Katie Lee - Penniless student challenge

It's amazing the girls you can meet in your local town, if you are armed with a camcorder, a pocket full of cash and a stupid competition challenge, you're there! Penniless student Katie was perfect for my challenge and was gagging to get back and get started. I got her changed and did her little audition on the bed. You know old, "Camcorder sleazy photographer style", where some old git reaches with his withered hand from behind the camcorder and gropes the girl, whilst exclaiming, "Weh, hey, hey!". Anyway, what a babe she was too and took my cock with gusto. Next week I change her into a common slut, so watch out for her!


My dick in a hot milf
Honey - My dick in a hot milf

I was so horny at having to watch Honey and Laura engaging in their XXX HARDCORE LESBO ACTION , that I was simply gagging to attack Honey. Well I think too much MINGE ACTION can leave a girl like Honey hungry for cock, so with both of us gagging, I wasted no time in simply pushing Honey up against the wall and stuffing my dick into her. It was still sodden from where Laura had been lashing it with her tongue. I mean to say just standing back and seeing Honey standing there in those ripped fishnets and that cute little arse would drive any guy nuts, I'm sure you'll agree. Although I love all the cute teens out there, I must admit when it comes down to a good, hard, dirty shag, a gorgeous Milf like Honey is unbeatable!


Milf versus teen
Sara - Milf versus teen

Well this week folks I have a special treat in store, MILF Vs TEEN. Yes, you can see it here, the big fight, with the delectable Honey in the left corner and the cute little teen Laura in the right. You'll wince as you see Honey jam her tongue into Laura's smooth, hot minge, you'll sigh as you see both of them groaning with pleasure as they eagerly finger each others tight holes and you will gasp as you see the pair cry out in orgasm and, finally, you will seethe with rage and envy, when I tell you that next week, having cast the teen Laura to one side, I will fuck that sex mad Honey's brains out!


British lesbian sex
Tracy - British lesbian sex

Well this scene is an absolute cracker. Tracy Venus had arrived to have some fun with me. I then noticed Lara my camera-woman looking at her all doe-eyed and coy, which I thought was strange. Anyway as we got started, you'll notice Lara whining, like an injured pet, panting and gasping. Actually she was gagging for some XXX HARD LESBO ACTION with the lovely Tracy. Anyway, Tracy and I got started and wow what a fuck she is, but Lara continued wobbling the camera and moaning and groaning, till in the end I said, "For God's sake, Tracy can you shove your hand into Lara's trousers and wank her off, before she drives me nuts!" So Tracy obliged me and they both started to grope and lick each other while I filmed. I thought this was very horny indeed. Anyway, when Lara was satisfied, I handed her back the camera and continued shagging Tracy.


Gorgeous tight young pussy 2
Madison - Gorgeous tight young pussy 2

Well, after playing with herself for half an hour Madison was desperate for some HARD COCK XXX ACTION. Don't ask me why I always write stuff like that in bold, but it's in the "Rule Book of Porn". Anyway, as you remember from last week, she'd already stuffed her tongue down my throat and this week continued to suck my dick like a "Henry Hoover". I mean these 18 year olds of today, where do they learn to jam big cocks down their throats up to the balls? Probably at school as part of some multi-diversity and PC "Know your body" lesson! In my day 18 year old girls were learning how to sew. Anyway, Madison was well up for getting fucked in all positions and getting spanked too. She even announced, "I've been a naught girl", which was rather sweet I thought.


Gorgeous tight young pussy
Madison - Gorgeous tight young pussy

This week I'm back in Budapest, what with the credit crunch and all that, babes are coming out of the wood work all over Budapest. Yet again, I tracked down that filthy, disgusting sleazebag Gustav who skulks by the Rive Danube, plying his trade. Whether you require weapons of mass destruction or gorgeous babes, Gustav is the man to contact and as usual he came up trumps again with the wonderful Madison. This is the kind of girl I sometimes, during a quiet moment of reflection, kneel down and say a little prayer for. Just to annoy you all, this week you can enjoy Madison behaving badly all by herself, ie without me blocking the view. Check out her cute little outfit and over knee grey socks. At the