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100000 Forint challenge part 2
Helena - 100000 Forint challenge part 2

Well poor old Tony, must have been going crazy with frustration, having to watch Lara and Helena, prodding each others minges with gay abandon. Finally, he got to join in and fuck the pair of them, which he did with gusto! The icing on the cake, or should I say, "The croutons on the Goulash soup" was trying to get his dick in the lovely Helena's bum-hole!


100000 Forint challenge
Lara Latex - 100000 Forint challenge

Here's a nice little 2 parter for you all. This time, Lara demanded that she should be let loose on the streets of Budapest, to see if she could find a guy willing to participate in her, "Lara's 100,000 FORINT Challenge". Well, with the promise of getting to shag, both her and a gorgeous, blonde pornstar it was quite easy to find a willing guy. In fact so easy, she found one in the lobby of the place we were staying! Well, he was gobsmacked to be invited in and get to see, Lara and Helena getting into some hot XXX LESBO ACTION! and getting a quick grope or two into the bargain.


UK milf spreading
Summer - UK milf spreading

Stumbled on this babe, whilst cruising the streets, in my endless search for new young flesh. At first, Summer (As we will refer to her) was very suspicious of my, "Competition", but the thought of all that wonga, soon, turned her to the Dark Side. She chose some sexy clobber from my treasure chest and we had a very good time indeed, if not a little, quiet. This is quite normal for normal girls. So think nothing of it, you see, out there in the world of porn, most of the girls scream and shout with ecstasy………..before you've even touched them! So a lot of noise never convinces me of anything at all.


Scottish bum fun
Ashley - Scottish bum fun

Well we've got a Scots flavour this week, in the form of the lovely Ashley. At first, rejecting my famous, "Competition" challenge a disgusting ruse to get a shag. However, she was coaxed back at the thought of getting her tartan mits on five hundred spondoolies! Anyway, she got dressed up in some kinky clobber, which we both well about laughing about. She, nearly breaking her ankles in the sky-high heels. However we had a good fuck all the same, until I pulled rank and changed her into a girlie outfit. At this point she seemed to go insane and near the end demanded some anal action, which we tried with various degrees of success. Her desperation for bum-fun for the sheer hell of it, has earned her a 10 point score!


Picking up a Polish milf at airport
Magda - Picking up a Polish milf at airport

Today we went to the airport to pick up Magda who was freshly flown in from Poland. Yes, they come from all over the world to get fucked by yours truly nowadays! Anyroads, Magda appeared to be a real chatterbox who's fanny opened just as fast as her mouth did. Apparently she had come all the way without wearing any undies and the officials at the airport were too flabberghasted to say anything about it. She turned out to be a great fuck and, lucky me, she loved anal sex too so we threw in a fair bit of that!


British Baywatch babe
Tia - British Baywatch babe

You're going to go nuts when you see the absolute babe Tia get dressed up in a baby doll outfit. Problem was, she looked like a "Baby Doll" whatever I dressed her up in. She reminded me of a Baywatch babe. You'd expect to see her running up and down Malibu Beach, not in the car park of Lidl! But that's the power of my, "£500 Challenges", girls just can't resist the thought of getting their greedy mits on all that wonga and treating themselves to mountains of chocs and new shoes! Anyway I'm giving her full marks for sheer BABILICIOUSNESS!


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