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One of my all time favourites, you'll have seen her in another update with Beckie. But the truth is she wanted ME to herself! Hungarian girls don't see the point of girl-girl action, especially when theres a big(ish) cock around to fuck!


The Grapes Of Lust!
- The Grapes Of Lust!

Last week Fira described her route from vineyard to jimslip casting. I didn't mention the part where she encountered a strange unkempt hunch back who was lurking at the back of a crowded bar in the Old Town. He staggered across the bar and bid Fira sit with him to discuss a "Proposal". He then removed an ancient and battered lap top from his carrier bag and revealed his secret to Fira. "I am a photographer of the erotic arts!" he announced with much aplomb and after showing some dirty pics to the shocked but curious Fira, went "On the line" to and then looking furtively from side to side whispered, "This is the man you must see, Mr Jim Slip, tell him Gonzalez sent you, he will make you an international porn star, here is his phone number, go, GO TO HIM NOWWW!" He then stuffed the crumpled bit of paper with my number scrawled o...


A Tale Most Bizarre!
- A Tale Most Bizarre!

This weeks babe hails from France, more precisely, from the vineyards of the South. 19 year old Fira tells a tale as shocking as it is bizarre. Picture if you will, a scene of three waifish girls picking and then treading grapes in a large wooden tub. They are being observed by the owner feverishly masturbating in the corner, finally climbing in and collapsing into the tub with the girls to shoot his load into the crushed grapes whilst sucking the nectar off girls feet. No, my brethren, this is not a vision of Hell from a Renaissance painter like Bosch, it is reality and all I can say, is I'd love to erect a diving board over the said tub and dive in together with the squashed grapes, girls & drunken grape covered pervert if needs be! The vineyard owner coyly ventures that his antics give his wine a certain "bouquet" and at ?50 a bottle h...


Cutest Hooker In Town!
- Cutest Hooker In Town!

I guessed that Alessandra would look pretty good dressed as a cheap whore, but I didn't realise just how good! You see its that pert bottom framed by a pair of fishnet stockings roughly hewn with shears so they are ragged at the top. I mean you cant get cheaper than that, why buy a new pair of shorter fishnets when you can simply hack them shorter! So put together with a tiny top, heels and a huge grin what choice did I have but to plunge my tongue down her throat, bend her over and fuck her! No time for foreplay or witty banter, sometimes a thing needs to be done immediately and that is the effect Alessandra would have on any man, dressed like this regardless of race, colour or creed! Even the Dalai Lama's "8 Verses of Training The Mind" representing the many years of meditation & training that is required to reach a higher state of enli...


Hot Denims Are Back
- Hot Denims Are Back

This week we have the return of the gorgeous teen sensation Alessandra. If you look back to July 2015 you will see her first jimslip casting. Since then she has been "Actressing" and has played some roles including: a prostitute, Cleopatra and her much acclaimed role as "Yoda" from Star Wars for an amateur dramatics group! Obviously she wore a mask for the role, but her cute diminutive size made sure sure she was a shoe in for the job, not to mention the director undoubtedly wanting to get his sweaty trotters into her knickers as well! Anyway, as you can see Alessandra wore her skimpy cowgirl outfit for our little POV session and I can guarantee you will choke on your Hob Nob when you see her wiggling her "World's Pertest Bottom" into my camcorder! Next week she dons her prostitute outfit complete with ripped fishnets, so set your alarm ...



This month it is the return of Destiny in MPG4 format. After the success of the Sahara re-master a couple of months ago I am sure you will enjoy the deafening scrams of Destiny! Here's a bit of spicy Asian Babeliciousness for you all! The Exotic, The Mysterious, The LOUD ....... Destiny! Yes folks, block your ears for the loudest moaner on I measured her screams at over 110db at some points. So be warned; turn down your speakers, otherwise you'll wake the house up! By the way, we've got another gorgeous Asian Babe coming soon, namely the famous and beautiful Sahara whom I fucked deep in her arse! So keep checking us for her update.


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