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Cute little British whore
Maisie - Cute little British whore

Now then, now then, guys and gals! Jimmy Saveloy here, luvly, luvly, luvly, (Tarzan yell). I'm the special guest performing with the luvly Masie. Now you get some girls who are hot and some who are simply scalding! Young Masie just couldn't wait to get into my shell-suit and release my dick. You've got to see the smile on her face as she cradles it in both hands and then wraps her lips around it. To be honest I don't think I've seen such a horny image in years! I then suggested she sat on it and her answer was, "I've been waiting to do that for ages!" I nearly shot my load into my already soiled shell-suit! You're gonna love this one. Anyway, next week she dresses up as a cute little whore and fucks my alter-ego Jim Slip, you wont believe the change!


My dick in a tasty teen part 2
Wendy - My dick in a tasty teen part 2

Wow, was it hot in Budapest, 46 degrees! Wendy and I had to consume gallons of water to get through our shagging, we were sweating like pigs! Her flimsy little flourescent outfit was soaked in sweat so I had to rip it off. Anyway it was worth every second and we had a great time. Next week, watch out for Jack, the luckiest OAP in the world and then following that we have Sir Jimmy Saveloy, picking up tasty birds in his own special kind of way and having fun on the bed with them, "Luvly, luvly, luvly".


My dick in a tasty teen
Wendy - My dick in a tasty teen

Hi folks, Otto here, well I'm off, back into the institution after this week. Watch out in a couple of weeks time for the great celeb, Jimmy Saveloy who's doing my job. Yes, here's another total babe from Budapest. The lovely Wendy. Guess wot, you know Budapest is like the World's Porn Capitol, well Wendy had a Hungarian-English dictonary with things like, "Can I fuck you now" and "You've got a big cock". Well this came in very handy during our scene. Wow what a tight minge she had, all juicy and wet. I gave her a good fingering, but all I really wanted to do was get me dick in'er which I'm proud to say I did! I tell ya'all I'm gonna have a good wank over her every night in me cell. Anyway, all the best. Otto.


Beautiful young blonde part 2
Yasmine - Beautiful young blonde part 2

I have to admit I went into shock when I laid my eyes on the lovely Yasmin. I mean you see girls like this walking around, you don’t expect to be shagging them! I decided to dress her in a little kilt and red stockings to pander to my perverted lust for all things short and “Stockingy” and ran my hands all over her lovely soft body, finally coming to rest between her moist, hot pussy. I just couldn’t wait to get jammed into her. These Hungarian girls are always gagging for it, they seem to be permanently wet. I reckon if they got together they could mass produce soiled knickers for those of you out there who like such things. Anyway, as you’d guess, Yasmin was a fabulous fuck.


Beautiful young blonde
Yasmine - Beautiful young blonde

Hi everyone, Otto here. The last time I got near a bird like Yasmin, she was on a poster stuck on my cell wall. A little blonde babe in cut off denim shorts, I mean I was in Heaven, all this and ‘er on me bed and me with a camcorder. I just couldn’t wait to get me mits in those shorts and guess what? I did! What’s more I got to tease her tight minge with me todger and stick it in a bit! I also got me dick sucked, what I’d call a good result all round.


Horny puffy girl part 2
Salome - Horny puffy girl part 2

Well you had to laugh, old Otto getting a cactus falling on his dick, serves him right for trying to be creative! Anyway, isn't Salome a babe? Budapest was the hottest city in the world on that day, with a temp. reading of 45 degrees C, but that didn't stop me crawling across the floor to get at her. She reminded me of a futuristic blow up robo-doll and I couldn't wait to get jammed into her.........and nor could she! These Hungarian girls are always gagging for it, don't ask me why, I've said before, I think it's the mountains of goulasch they consume. She'd said to her "Agent" Mr Big, (loosely translated) "I want to fuck the dick of an Englishman and I want to get him to stick it up my bum-hole for the anal pleasure!" I nearly fell over when he informed me of her request! Get a load of her cute little dress, I didn't bother with the slu...


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