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Pursuing a blonde babe
Candy - Pursuing a blonde babe

Be prepared to be frozen to the core with shock. This week we're back in Budapest on the prowl for fresh meat. Well, Candy is one of those girls you just wouldn't believe in a million years would be up for my, "100,000 Forint Search for a Shag Challenges". Wearing a skin tight, short little skirt that hardly covered her tight little arse, she walked passed us. Lara suggested we challenge her and I replied not to bother, but Lara pursued her all the same. Guess what? She agreed to come back and get fucked. Anyway we got her back and she chose a little outfit, a cross between a sailor's suit and a sexy air hostess, and we got her to play with herself and generally muck about, basically getting herself prepared to get fucked. I'm sorry to announce though that you'll have to wait until the week after next to see part 2 of Candy. This is due t...


All her holes filled up
Kaicee - All her holes filled up

Well, we're back in Blighty this week. I stumbled on Kaicee walking down the street and really thought I was in line for a knuckle sandwich when I presented her with my 500 smacker get a shag challenge. However after some careful deliberation, she decided that she could do with the crisp spondoolah. I was gobsmacked when she declared she liked all her holes filling up. Wow, what a transformation she made into slut. I couldn't believe how rampant she was. It makes you wonder about how many girls you pass every day that underneath are smouldering volcanoes of sexual abandonment, waiting to be unleashed. Of course where I live is inhabited by old aged pensioners and I don't want to really know what is smouldering underneath their clothes! In fact in some cases they are more mouldering than smouldering!


Young photographic student 2
Lara - Young photographic student 2

Well you can hardly blame me, I mean having to endure 25 minutes of Lara playing about, it was more than my dick could stand, so I had no choice but to leap on her like a crazed maniac. Well actually this sounds a little, "Foreign". People like me don't actually behave like "Crazed maniacs". I leave this to the spandex-wearing body building types you get in American porn flicks. So in true British style, I slowly undressed, neatly folding my clothes and placing them in a neat pile to one side. Nonchalantly, patting the arranged pile, I strode towards the beautiful Lara, who was panting, salivating and yet cowering at the sight of my massive, engorged member. "Oh, but Jim, you are too, how do you say, ginormous for my tight little pussy to take, I am but a poor little Hungarian peasant girl, who is new to the sensation of a massive British...


Young photographic student
Lara - Young photographic student

Still in Budapest, Lara my cameraperson picked up a young photographic student, also called Lara, taking pictures of the Danube. I shall refer to her as Lara 1 to avoid confusion. Lara 1 decided to take up the Jim Slip get fucked for 100000 Forint Challenge. Anyway, this girl is so sexy, I decided to split in 2 halves (Not literally). In Part 1 you can settle down and enjoy this delectable babe playing with herself and so on and generally getting herself ready for some steamy fucking. Firstly, she chose a sexy ensemble to wear, a little denim skirt and some over knee thick black socks, finished off with skin tight little white knickers! Anyway, after a time I just had to get my dick out for her to enjoy and I settled for some HOT MINGE MUNCHING XXX action. Note: I always write such things in bold, to remain in keeping with the rest of the...


Prima ballerina porn
Alexa - Prima ballerina porn

In order to function as an "International Pornstar and Man of Mystery", one must acquaint oneself with some of the most appalling sleazebags. One such notary, by name of Gustav, (Picture a cross between Fagin and Gollum) I met in Budapest, plying his evil trade outside a public toilet. He introduced me to the gorgeous Alexa, who was studying ballet at the Academy. Well to my shock, she turned up wearing her tutu together with sexy stockings, under her coat. Well, I'm glad to see that the world of ballet, has decided to go down the Jim Slip slutty route at last. So, after much lobbying by moi, you may be able to see performances at the Royal Opera House, such as Swan Lake, with ballerinas wearing stockings and suspenders under their tutu's. Anyway, settle down and see the truly flexible Alexa get a good hard fucking, well at least that's w...


A great British fuck part 2
Jewel - A great British fuck part 2

Well, my cunning plan worked. Being a master of illusion it was possible for me to depart as Jimmy Saveloy and shortly thereafter reappear as that dapper man about town, Jim Slip. Well to be honest, either Jewel was completely daft or simply playing along, because she didn't seem to realise both Lord Saveloy and myself were one and the same! Anyway, after donning red fish-nets and thigh high boots (Not me of course), we settled down to some serious shagging Jim Slip style. God this girl is sexy!


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