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Sockings and knickers part 2
Sareena - Sockings and knickers part 2

Well, after her first taste of cock on the bed, Sareena become insatiable and insisted on dressing up as a filthy whore, complete with shiny, black, thigh-high boots, stockings and a peaked cap. Wow, she looked fucking great... not arfff! Guess what, while she was changing, she suggested she'd be up for some hard bum-fun. She'd got into such a state in Part 1 that she just need a good arse fucking. Well that's girls for you, always full of surprises. What a fabulous fuck she was too. I must go back to that medium and send a message to her dead gran, just to say "Mission Accomplished", Love Jimmy Saveloy.


Lara vs the holy church
Assistant - Lara vs the holy church

Mad-cap cleric Rev Frank Thring invites Lara over to interview him about his crazy views on porn and especially The man is clearly raving mad. The big question is, "Can Lara break him?" With the aid of a skimpy little blue Gingham dress, white over-knees and high heels, can Lara coax the Rev and his assistant over to the dark side? How long will it take for her to shatter a life of devout celibacy, prayer and self-flagellation? Will the Power of The Book keep Satan's mistress at bay? Can the Rev's armoury of Holy Water and Bible ward off the Babe Of Beelzebub? Watch and find out!


Stockings and knickers
Sareena - Stockings and knickers

Now, here's one of my personal favourites in a very long time. A georgeous blonde babe in a tight suit and stockings underneath. Well, this was a “Jim'll Fix It” with a difference. I was contacted by Sareena's dead gran, Ethel, during a seance. Through a medium her gran announced, “Dear Jimbo, will you fix it for me to give my grand-daughter Sareena a good seeing to 'cos she's a right slag”. Well, I certainly wasn't going to refuse a request from “The Undead”. Sareena was everything her dead gran said and she was well up for having some fun on a bed with me. It was really horny, with her smiling at the camera while revealing her stockings and knickers. She was soaking wet and simply couldn't resist the chance of some hard cock for sucking and fucking.


Pleasant redhead student
Satine - Pleasant redhead student

Well, we go from Russia back to Budapest. As you can see the Hungarian girls are little more lithe and feminine that the Russians. To be honest I think this is the first red-head we've had on She couldn't resist taking part in my 100,000 Forint Challenge. Needless to say, she answered the difficult question correctly and I hauled her back for some hard fucking action. I do just love transforming these beautiful girls from, for example, nice, pleasant, students into filthy, cum-loving whores. They just look great in thigh-highs and stockings and because they are just normal girls, their reaction to getting their mouths around a fresh cock is always a delight to see and their response to getting stuffed with hard cock is always a picture.


Bum fun Bond girl
Olga - Bum fun Bond girl

Well life is full of surprises. I met Olga in the street on one of my challenges. Well she sounded like Col. Kleb from the old James Bond films. Yes, Olga was from Russia. I thought that she had said she worked for the, 'KGB', but in fact on further investigation, I discovered it was in fact the 'KFC'. Anyway, you will not believe the transformation she made into sex mad slut. Her mouth was like a 'Henry Hoover' and when she got down to some hard shagging, her shear stamina reminded me of one of those Russian athletes from the 1970's. I mean with women like this, poor old Adolph didn't have a hope in hell of taking Stalingrad. She scoffed at the idea of 'Bum Fun' with me as if I'd asked for another sugar in my tea. 'Your piddling little capitalist dick can make no impression on my tight Russian arsehole.' She shouted. Wow, what a babe!


From the railway station part 2
Alysha - From the railway station part 2

Well as promised, Alyssa made a perfect transformation into filthy whore. Personally I like her in both outfits and wouldn't have cared in the least if I'd carried on shagging her in her school uniform. But she coyly looked into my eyes and said, "Jim, can I dress as a dirty filthy whore for you, so that you can jam your massive dick up my moist minge?" Well I was torn between the two outfits, schoolgirl or filthy whore? Decisions, decisions, why is my fucking life so complicated? I bet you lot don't have to deal with these kinds of problems. Anyway, after some long hard thinking, I plumped for filthy whore. Well it was like having 2 girls for the price of 1! You'll find girls behave on the basis of what they're wearing. Try it at home. Put 'er indoors in a school uniform and she'll behave all coy and innocent, bung 'er in the 'ol fishnet...


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