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Kittina Pleases Her Boss!
- Kittina Pleases Her Boss!

Last week Kittina described how her pervert boss made her dress in a school uniform complete with giant lollipop and man the massage parlour reception desk. The clientele not realising that this sick pervert actually had an office located on the floor between Kittina's legs! Invisible to the clientele, he was able to man the fax, send emails, take hushed calls and between all this plunge his head between Kittinas legs and gorge on her sodden pussy. The funny thing being Kittina orgasming as she takes in deliveries and makes bookings for clients! Anyway, luckily Kittina brought her sexy school uniform along this week in order to help me visualize her working conditions at the massage parlour.


Very Tight Pants!
- Very Tight Pants!

Members will have seen Kittina back in July and heard her story of working in a massage parlour. Anyway, she contacted me and asked to return to fill me in on the latest news regarding her job. Now she has been promoted in her job and has her own "Theme room". Your eyes will pop out as you watch Kittina striding around in the tightest wet look trousers you will have ever seen. Trousers so sight her voluptuous arse can be seen bursting through the seam running the length of her bum crack! Anyway, it was very sexy having to grapple with such a sexy babe and at the same time hold a camcorder and wear headphones. I must admit that it is most vexing trying to screw a girl with such tight trousers, ripped down just below her bum, whilst holding an an unwieldy camcorder; together with the headphone cable falling into view all at the same time. A...



By popular demand this month we have a re-master to MPG4 of the red-hot babe Tricia. A true Brit slut with no holds barred. Tricia could cater for any desire or perversion no matter how weird and rightfully reigns as Queen of Sluts! How's this for a beautiful big-jugged Scouse babe. A true UK streetsluts classic. Even got some Golden Showers on this one. Anyway she fleeced me for £20 and my loose change before rampantly fucking like a slut possessed. She then offered me her tight arse-hole for I can't remember whether it was ?5 or ?10, anyway it was very good VFM, (value for money).


Cuckold Capers 2
- Cuckold Capers 2

Well after being confined to the sofa we decided to retire to the bedroom, a sight you will seldom see on To be honest I think Lara prefers watching me fuck girls on the bed as it is more erotic for her. Monique was now even more rampant and clambered all over me. It was very easy to make her cum again and again and I presume Lara was also squirming around in the other room. Sometimes I must admit life is good, after all I could have been at the garden centre or looking for sofas like other folks, but instead I was engaged in an orgy of crazed lust with a teen hooker while my wife looked on! Anyway, after we finished and I paid off Monique, Lara demanded her fill off cam and so I fucked her sodden pussy in the bathroom! Another job well done!


Cuckold Capers 1
- Cuckold Capers 1

This week once again is another episode of Jim & Lara's Cuckold Capers. This is the show where either myself or Lara secretly watch each other fucking someone else! Lara got in touch with the lovely Monique who she'd filmed me fucking before. When Monique answered the phone she was sucking cock in some back street and Lara asked whether she could finish up soon and was up for some cuckold fun with me! Naturally she was and so Lara hid with a monitor to view the shenanigans in the comfort of her arm chair. Anyway, Monique arrived still wiping spunk from her lips. She was wearing what I can only describe as a sexy schoolgirl/stripper outfit! I can't believe she'd travelled to me on public transport dressed like this, surely this must break a hundred rules in the Health & Safety 10,000 page first volume book! Anyway, being a sex mad nymphoma...


Still Walking The Streets!
- Still Walking The Streets!

In a strange quirk of irony Angelina who had once walked the streets as a parking attendant now wished to seek employment once again walking the streets but as a prostitute, or at least dress in the mode of such. She certainly did brush up well in the "Clobber" to use the vernacular and I lost no time in plunging my hands between her legs to feel her soaking wet pussy! At this point Lara - on cam - noticed how nice her arse was and got Angelina to stride up and down the room wiggling her round bum to the camcorder. Lara had also noticed Angelina's big boobs and wasted no time in shoving the camcorder straight into her cleavage at which point I bade Lara move and plunged by dick into the red hot Angelina without further ado!


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