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The Kiss of Life!
- The Kiss of Life!

This week we have the wonderful Holly Kiss back on the site clad in her skin tight denims and lace up thigh length boots.To be honest I nearly choked on my Hob Knob when she entered the room. As members will know, I, your host, has a soft spot for long legged girls in skin tight jeans and nice bums. As do 100,000,000 other men around the World! Holly declared that she now holds down a job in a clinic for those with severe erectile dysfunction! Her role is to stride up and down the ward in a tight and very short, bum skimming, nurses outfit complete with seamed stockings and heels and do her best to bring forth some therapeutic relief for the patients - which she does with some great success. Anyway, seeing that I am a fan of both tight denims AND sexy nurses outfits it seemed only fitting to do a little casting with Holly in her jeans and...


Manga Madness
- Manga Madness

As you saw last week, Nicole had the longest legs possible so when she re-emerged wearing her crazy Japanese style Manga outfit her legs looked even longer in her tiny kilt and she even had white panties on for good measure. She reminded of the Japanese twins - Fook U & Fook Mi - in the Austin Powers film, Goldmember! I found the strobing stars on her bow headband a bit distracting but she kept them firmly ensconced on her head throughout our frantic sex session. Lara went crazy when Nicole sat with her long, long, legs in the air wide apart stretching her panties to breaking point. Anyway the fucking continued until my wife Lara Latex couldn't take any more and demanded that Nicole is brought back again, for her website so she can fuck her as well and maybe I might be able to join in and fuck both of them. So keep an ...


Longest Legs On
- Longest Legs On

This week we have a double whammy with the lovely Nicole. This girl arrived sporting the longest pair of legs I have ever seen and what's more she had them clad in skin tight denim jeans and thigh length boots. Well that alone is enough to drive me crazed with lust. Anyway, we set about the audition and she announced she loved the Japanese art form "Manga" which to my mind is drawings of girls with huge eyes and lollipops, in fact she was so keen on this, she actually had a crazy Manga style outfit in her bag. Mini kilt, high socks, funny hair baubles, a strange flashing headband and yes, a big lollipop! I was still entranced with the skin tight denims so we persevered with those and believe me it is quite a feat to fuck a long legged girl, holding a camcorder and with the girls jeans only managing to be peeled half way down her legs.The ...


Sienna Learns Her Lesson
- Sienna Learns Her Lesson

Well, being a member of put Sienna's Careers Master in a very good position for advising her on how to sail through a jimslip casting session. In fact the kindly old soul took the trouble to take Sienna out on a fact finding mission to the fleshpots and sleaze merchants to be found in London's Soho to get some ideas on attire that might impress me. The kindness of Sienna's ex-teacher knew no bounds and he was happy to purchase for her a number of sexy ensembles and get Sienna to model them in the comfort of his damp, flea-ridden bedsit. She had noticed that Sir always seemed to have his right hand jerking around deep in his right pocket as she modelled the outfits.This she put down to some unfortunate affliction that had befallen the kindly tutor and thought no more of it, even when at one point he opened his mouth and let out...


From Pole to Pole
- From Pole to Pole

Please forgive my cryptic, but witty all the same, heading. You will understand the instant you hear how Sienna went from dancing around a pole to dancing on my ''pole'' in this weeks casting! Members will hear her tell how - on leaving school - her Careers Master had declared that due to her lack of academic credentials, she faced a life either as a whore, pole dancer, or in porn! On reflection, she decided to take up a 2 Year Foundation course in Pole Dancing at a reputable university and launched her career in Ibiza which ended in a calamity which will make you smile! She returned to her careers master, who confided that he was a member of and bade her fill out the Jim Slip Application Form which contains 3 questions: 1. Your name. 2. Your Age 3. Do you get your knickers off? If a cute girl answers all these questions corre...


From Saint To Slut!
- From Saint To Slut!

As my God fearing members would have seen in last weeks episode, Valentina had truly turned her back on her saintly origins and fallen into the arms of Satan himself! Yes my brethren, there was no stopping her and it was here that she removed my cock from her mouth and whispered that she had always had a secret desire to be dressed as a wanton slut and then brutally ravaged like a cheap whore. Well, I was quite taken aback by this shocking revelation and after a few seconds thought remembered we had such an outfit hanging in the wardrobe still warm from the last babe who had expressed a similar, "Secret desire". Anyway, my brethren, I am sure you will agree that Valentina looked absolutely sensational as a cheap slut and I wasted no time in ravaging her! I especially enjoyed tearing her slutty tights apart and then her flimsy panties and ...


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