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Your girlfriend shagged by me
Gemma - Your girlfriend shagged by me

I'm always getting emails from guys who like the idea of their girlfriends doing a Jim Slip scene. Don't ask me why, maybe because it's horny or maybe they just want to get them out of the house for a day! LOL. Personally I think it's quite horny, the idea of packing your girlfriend off to shag someone long as she comes back! This is how I got to shag the lovely Gemma, wow what a scene, I mean WAS SHE HOT!!?? I'd say scalding. She was under strict orders to get a 10 rating and I have to admit she behaved like a wild animal and so in my infinite wisdom and after consulting my independant adjudicators, I solemnly award her a rating of 10. So guys, keep contacting me and you could be selected to have your girlfriend shagged by Yours Truly (and me as well)
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3 UK girl orgy
Tricia - 3 UK girl orgy

Well folks for the first time ever on, I've got myself a 3 girl ORGY! Yes, Lara, Tricia and the lovely Paige. What's more we did it in the dungeon. I couldn't believe it when Igor, the dungeon owner put this little party together at a knock-down price. Anyway, I let the girls indulge in some HARD-CORE LESBO ACTION to start with. I mean I couldn't just jump in could I? Well, I could have, but it would have been a bit of a waste and Igor said they'd do some LESBO action at no extra cost! Anway you'll have to wait till the week after next to watch me swing into action like Tarzan of the Apes and I even got to screw Tricia in her bum! What joy!
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Susan hot denim!
Susan - Susan hot denim!

If there is one thing we all like, its a slim, cute babe turning up in an arse hugging denim mini skirt. However, just imagine she's also wearing black holdups that reach the very top of her legs and hug her cute bum? Well this is what turned up at my door for some xxx action! I didn't know which way to turn, so we did it in every way possible including next to my front door! Yes I am a crazed stocking and heels lover!
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Anal creampie milf
Envy - Anal creampie milf

Well, it's back to the sexy East Europeans this week, so welcome to "Envy", which I don't think was her real name, but who cares since she's an absolute babe and one of the most popular girls on this site, ever. I think that her appeal is her lovely, natural smile which makes her look like, "Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" as we like to say over here in Blighty when we talk about a girl who looks innocent on the outside, but is actually a wanton slut on the inside! This was proved by the fact that she demanded to have an anal creampie at the end of the scene, which frankly shocked me! Well, not that much!
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Big British tits part 2
Rebecca Smythe - Big British tits part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Rebecca scene. Well it took every ounce of my self control, to stop me leaping in on the Rebecca and Lara XXX Lesbo Romp. So the guy who owned the location dragged me outside, sedated me and put me in straight jacket! Anyway, after 30 minutes he released me and I pounced on Rebecca like a crazed Dervish! Wow, what an absolute babe, she was gagging for cock after her Lesbo Session and after the normal formalities of blow job etc, etc, she slapped on some industrial lube, announcing, that she preferred anal sex to normal and demanded some HOT BUM-FUN, naturally I was happy to oblige!
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500 Pound Challenge
Louisa - 500 Pound Challenge

Well as part of my new policy of getting off my butt and going outside, I have for the first time, tried out my £500 challenge. Basically the idea is to approach a female in public and offer her £500 in cash to perform with me in a scene. Naturally, I was expecting to be punched in the f