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Quick bum-fun session
Lara Latex - Quick bum-fun session

I met Claudia at a house of Ill-repute in Docklands. Talk about mayhem, it was like Victoria Coach Station, with hordes of men tramping in and out all day long. It got so noisy that I had to shout from the top of the stairs, "For fucks sack, enough with the moaning already!" Anyway, things quietened down long enough for me to shag the lovely Claudia who was on a strict time contraint. It was a little disconcerting knowing there were 5 drunken rugby players, slumped in their own vomit, outside the door waiting for their turn. Anyway, she was a lot of fun and even had some spunk- laden slutty clothes to put on. She also threw in a quick bum-fun session at no extra charge.
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British XXX lesbian porn
Lara Latex - British XXX lesbian porn

Well as soon as Lara (my sex crazed cameragirl) laid eyes on biker girl, "Slutty Angel", she announced, "Jim, let me at 'er". So always ready to oblige, I went on camera and let the girls have some fun. Anyway, it's quite hard holding a camera and a stop-watch at the same time, so I was glad when Lara's 15 minute HARD-CORE MINGE-MUNCHING XXX LESBO-LOVE session was over, so I could jump on Slutty myself. As it happens it was a good idea to wait because Slutty had been primed by Lara and was ready for rampant sex with a guy. So, a good time was had by all, in particular the rampant bum-fun at the end!
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With red fish-net stockings
Gina - With red fish-net stockings

Here's a real little cutie for you. Fresh from some icy wasteland in Eastern Europe, the lovely Gina graced my underground lair. She didn't have alot to say for herself apart from, "OK" and she wasn't Lara's cup of tea, since she didn't have BIG JUGGS, but I happened to like her all the same. I thought she looked great in the red fish-net ensemble that she'd brought and she had a lovely hot'n'tight pussy which was quite a struggle to squeeze into, but with a little patience I managed it. I think you'll love her.
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UK sex with massive juggs
Cherry - UK sex with massive juggs

Well folks you asked for BIG JUGGS, you begged for BIG JUGGS so over the next 6-8 weeks you are going to see some MASSIVE JUGGS, starting with this week with the wonderful, Cherry. Now, not only does Cherry have GINORMOUS JUICY JUGGS, but she she also plays in a group call "Nemhaim". I'm not sure whether the other members have GIANT JUICY JUGGS as well. Anyway, I never thought that I was a BIG JUGG fan until I met the lovely Cherry, but I must admit I lost it during this scene, especially since she'd poured herself into a skin-tight rubber dress and she was also desperate for some HOT ANAL ACTION! Anyway watch out for forthcoming BIG JUGG action including "Starr" whose got a massive E cup and also, "Melons Marie" who has a MASSIVE, GINORMOUS, SUFFOCATING.......DOUBLE H cup!
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Lovely tits gorgeous arse
Chelsea - Lovely tits gorgeous arse

Well folks I've got a real treat for you, Ladies and Gents may I present the Porn Star... Chelsea Sinclair. She was one of Vivid's top girls a few years ago and she arrived to check me out. Well, this is a girl used to shagging massive body builders in spandex, wearing bandanas and shades and hung like rhinos. What was she going to make of little 'ol me with me bad back and gammy leg. Anyway, she had lovely tits and a gorgeous arse and a lovely smile. Anyway she was an absolutely great shag and nothing like how I expected an International Porn Star to behave like which was great!
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UK girl next door
Emily - UK girl next door

Theres nothing better for me than when a, "Girl Next Door" type turns up. Although I must admit the actual "Girl Next Door" to me has a moustache, varicose veins and a walking frame... and NO I'm NOT recruiting her for a scene! Anyway, the lovely Emily had a nice PVC outfit that I got her to wear. She had the most georgeous round little arse that I was desperate to penetrate, but she wouldn't let me. She did plunge a dildo into it, which I suppose is better than nothing.