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A classic beauty next door 2
Louisa - A classic beauty next door 2

Well after the great success of Part 1, I decided to dress Louisa up in some "Kinky clobber", namely red boots, black hold up stockings and a skin tight little PVC skirt. Also just to finish things off she wore some long gloves, which felt great against my dick! Well you know what I'm like when faced with a cute babe, dressed like this... yes, I turned into rabid devil-dog and attacked her full on, groping, prodding and slobbering all over her in my insatiable lust! I know it wasn't a pretty sight, a desperate, middle aged man, foaming at the mouth with lust. But, I ask, what would you do in the same circumstances? Especially, knowing that her tight bum was on offer!


A classic beauty next door
Louisa - A classic beauty next door

I met the lovely Louisa at a bus-stop and simply marvelled at her cuteness. A classic, "Girl next door", I'd say. Although, I never get to live next door to anyone like her! Anyway, I managed to entice her back to my place for some fun and as usual, the Pt 1 section was perfect for, "Breaking her in". She did some great work with the dildo and even jammed it up her tight arse. I must admit, I just had to let her sample my cock. I know, I can hear you say, "But Jim, you're a great cameraman, you wouldn't be swayed from your work by a slip of a girl, wiggling her butt at you!" Well you'd be amazed at my dexterity, the ability to hang on to a fucking big camera and perform at the same time. It's an art, learned over time.


Lara 100 Pound challenge
Shay - Lara 100 Pound challenge

Yes, folks, she's at it again! This time enticing a hapless, hunky builder , back to Chez Lara for some fun with both her and the lovely Shay. These girls have probably got the nicest arses in porn, so it was hardly surprising that Stefan, was desperately trying to rip off his blind fold to see Lara in her French maid ensemble and Shay in PVC, both wearing stockings and high heels. Personally, I was gutted that I couldn't join in, as the old shrapnel in my gammy leg was playing me up! Anyway, Lara and I, would like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.


Beautiful puffy teen part 2
Vivian - Beautiful puffy teen part 2

Hope you enjoyed Pt 1, well I got my way and dressed the lovely Vivienne in a little red kilt and white hold-ups and to be honest would have been quite happy to sit there and just ogle her. But I didn't, as she was desperate to snog, you see the Part 1's tend to drive the girls crazy with lust, as they can't quite get what they want, which is a damn good shagging. So Vivienne was well primed and couldn't wait to get down to it and nor could I. She devoured my dick with gusto and well, I'll leave it for you to watch the rest.


Beautiful puffy teen
Vivian - Beautiful puffy teen

Well, here's another absolute babe to add to the "Jim Slip Cavalcade of Babes". When the cute, little Vivienne appeared at the door in Budapest, I thought she'd come to the wrong house. "No", I said, "The piano teacher lives in the next flat!" She answered, "No I come to see Jim Sleeep, to make sexy-time with the camcorder, eeets nice!" Well, I was absolutely gob-smacked! Well as I've said before, not only are Hungarian girls absolutely beautiful, but they also adore older men. Don't ask me why, it's a mystery. This is unique to Hungary, the further North you go, ie Czech, Russian and so on, they are beautiful, but just go through the motions. Hungarian girls are just HOT! Anyway enjoy Part 1, which is as usual, the intimate tete-a-tete on the bed, but watch out for part 2 when I fall victim to my most vile urges and put her in a little r...


Great UK pale redhead boobs 2
Shay - Great UK pale redhead boobs 2

Well, you have to admit, Shay in PVC is a sight to behold. "What a lovely tight little arse!" I hear you cry, as I lay her across my lap, lube up her lovely round bum and then spank it. "I need to be horse-whipped!", she exclaimed. I don't know what she'd done wrong, but who was I to argue. Anyway, what she really liked was being on all fours, having her cute bottom whipped and then being fucked, in rotation. Wait till you see the sight of her perfect round arse all red from the whipping and neatly framed in fishnet-stocking and suspenders. No, I could have fucked this one all day and all night, pure sex on legs!


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