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Cute little blonde Brit
Nicole - Cute little blonde Brit

If you like cute, little, blondes, especially those that have a hankering to be pornstars, then you'll adore Nicole. She even insisted on some light spanking, which I know you pervs out there will be feverishly F/F ing to get to see.
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Lovely tall leggy babe
Emily - Lovely tall leggy babe

Now, here's a lovely tall, leggy, babe for your delectation and salivation. The lovely Emily Butt (I kid you not) arrived to perform with me bearing a tale of woe, regarding a "Scumbag" so called model agent, who told her he'd make her a star if she let him shag her first. Sorry, do an "Audition" first? I mean, why the fuck would she need to audition? 1/ She's a babe, 2/ She's got a pulse. This is the simple criteria that girls must meet to perform with your's truly! Anyway, Emily was absolutely fantastic and her legs?..........they never ended. As for the bum-fun, her arse exerted a vice-like grip on my dick, so powerful that I truly feared that both my dick and me were about to be sucked up into her, like some infernal hydraulic suction machine.. It took all of my strength to extricate myself from her, well at least after a few minutes ...
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500 pound tennis challenge
Chantel - 500 pound tennis challenge

Well my £500 challenges seems to be working quite well. This week I sleazed my way (like an oil slick) onto a tennis court, where I enticed 2 cuties to come back to my lair for some XXX LESBO ACTION. These two were so cute I didn't have the courage to suggest shagging them, (After all I didn't want them to think that I was a pervert! LOL) so I gave them my number for some cock- fun another time. So you can take this week's update as an excuse to see 2 cute babes IN TENNIS OUTFITS shoving dildo's up each other!!
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500 pound Vatican trip part 2
Renee - 500 pound Vatican trip part 2

Well finally Liz got Renee primed and ready for cock, so I got stuck in. There's nothing better than a threesome with two rampant girls, especially when one of them is as innocent as Rene. Liz and I ravaged her senseless, I for one was keen to ensure that I got the most from my precious £500. As for Rene, she seemed to have a good time, I suppose anything's better than scrubbing floors and fighting off randy vicars!
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500 pound Vatican trip
Renee - 500 pound Vatican trip

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather, when the lovely Liz contacted me and suggested I meet her Christian pal, Renee. Well she works at her local church as a cleaner and is an all round, "Goody Two Shoes". Just the type of girl that should be dragged into the Abyss by the devil himself........Jim Slip. Anyway, Liz and I , enticed her into the Dark Side by the promise of £500.00 CASH and once she realised that £500.00 was exactly what she needed to take a pilgrimage to the Vatican she was sold on the idea. Liz barged me out of the way, declaring that as an "Agent of Satan" she should be allowed to ravage the hapless Renee first, so I stood back and filmed Liz showing her the delights of HOT XXX LESBO ACTION! Oh, by the way, next week, I screw their bums!!
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East End girl
Cindy - East End girl

Well it was back to the East End, to spend a bit of time at "Griselda's House of Sin". I must say she's hardly discrete, I saw her walking around Canary Wharf with a huge placard saying "Massive Hooker Sale Here", with an arrow pointing in the direction of her house which is festooned with flashing red lights. Outside she has a 20ft high effigy of a hooker with a mechanical arm, beckoning to all and sundry to, "Come on in for a good time". I suppose this is how they do things in Poland. Anyway, I was introduced to the exceptionally, lovely Cindy, with whom I had a wonderful 1 hour session. I thought I'd try out the GFE which means Girl Friend Experience, so she burst in to the room shouting, "Haven't you done the bloody Hoovering yet and by the way you smell like shit and stop turning your underpants inside out instead of washing them!!" ...