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Ripped tights rapture!
- Ripped tights rapture!

This week we have the return of the lovely Nataly who graced our website about 5 years ago dressed as a sexy college girl with seamed stockings, tiny kilt and heels. Anyway she is back for more fun, but this time we have gone down the sexy ripped tights and frilly panty routine. She topped this off with a rather charming red dress.In fact all in all, Nataly,presented herself as the very picture of virginal purity and any gran would have been delighted to have Nataly as a grand-daughter. But of course we all know what is lurking under that pristine, fragrant exterior. A veritable volcano of lust ready to erupt at any time!I myself was liable to erupt at any time and when Nataly stood up and tore her tights to shreds to reveal her skimpy panties, I had no choice but to let her firstly feast on my dick and then yank her panties to one side ...


Satine dons the kilt of shame!
- Satine dons the kilt of shame!

Having got herself all worked up after having mimed her shameful antics at her place of work, Satine decided to dress as a complete slut and carry on the shenanigans with yours truly! She donned, thigh length boots, mini kilt and fishnet tights ripped into a pair of hold ups. She looked so good that she would have been voted, ?Queen of Whores? at Amsterdam?s infamous Central Station?s annual celebration and probably had her own float! Anyway as you all know, I can?t resist this ensemble and continued to fuck Satine until we both collapsed with exhaustion and just for good measure I took her to bed and made her tell me the story of the pervert barrister once again so I could have a good wank!


Barrister shame exposed!
- Barrister shame exposed!

Is there no end to the depravity of the British legal Establishment? This week we have the lovely Satine who visited us many years ago and now holds down a job for a top barrister who we shall call, "Sir Hubert Puglsey-Baines". This shameful pervert hired her on the basis of having the right to bend her over his desk at any time of his own choosing, tear her fishnet tights to shreds and plunge his engorged dick into her and fuck her until he shoots his load! Well frankly I was disgusted and so asked Satine to mime the whole depraved scenario where I could act the part of this depraved pervert! PS I'd like to meet Sir Hubert and congratulate him for services to perversity!


Frilly panty pandemonium
- Frilly panty pandemonium

As you can see I took full advantage of the fact that Samia was actually wearing a sexy secretary outfit complete with stockings and suspenders. This of course drove me into a frenzy of lust and this week things went crazy as Samia being a true sex maniac insisted that I stuff her sodden frilly panties into her mouth at the same time as screwing her! Frankly I was shocked at this display of filth and depravity but not wishing to disappoint her I felt to would be kinder to acquiesce to her demand!


Samia says, Ole!
- Samia says, Ole!

This week it is "Viva Espana" on with the lovely air hostess Samia. I handed her my business card on a flight and to my disbelief she actually phoned and said, "The girl from Espana say, Si Se?or!" Anyway, I decided to do a jimslip casting just to make sure she was up for some hard core porno action. Well to cut a long story short, Samia couldn't wait to get hold of my Castanets and it wasn't long before I had my hands on her Maracas to which she shouted, "Ole!" and things just got hotter and hotter after that! Anyway, Samia did one of the sexiest scenes ever on and even I ended up stuffing her knickers down her throat whilst fucking her brains out, behaving like some square jawed, muscle bound, American porno stud with wrap around shades and cut off T shirt!


Lara lesbo crazed casting!
- Lara lesbo crazed casting!

You simply can't get the staff these days! You will remember the lovely Ava from some time ago who dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl and then got ravaged by Lara and my good self! Anyway, she is back once again and this time I got Lara Latex to do the camcorder preliminaries and needless to say before you could say, Camera, lights, action!? a perfectly respectable casting turned into a rabid, crazed lesbo orgy! With the rampant Ava even snatching the camera from Lara so that she could film Lara between her open legs hungrily feasting on her sodden pussy, only lifting off, to pause for breath! Frankly I was shocked and appalled and decided that my only recourse was to to join in and fuck Ava as well as Lara. but you?ll have to wait to see that bit!


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