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Bellissima Bella!
- Bellissima Bella!

Be warned my brethren, for this week you are in for a treat that will have the most perverse of you blushing with shame. Yes, the lovely 19 year old, Bella is here to grace, nay, melt your computer screens! She arrived with tiny "Daisy Duke" style denim shorts that looked like a crazed madman had slashed and left just a mere remnant of what were once some decent and proper shorts but now no more than a torn rag in the shape of shorts. Anyway, Bella was so sexy that she would have had the most holy of men, self flagellating in shame at the darkness of their sinful thoughts. Luckily, with the Devil at my side, I am not impeded by such problems and thought nothing of plunging my hand down the front of Bella's little shorts to feel her swollen and sodden pussy and with the dexterity of a maker of those people who make ships in bottles, I mana...


Leopard Print Pensioner Perversion
- Leopard Print Pensioner Perversion

This week Lara takes over on camcorder so that I can get my trotters on Ashley without becoming entangled in wires. Without a hint of shame Ashley had decided to don the identical leopard print ensemble and panties that she had worn the night she was ravaged by the crazed old aged pensioners and when I saw her in this outfit I was not surprised that the inmates dementia was temporarily relieved and replaced with a crazed lust for sex! Yes my brethren, Ashley's antics actually breathed life into their brains now shut down by age! Men and women driven by basic and primitive motor instincts, the base and simple need to procreate overpowering their awful condition. Anyway as members will see, I behaved no better than the "Un-dead" slobbering pensioners and leapt upon her, pawing and clawing at her fantastic pensioner hypnotising juggs!


Old Folk Madhouse
- Old Folk Madhouse

This week we have the lovely Ashley Rider who made the trip down from Glasgow to have a rampant sex fest with me! This week she relates a horrific tale of being taken by a band of lust filled, rabid pensioners in the care home where she works. You will recoil in horror as she tells of having her leopard print micro mini-skirt yanked up and a mass of aged-spotted arthritic hands plunged into her sodden panties! All the same Ashley coyly admitted that she found the pensioner gang-bang "strangely erotic" as did I. Anyway, this discussion came to an abrupt end when I stuffed my engorged dick down the back of Ashley's wide open mouth and she sucked it down her throat with gusto. Naturally, in spite of being impeded by the camcorder I managed to screw her as well!


Not So Cheap Whore
- Not So Cheap Whore

So continuing on from last weeks casting Julie wanted to dress as a "cheap whore" and she re-appeared looking amazing, except her "cheap whore" outfit cost at least 2000 pounds! I am sure many of you will also love the outfit, especially those boots! She taunted Lara Latex by striding around the flat wiggling her tight round bum into the camera and then my eyes nearly popped out of my head and when she bent over, pulled down her tiny red shorts (500 pounds) and then pulled her bum cheeks apart! Naturally, I had no choice but to drop my trousers and plunge my stiff cock into her and give her a good screwing. We then started to fuck in every possible position on the sofa, with Julie banging up and down on my like a pile-driver gone mad! We ended up in a 69 position with me lapping up her pussy juice and her pummelling or should I say "Frack...


A Great Work Of Art!
- A Great Work Of Art!

This week we have a very classy Belgium girl who works in an art gallery. Julie enthused on the 30 metre square canvas of red paint with a tiny black dot on it selling for 10 million EUROS. Most impressive of all was when she found her boss masturbating over a scene on and then shooting his load over the screen! This pervert then had the cheek to display his laptop in the gallery covered in dried semen as an exhibit entitled, "Jerk Off" with a price tag of 3 million EUROS! I?m in the wrong job! Anyway, her boss suggested she come and auction for and you will agree that these posh girls with heaps of frilly knickers, seamed stockings and gloves are an extremely hot lot and it wasn't long before she had lifted up her dress and I had plunged my hand into her sodden panties! Julie then groaned and dropped to her knees ...


Randy Candy
- Randy Candy

As members will have witnessed, Candy's eyes were glazed over with unashamed lust and I therefore had no choice but to have her change out of her cow-girl outfit and into that of a ballerina. This only made her even more badly behaved and when she saw my wife Lara Latex on camcorder there was no stopping her. As members will know, our new video spec allows for very good freeze frames and if you look carefully you will see that the aforementioned ballerina's outfit has been shamelessly torn apart in the most opportune places. That is, my brethren, in places convenient for me to fuck a gorgeous girl like Candy in any position that I may desire, whilst she remains fully clothed! Yes, some (Including my wife) have observed that, I, your humble scribe, is somewhat weird in my pursuit of this fetish of fucking buttoned up, fully clothed girls....


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