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Creeping up behind her
Jasmine - Creeping up behind her

This week Lara decided to become, "Gok Wan-ka" the famous fashion Guru and dress the lovely Jasmine up.Not just a pair of tights for ripping later, but also a pair of clashing, bright yellow, hold-up stockings over the top! Lara also put Jasmine in a tiny skirt and her hair in bunches to complete the "Look". Anyway, she looked great prancing around and wiggling her cute, little bottom. So cute in fact that I couldn't stop myself from creeping up behind her and plunging my hand into her miniscule knickers and feverishly rubbing her hot, tight, minge!


Extremely tight pussy
Masha - Extremely tight pussy

This week we have the beautiful Masha from Chenobyl in the Ukraine. Introduced and in fact filmed by my disgusting pimp, "Gustav", who having filmed a couple of funerals has now taken the mantel of, "Camerman". Anyway, Masha, wasn't very radioactive at all, well showing about 65,000 mrem on my Geiger Counter, I thought it was well worth the risk. She certainly like being spanked and burst into fits of giggles, while I soundly spanked her firm, round bottom. This would have infuriated a fetishist spanker, but I found it rather charming. I then changed her into a whore outfit and gave her a good screwing. She had an extremely tight and very hot pussy, which I put down to the radiation, but it felt grrreat!


British fetish slut
Willow - British fetish slut

This week we are back in the icy wastes of the South Coast with the lovely Willow, who had heard about Jim Slip, whilst being thrashed at a fetish club!. She told me that she frequented such an establishment called, "The Torture Garden", not like Kew Gardens I should add, but a place where people indulge in depraved and sordid acts, whilst dressed in rubber, PVC and latex. It sounds like the sort of place I'd like to visit. Anyway, hearing of this depravity sent me all "fetish" and I couldn't resist the idea of tying young Willow up and gagging her whilst giving her a good seeing to, culminating in shooting my load all over her ball-gag!


The cutest little arse 2
Alma - The cutest little arse 2

As I said Alma had the cutest, roundest and tightest little bum this side of The Danube. I didn't mention it last week, but she's said that she was going to try to get my dick in her arse, which was a wonderful idea. As you know the site of a cute girl like this in a tiny skirt and fishnets drives me nuts, so add to the equation a tight little arse, which is available for your cock and I go into apoplectic shock. A mist drops in front of my eyes and I am then under the control of a Dark Force, that forces me to do bad things, bad, bad, things, like jamming my dick up, juicy young arseholes like Alma's! Her arse was indeed "Finger-lickin' good"


The cutest little arse
Alma - The cutest little arse

Lara went-a-trawling for tasty birds and came up trumps with the little babe Alma. It's quite useful having a college next door to my lair in Budapest, cos it is overflowing with tasty crackling, all a bit broke and looking for part time jobs. So fucking me is better than serving Big Macs all day for 6 weeks! Alma was perfect in every way and had a perfect teen body. So perfect in fact that Lara just had to leap on the bed and help get her dressed up, in a tiny skirt, red fishnets and a little top. Wow, what a slut, she had the cutest little arse I've seen in a long time and while she was mucking around under the direction of the Rev Thring, I was sitting their gnawing at my knuckles in the background, counting every second until I could stuff my dick into her and when I did, her tight, juicy, pussy, literally swallowed my dick in one gul...


A young old threesome 2
Nicole - A young old threesome 2

I then took the opportunity of putting the lovely Nicole in some stripey knee high socks, yes, cos I'm a perv and then had the pleasure of both of these babes taking it in turns to suck my dick. You could tell that Nicole was a first timer, by her expression every time my dick squeezed inside her, like a kind of gasp, mixed with shock. I must admit it was very horny doing both of these girls. Like chalk and cheese, Lara being the voluptuous young teen babe and the innocent little skinny waif, I mean what a combo!


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