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Seamed stockinged nurse!
Jessica Jensen - Seamed stockinged nurse!

On a cold January day we have a lovely, sexy, nurse called Jessica who got in touch with me. She had decided that it would be very horny for herself to get dressed up in a nurse's uniform complete with seamed stockings and heels and get fucked! I think she meant to look like the babes in that British film classic "Carry On Nurse!" For the young folk out there, in the old days, all nurses DID in fact wear figure hugging short uniforms, together with seamed stockings and high heels! I know this because i was in hospital with appendicitis for 2 weeks when I was 14. YES TWO WEEKS! Nowadays, you're chucked out on the streets in 24 hours with a couple of aspirins and the drip still attached! Anyway, I remember only too well, lovely young nurses, bursting out of their uniforms, leaning over and patting me on the head, whispering, "You'll feel m...


Si! Si! Mr Slip!
Jessica Jensen - Si! Si! Mr Slip!

I had no idea what was in store for me when we filmed the second section of Melody's scene. She had changed into what I'd call a "Something for the weekend, Sir?" outfit, Mexican style. After the casting Melody was even more rampant than ever and wasted no time in getting to grips with my cock. Once again savouring it before devouring it down her throat. After she had done this for a few minutes she demanded I fuck her brains out and I willingly acquiesced to her demand and pounded into her causing her to utter all kinds of things in Spanish. God only knows what she was saying, but she certainly seemed to be enjoying the hard screwing. Maybe its all the Tacos and chillis, but I must admit these Hispanic girls are red hot and thankfully more and more are making their way to me to dip their toes in the quagmire of porn! All I can say to the...


Arriba! Arriba!
Jessica Jensen - Arriba! Arriba!

This week for your delectation we have the sexy, hot & crazy Mexican minx, Melody Petite. She is a full time cheerleader and showed me some of her sexy moves before telling me how once when she was atop a 10 metre tower of cheerleaders at a football match, a greedy girl from the bottom of said tower, rushed off to get a hot dog and brought the whole tower tumbling down on the footballers! Naturally, being sex-crazed cheerleaders the whole debacle ended up as a public orgy with people in the crowd feverishly masturbating at the mass orgy on the pitch below. Even the TV cameras were shut down so the crews could join in! Anyway as you will see, Melody was everything you'd expect of a girl from Mexico, she was cock crazy and relished my dick like a connoisseur of wine! I did manage to fuck her in a couple of positions whilst holding the camco...



Welcome to "Agnes", yes I know she's got an unusual name for a porn star, but hey the Yank names are just as daft, "Musky McRain", "Misty Showers", "Murky Waters". Anyway Agnes is a babe with a super model figure, all 6' 5" of her clad in thigh high boots. Just my type, with legs that never seem to end. Anyway I'm giving her a full 10 rating for leg length and sheer "Fuckability".


Cute Cowgirl In Plaits!
Jessica Jensen - Cute Cowgirl In Plaits!

Members of will have seen just how sex crazed the lovely Luna was in last weeks casting. Well, it's not over yet as Lara Latex and our stylist re-modelled Luna as a sexy cowgirl complete with tiny denim shorts and her hair in plaits. How they would have viewed Luna if she'd entered a bar in Tombstone during the days of the Wild West, God only knows! In fact probably the same way I did today and that was to simply rip down those tiny denim shorts and stuff my dick into her. Anyway, being a sex maniac, Luna proceeded to fuck me in every position she could think of; pounding up and down endlessly without her breaking a sweat until she had a low gutteral orgasm lasting for at least 15 seconds. After which she proceed to milk my cock like a "Luna-tic" alarming Lara Latex in the process - she thought it was going to ripped off and r...


Lovely Luna Teen Dream!
Jessica Jensen - Lovely Luna Teen Dream!

This week all the way from the South of France we have the lovely Luna. She trekked over to Chez Jim to do a casting and may I say from the outset I could see Luna was a sex maniac. She arrived in a pair of "Pantalon de plastique" which simply scream "Fuck me!" well, at least to me they do. She looked the picture of Parisienne elegance with her black polar neck sweater and the ensemble completed with a pair of thigh high boots. An outfit that is just so sexy even the Pope would ravage her if I left them alone together. Anyway, I did a kind of "Manuel" from Faulty Towers attempt at French, which lasted all of 3 minutes, after which I just plunged my hand into those skin tight trousers and felt her soaking pussy. After that, all Hell broke loose and I just had to peel down her trousers, bend her over and fuck her. Hopefully you will forgive...


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