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This months Golden Classic girl, Jennie, has now been brought up to date in MPG4 and even I was stunned at Jennie being such a sun-kissed babe! Jennie is the last Hungarian girl for the moment and I'm back in the UK. My Mexican cameraman, Gonzalez El Tacos and his friend Little Juan, were pushed into The Danube shortly after this shoot, by a guy in a suit. They were, unfortunately, saved by rowing their sombreros to shore. Anyway, quite simply, Jennie is the most beautiful babe in the world. Gonzalez, left the camera on pause during the anal, so I had to do it again, what a chore........I don't think!


Tart In A Tutu
Jenny - Tart In A Tutu

Well, as members will have seen, Sandra did a very sexy casting indeed and then re-emerged wearing the black tutu with over knee socks! She looked sensational and the first thing I did was plunge my tongue down her throat and then screw her. All the time I was greedily thinking wouldn't it be nice to get Sandra & Gina in a rampant ballerina 3 some sex orgy! As members will have seen, we now have use of a Baroque style bed to fuck on, so naturally we threw ourselves on the bed and carried on the frenzied action. At the end of the mayhem Sandra thought it would be nice to lay flat on the bed with her cute arse in the air. Then, whilst she sucked her thumb, got me to shoot my load all over her bum and her pristine tutu! I was shocked by her pervy-ness!


Sexy Sandra
Jenny - Sexy Sandra

This week we have the gorgeous 19 year old Russian, Sandra. She was recommended to do a casting by her best pal, Gina, the wonderful teen queen who has graced on 5 or 6 occasions. Now, my brethren, Sandra had seen the Gina scene where she climbs out of a giant gift wrapped box complete with ribbon and dressed in a ripped up ballerinas tutu complete with over knee black socks. Jim Slip members will have already gone crazy at this scene as Gina was her usual sex crazed self. Anyway, Sandra was desperate to do likewise and so she borrowed Gina's black tutu and brought it to the casting. I explained to her that she would have to pass the strict, independently adjudicated parameters of the casting first, to which she ripped down my trousers and stuffed my dick in her mouth!



This week we present the wonderful babe Sahara re-mastered to MPEG4 and in a continuous movie. This is one of the most popular scenes on ENJOY! I've just had a message from my chief engineer, ol' "Spotty", saying, "Captain, the servers cannee take it, they're going to blow!" This is thanks to you lot, making the beautiful Sahara the most viewed update please form an orderly queue! Yes I know she gets fucked up the arse, yes I know she's a dirty, kinky bitch and yes I know that she's a dribbleicious Asian babe. Anyway ol' Spotty has linked up all the servers together and packed them in ice, and now he's saying, "Cap'n, we running at warp factor 9, but I canee give ye any more power!!"...... So feel free to help yourselves!


In Bed With Coco
Sahara - In Bed With Coco

Members will have noticed for the first time in years, we are actually fucking on a bed! This is because it is a nice Baroque style bed as opposed to a crummy IKEA piece of crap! I must admit it is very sexy fucking a very cute girl like Coco on a bed, knowing that my wife Lara Latex is watching our antics on a live video-feed. Strangely the girls also love doing this as members will have seen previously the lovely blonde Nesty ,who just loved winding up Lara, knowing she was enjoying every second of it. I do not pretend to understand females, but its definatley a "Girl thing". Anyway, the proceedings became very intimate with Coco as they had done with Nesty and all I can say is how lucky I am and I would not recommend anyone out there suggests this Cuckold game with their wives without wearing body armour - Laras 1 in a million!


Coco Cuckold Queen
Sahara - Coco Cuckold Queen

Welcome once again to our new series where either Lara or myself enjoy the other getting laid by persons chosen for their fuckability. This week Lara chose the lovely Coco who appeared a couple of years ago dressed as a sexy schoolgirl. Lara liked Coco so much she got her back for me, in her uniform and a long coat as a birthday surprise! Yes all I had to do was watch Coco teasing Lara via the camcorder set up on a tripod and wait 'till I felt like ripping her knickers down and fucking her which of course I did. Knowing that Lara was wanking herself senseless whilst she watched the action on a live video feed just made it extra exciting! Happy days! Anyway, Coco rightly suggested that we retire to the boudoir for a more intimate time and I knew Lara was about to be consumed with lust! Watch out for next weeks exciting instalment!


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