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Pamella Walks The Streets!
- Pamella Walks The Streets!

I thought that would get your attention! After her excellent casting Pamella took to the idea of dressing as a common prostitute with relish - as do many girls on for some peculiar reason. Anyway, as you can see she certainly brushed up well in the thigh high boots, holdups, tiny top and a skirt that was as wide as a mans tie! Lara was also suitably impressed and made Pamella walk up and down the room whilst I watched with amazement, thinking the Pope himself would be turned to the dark side if he ever had to witness such a sight! I had no choice but to slip my hand in her knickers, fondle her and then simply bend her over and screw her on the spot. What else could I do? What else could the Pope or any man do? From here on in, this 19 year old nymphomaniac fucked like a madwoman, until she took me to hand and made me shoot my ...


The Hottest Hot Pants
- The Hottest Hot Pants

19 year old Pamella arrived for her Jimslip casting in the tiniest pair of denim shorts I have ever seen and to be honest I had already given her a pass, for "Further investigation" the instant she bent over to check her boots were laced up properly. Personally, I thing bending over like this was all part of a cunning plan on her part to guarantee she was selected. She hadn't even bothered to wear panties underneath and I an just imagine the look of shock (or pleasant surprise) on the faces of gentle-folk sitting opposite her on the bus. Surely Pamella must have sent some pace-makers all a flutter on her way. To be honest if one of these OAP's had just twisted his head sideways he could have easily gleaned a sneaky glimpse of Pamella's bits peering out from between her shredded denims. This is of course exactly what I did! Anyway, we comp...


Viva Espana!
- Viva Espana!

Members will have witnessed Julia's antics with shock and awe in last week's casting! Depravity that can only have originated in the mind of a sick twisted pervert i.e. my pal Father Fernando El Paso! Anyway, normally we would change the girl from her street clothes into something different for the second part, but I decided that you'd all murder me if I changed her out of the Sante Maria Academy uniform and so Julia re-emerged on set tidied up but minus her specs. Now with Lara on cam, I was able to grab Julia and fuck her brains out which I enjoyed. We fucked in every position possible and might I say even Lara was impressed by our performances. The Grand Finale being a first on! Julia donned her specs and I shot my load perfectly all over the lenses, something I'd always wanted to do, but never got round to until today!


Spanish Sex Bomb!
- Spanish Sex Bomb!

This week we have the lovely 21 year old Julia who was sent for a casting by Father Fernando-Gonzalez El Paso of the "Sante Maria Academy For Fallen Women" in Madrid. Julia had been previously working in a "Face Dancing Club" in Spain, when she was approached by a priest and a nun for a face dance for which they paid a few thousand Pesetas - strangely this club still accepts old money?!? Anyway, after the priest and nun spent 2 hours, "Like animals" groping, licking and fingering all of Julia's orifices, they offered her "Sanctuary" at their so called "Academy;" which actually turned to be a brothel or bordello for the clergy. Julia wasn't bothered and she just loves the uniform they gave her to wear, as will you! Anyway, the priests and nuns had taught her well and as members will see, Julia was a rampant sex kitten.


Milena In Nylons!
- Milena In Nylons!

Having watched the casting, my wife Lara Latex was salivating over Milena's amazingly long legs and dragged her out to the bedroom and proceeded to dress her as a "Not so common" prostitute in fabulous nylon stockings and suspenders, back went on the thigh high boots and the ensemble completed with a small top. She also sported a tiny pair of sheer panties which were perfect for stuffing my hand down! Anyway, as members will have seen, Milena, like most Russian girls, had a cold exterior which masked a molten volcano of lust waiting to explode and it wasn't long before I had her bent over, panties yanked halfway down and me on my tip toes pounding into her at a furious rate. With those amazing legs I stretched my imagination, wanting to explore all the possible positions I could place her into to fuck her and I think you will find I have ...


Mile High Milena
- Mile High Milena

This week we have "My kinda gal" in the form of the lovely Russian, Milena. She towered over me when she arrived in skin tight denims and over knee boots - a look which is all the fashion with the Victoria Secret girls and a look that has me salivating like a man demented! Milena spoke little English, but to be frank, I didn't care too much as I was far too busy gazing at her gorgeous arse as she shoe-horned her denims down for me to have a closer look. Standing there 6'5" in those "Boots of Beelzebub" with her denims pulled half way down was a sight to behold and when she dropped to her knees, unzipped my trousers and stuffed my dick in her mouth, I was already pondering how I could possibly fuck her, whilst she was in effect bound by her denims and boots. So quite simply, I stopped the camcorder, got her to take her denims off, put the ...


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