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Angelina Meter Maid
- Angelina Meter Maid

This week we have a real newbie to porn, working as a "Parking Ticket Administrative Assistant,"e have 20 yeard old, Angelina, who had got a little fed up with making people miserable and decided that bringing joy to people through the wonderful medium of hard core porn would be a more satisfying occupation. Wisely, she had thought that dressing as a sexy secretary might earn her bonus points during the rigorous selection process, which is a Jimslip casting! Obviously word has got around just how strict I am. To be honest, that is not entirely true. All I require is that a girl is sexy, up for anything and has a great big smile and once I have spent 25 minutes double and triple checking all is well, only then will she be allowed into the infamous Jim Slip Hall of Fame! Naturally, with her gorgeous arse, Angelina passed and next week we d...


Lydia Has A Fling!
- Lydia Has A Fling!

As promised, this week is a special Christmas/ New Years Eve treat as Lydia opens the show with a Highland Fling dressed in the sexiest tartan outfit, possibly ever, in the history of the World. An outfit so sexy that if she were to attend any Hogmanay ball and start dancing, she would cut down the OAP's watching from the sides like a scythe cutting down Wheat! Pensioners would be collapsing from shock on all sides! Of course I found the whole thing very sexy indeed and I had no choice but to grab her and stuff my dick inside her! Lydia was already slightly sweaty from her dancing which gave her a dishevelled look that made the event all the more hornier for me. Being naturally rampant and with the energy of a certain type of "battery powered bunny", she was quite happy to fuck at a pace that would wind a Triathalon athlete. Luckily, your...


Canadian Cutie Grapples Bear!
- Canadian Cutie Grapples Bear!

This week we have the second girl from Canada to appear on Lydia wished to have a "go at porn" and naturally found her way to a jimslip casting. Believe it or not Lydia teaches the Highland Fling and works in a mental home, so it seemed perfectly natural for her to end up in my clutches. She told a tale of being accosted by an angry bear rummaging around in her kitchen at home! I mean a BEAR as in "Man-eating," furry, carnivore, rather than macho gay guy with an abundance of hair and a moustache! The bear in question was looking for fresh meat and licked his lips whilst he eyed up Lydia! No doubt imagining what she'd look like turning slowly on a spit with some onions and other vegetables. Of course bears don't normally have barbecues as they are too impatient & hungry to wait for the coals to heat up. Anyway, like all "count...



One of my all time favourites, you'll have seen her in another update with Beckie. But the truth is she wanted ME to herself! Hungarian girls don't see the point of girl-girl action, especially when theres a big(ish) cock around to fuck!


The Grapes Of Lust!
- The Grapes Of Lust!

Last week Fira described her route from vineyard to jimslip casting. I didn't mention the part where she encountered a strange unkempt hunch back who was lurking at the back of a crowded bar in the Old Town. He staggered across the bar and bid Fira sit with him to discuss a "Proposal". He then removed an ancient and battered lap top from his carrier bag and revealed his secret to Fira. "I am a photographer of the erotic arts!" he announced with much aplomb and after showing some dirty pics to the shocked but curious Fira, went "On the line" to and then looking furtively from side to side whispered, "This is the man you must see, Mr Jim Slip, tell him Gonzalez sent you, he will make you an international porn star, here is his phone number, go, GO TO HIM NOWWW!" He then stuffed the crumpled bit of paper with my number scrawled o...


A Tale Most Bizarre!
- A Tale Most Bizarre!

This weeks babe hails from France, more precisely, from the vineyards of the South. 19 year old Fira tells a tale as shocking as it is bizarre. Picture if you will, a scene of three waifish girls picking and then treading grapes in a large wooden tub. They are being observed by the owner feverishly masturbating in the corner, finally climbing in and collapsing into the tub with the girls to shoot his load into the crushed grapes whilst sucking the nectar off girls feet. No, my brethren, this is not a vision of Hell from a Renaissance painter like Bosch, it is reality and all I can say, is I'd love to erect a diving board over the said tub and dive in together with the squashed grapes, girls & drunken grape covered pervert if needs be! The vineyard owner coyly ventures that his antics give his wine a certain "bouquet" and at ?50 a bottle h...


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