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The soothsayer of Sussex
Lexi Ward - The soothsayer of Sussex

Well you can't say you don't get a nice selection of different babes on jimslip.com! This week we have a Miss Lexi Ward or should I say, Gypsy Rose Lee, the soothsayer of Sussex, I stumbled on her whilst she was in a state of tantric mystic meditation. She was in communication with the Sun, Moon and Stars and the very Earth itself, when I propositioned her to come back to my place for some "Tantric sex fun". This is hippy talk for dressing up in kinky clobber and getting roggered senseless, whilst holding a joss stick and chanting, "Om!"
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Delicious Kitty Black
Kitty Black - Delicious Kitty Black

This week we have the delicious Kitty Black. The gorgeous 19 year old trekked all the way from Siberia to star with me and wow what a bum! I don't know what the girls eat or drink in that part of the World but they've all got the most cute, round arses and Kitty was no exception. Check out the kinky clobber she was wearing when she arrived! I can't believe she'd walked the streets dressed like that, maybe its the rigeur in Novisibirsk to dress like this, but in these parts the locals would have been outraged. What about the fact that it is about -30C in Siberia at the moment? That tiny little fur trimming she calls a coat wouldn't keep out the cold for a second! But that's that's Russian grit for you, the same dogged determination that crushed the forces of Adolf and today has hardy, beautiful, girls trudging the icy wastes in high heels,...
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Sexy CEO
Valentina Cruz - Sexy CEO

This week we have the gorgeous, sexy, be-stockinged MILF, Valentina. Yes, you've seen her before, but not like this! Since we last met, Valentina has started her own business making "Flat-Pack Love Dolls", with a sales slogan of, "Only Wood will give you WOOD!" You see her love dolls are made of wood, or MDF to be more precise. She didn't seem to be bothered that the dolls would be a little hard, angular, splintery and wreak of wood glue on completion. Anyway, she was dressed in a skin-tight suit with stockings, supenders and heels, (That's Valentina, not the love-doll!) and you know what any woman clad in this stuff does to me, it drives me CRRRAAAAZZZZEEE!! So I ravaged her then and there, without a "bye or leave", as the old folk say, well at least they used to say in the 1890's!
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Jim's Banga! Bonga! fun.
Bibi C - Jim's Banga! Bonga! fun.

This weeks update is a homage to Italy's ex great an enlightened leader Silvio Berlusconi! I have decided to re-enact a busy day in the life of an Italian Prime Minister! Imagine that I have completed my affairs of state by 09.05 am and now it's time for some well deserved hedonism! So what better than to invite over to my "Presidential Palace", two of Europe's finest 18 year olds, Bibi Noel and Avril Sun. Anyway, before we set about discussing the Euro crisis, the girls decided to see if it was possible to get my dick so far down their throats that they could stick their tongues out and lick my balls at the same time! Naturally, I was shocked and appalled at this lewd suggestion, but not wishing to be a spoil sport, I allowed them to continue with their fun. Don't even ask what they get up to next week, but it involves Bibi's tight bu...
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Geena is a TV news reader
Geena Gain - Geena is a TV news reader

This week we have the lovely MILF Geena. Geena is a TV news reader from a remote country in Eastern Europe, where the low salaries force celebs to do a bit of porn on the side to make ends meet! Just imagine one of our news readers doing such a thing! Anyway, Geena was very well dressed and had some very sexy underwear on which I couldn't wait to get my trotters on! As is the way with most MILF's she was smouldering hot and relished the idea of some hot, sleazy sex fun at my abode. Like most men, as soon as we see some seamed stockings and suspenders we cannot resist but to help, "Do them up", naturally we are rubbish at it, but it's a alot of fun all the same. So there is much fiddling around with stocking tops in this scene, I hope you don't mind, but as you know, "It's my thing!" I must admit, Geena is DEAD SEXY and you are going to lo...
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Crazed bum-fun queen!
Sasha - Crazed bum-fun queen!

Well, if you thought that was the end of Sasha Rose, well you are WRONG! Or as my old Maths teacher once shouted in class, "You are wrong with a CAPITAL "R!" She is back again and gagging for more hardcore action. You wouldn't think you could pack so much rampantness into such a small package. One day in many years to come, when we are all flying around in mini helicopters and wearing tin foil suits, you will be able to buy a "Sasha Rose" living doll! Already pre-dressed in jim slip clobber and raring to go, just connect up the hydrogen fuel cell inside her and voila your fantasy comes to life and best of all, when you are exhausted, just turn her off and put her in a cupboard until next time! Oh, by the way, this week she squeezes my dong into her tight bum! Thought I'd just mention that!
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