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Lucy Queen of Hearts!
Lucy Heart - Lucy Queen of Hearts!

This week we have yet another gorgeous, beautifully dressed babe arriving for a jimslip casting. Yes, they all want a chance to plunge head first into the abyss and splash around in the bubbling quagmire of filth, that is porn! Lucy is a 21 year old medical student and as you can see is very sexy indeed, so I put her through her paces and found to my delight that she had on underneath her dress a pair of the flimsiest, pink sheer knickers I have ever seen, they were slightly voluminous, but as sheer as if a thousand silk worms had got together and wove the material deliberately to entertain men! I wouldn't say I was a "knicker man" normally, but I was certainly impressed by these. Anyway, as members will see, Lucy performed wonderfully at her casting and wasted no time in tearing open my trousers and stuffing my dick into her mouth! No...


Tracey Golden Girl
Tracy Gold - Tracey Golden Girl

Yes she's back again, by popular demand, the 18 year old beautiful blonde teen with the biggest smile on, Tracey. This week she is back but this time dressed as a slutty, ballerina, with rips in places that would give her ballet mistress a heart attack! Imagine if your wife stumbled on you with Tracey dressed like this in a hotel room and grinning from ear to ear. What would be your excuse, what could you possibly say? "She got separated from her troupe and knocked on my door for help?" Or perhaps, "I thought you'd look great in this outfit, dear, but just to make sure, I asked the room maid to try it on first?" or, "I was a bit lonely so I invited the ballerina next door to come and play Twister!?" No, sir, you would be ruined, finished, your suitcases dumped by the front door! Tracey and girls like her are like a modern day ...


Lara & Nesty & Jim
Lara Latex - Lara & Nesty & Jim

As you can see, after a bout of crazed xxx Lesbo action Nesty was desperate for cock and so was my cameraperson, Lara, who thought nothing of dumping the camcorder on a tripod and joining in the mayhem. Yes folks, yours truly had the pleasure of a cute blonde teen and Lara, my wife, at the same time , it doesn't get better than this. I must admit it was slightly awkward, in fact bloody difficult, holding the camcorder remote and using the photo function and the zoom function, try it at home with your wife and a cute girl in a crazed orgy and you will see what I mean! However being the intrepid person that I am, I grinned and bore it!


Nesty is Besty
Nesty - Nesty is Besty

As you will have seen if you check over on the other side, ie on Larasplayground, Lara and Nesty indulged in some hot xxx lesbo action some weeks ago and now she's back, and she's horny! Yes folks, lesbo action cannot take the place of hard cock. This fact has been scientifically studied in detail by the "National Association of Dads," NADS, at their Laboratoire at the Dog and Duck in Cleethorpes. So naturally, Nesty, crazed with lust, donned a mini- kilt and leapt into action and there was no stopping her insatiable lust for cock! In the Middle Ages her behaviour would have had her up before the Witch-finder General! Anyway to make things worse by the end of this update Lara had also become possessed by a desperate need for cock, so throwing her professionalism out of the window, dumped the camera on a tripod and joined in, so now I had...


Lexi Lou Back for You!
Lexi Lou - Lexi Lou Back for You!

Many members will have seen the great update that Lexi and Lara did some time ago. They will also know that I was dragged into their hot lesbo shenanigans on the bed. How can an innocent man go about his business about the house without being dragged into participating in a wild orgy with 2 hot girls? What is the World coming to? Anyway, Lexi was so good that she has been brought back to do a scene with yours truly and so for this she was re-modelled into a classic Jim Slip teen style girl! So sit back and enjoy watching a hot British babe in action!


Cheam's Dream Teen
Alica - Cheam's Dream Teen

After Alice's successful casting last week she's back for more. Lara grabbed the camcorder and Alice proved herself to be a true pornstar in the making. I know she hasn't got the "pornstar" look, but hey, surely its time to move on from 1994? Here at we say, "No!" to the pornstar look and say, "Come on down!" To the "Girl next door" look. Not that I have EVER lived next door to a girl who looks like a jimslip babe. My present neighbour is a wizened, miserable, old crone in her 90's, who gives me the sign of the corna and spits every time she sees me, she evidently believes I am an agent of the Devil! Anyway, watch out for next weeks exciting update with the gorgeous Lexi Lou!


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