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Prima ballerina porn
Alexa - Prima ballerina porn

In order to function as an "International Pornstar and Man of Mystery", one must acquaint oneself with some of the most appalling sleazebags. One such notary, by name of Gustav, (Picture a cross between Fagin and Gollum) I met in Budapest, plying his evil trade outside a public toilet. He introduced me to the gorgeous Alexa, who was studying ballet at the Academy. Well to my shock, she turned up wearing her tutu together with sexy stockings, under her coat. Well, I'm glad to see that the world of ballet, has decided to go down the Jim Slip slutty route at last. So, after much lobbying by moi, you may be able to see performances at the Royal Opera House, such as Swan Lake, with ballerinas wearing stockings and suspenders under their tutu's. Anyway, settle down and see the truly flexible Alexa get a good hard fucking, well at least that's w...


A great British fuck part 2
Jewel - A great British fuck part 2

Well, my cunning plan worked. Being a master of illusion it was possible for me to depart as Jimmy Saveloy and shortly thereafter reappear as that dapper man about town, Jim Slip. Well to be honest, either Jewel was completely daft or simply playing along, because she didn't seem to realise both Lord Saveloy and myself were one and the same! Anyway, after donning red fish-nets and thigh high boots (Not me of course), we settled down to some serious shagging Jim Slip style. God this girl is sexy!


Hot minge XXX porno
Trainee - Hot minge XXX porno

That preacher of fire and brimstone, the Rev.Thring is back again. This time begging for forgiveness from Lara for his "Indiscretions". Lara is already enjoying XXX LESBO LOVE ACTION with the lovely Satine. Lara in kilt, nylons and heels and Satine in thigh-highs and stockings.The Rev Thring has obviously watched , "The Excorcist" a few too many times as he keeps declaring, "By the power of Christ I cleanse you", or words to that effect. He is accompanied by a trainee priest, who appears to have forgotten his trousers. Anyway the power of HOT MINGE XXX PORNO ACTION from Lara and Satine, soon renders the power of the Bible useless and the girls drag the helpless priests into the quagmire of sin and sleaze.


A great British fuck
Jewel - A great British fuck

Well back by popular demand, I, Jim Slip master of 1000 disguises, dons the mantle of Jimmy Saveloy, to entice the beautiful Jewel back to his lair. If you like girls in long, stripey, coloured socks on beds shoving dildos up themselves, sucking a dick and then trying to get themselves fucked, by a disgusting bloke in a stained shell-suit.........well you've come to the right place!


Her hands on my dick part 2
Robyn - Her hands on my dick part 2

As you can see from Part 1, Robyn was desperate to be a "dirty little street ho". It's all so different now, in my day girls aspired to be doctors, nurses, or perhaps help in the Land Army. Nowadays they want to be "Street 'ho's". Well who am I to dissuade them. Robyn this week, has her wish granted, caking on the make-up and putting her hair in bunches, donning stockings and heels. Wow what a babe and what a shag! I am writing this in Budapest folks, in search of new, cute teens to ravage for you, so watch this space!


Her hands on my dick
Robyn - Her hands on my dick

I'm afraid that this week's babe is so damn cute, I couldn't fit her cuteness into a one week update. Just the stripey knee-high's got me going to start with, I mean, fancy a girl wearing something like stripey knee-highs underneath her trousers, what's the world coming to? Anyway, getting her on the bed, for her preliminary bout of camcorder fun, seemed to drive her sex mad and I had to fight her off getting her hands on my dick......for a full 30 seconds! So settle back and enjoy a closeup view of a babe desperate for cock!


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