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Cute blonde babe
Kiara - Cute blonde babe

This week it's back to the cute little blondes in the shape of the lovely Kiara, who arrived to perform in a Jim Slip casting. On camera she starts relating her woeful experiences of being groped by a gaggle of depraved photographers, camera in one hand the other reaching out, trembling and sweating with lustful intention! So in the light of this I was somewhat perplexed as to why Kiara should trek to the door of I, Jim Slip, "Sleazemeister In chief"! Anyway, members will gasp in shock as Kiara gleefully stuffs my dick down her throat and then continues to behave like a wanton slut without a smidgen of shame. Next week, she goes from bad to worse, dressed as a common slut in fishnets and a skin tight black ensemble a la "Pretty Woman"! Too be honest, I nearly shot my load when she appeared at the door dressed like this, because as member...


Love you long time!
Aysha - Love you long time!

Well, naturally Aysha passed the audition with flying colours. In fact there was no point having an "Audition" at all since Aysha is a sex maniac and was desperately trying to rip down my trousers even before the casting had started. Luckily, Lara Latex grabbed her and frog marched her back to make-up, so that I could continue the delicate task of prepping all the equipment. Anyway, this week, untethered by the constraints of close up camcorder action, Aysha went crazy and literally fucked my brains out. By the way, my brethren, next week we have a cute innocent looking little blonde who looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but as members already know, these are the girls who seem to be the most rampant and YES she certainly was, so watch out!


Estate agent sells herself!
Aysha - Estate agent sells herself!

This week we have Aysha who decided to do a jimslip casting on her day off from being an estate agent! Yes folks, an estate agent! In fact the first that we have ever had on Admittedly, she did explain that her previous job had been, "Hooker." Anyway, I blushed as Aysha related her sordid and depraved method of securing offers on property she had on her books! You too will recoil in horror as she describes how she uses every sordid trick in the book to secure her prey! From wiggling her bottom whilst going up the stairs, to throwing herself on a bed and saying, "You wanna fuck me, sir?" She even boasts how she'd had rampant threesome sex sessions with married couples who had innocently engaged Aysha to help get them on the property ladder, only to find themselves embroiled in her wicked and sordid web of depravity! Luckily s...


From book-worm to whore!
Tina Hot - From book-worm to whore!

Judging from my bulging post bag, it would seem that members were most impressed at Tina's first steps into that domain of brazen filth and depravity known as porn! That domain, nay, fortress guarded by the Devil himself! Yes, Tina passed with flying colours and only then did she share her darkest secret, "Make me dress up and act like a complete whore and then bend me over and take me, please Mr Jim!" Well, my brethren, I am not ashamed to admit that I stumbled back in horror at this brazen request by this young slip of a girl, to don the shameful vestments of sin, favoured by street girls throughout the World! This disgusting, tempting clothing or should I refer to them as, "The braids of Beelzebub?" Thigh length boots, stockings, micro mini skirts and skimpy tops, how many times has Man been brought to his ruination by this...


Hot sexy librarian
Tina Hot - Hot sexy librarian

One of the great wonders of is never knowing from where the next beautiful girl will emerge from. This week we have the very demure, but red hot 19 year old bespectacled babe, Tina. By day a sensible trainee librarian and by night a sex crazed wench, besotted with the idea of immersing herself into the depraved and wicked world of hard core porn! Members of will be aghast as Tina relates her tale of shameless shenanigans at the lending library. Yes, my brethren, you will salivate at her salicious tale, you will drool as she pouts into the camera lens and whispers of how she was taken over a desk, her tight mini-skirt gruffly lifted, knickers yanked down and rampantly penetrated by Godfrey the 85 year old one legged head librarian! You will dribble down the front of your shirts, as she describes in every detail t...


Lara lends a hand
Jessica - Lara lends a hand

As members will have seen, lurking underneath Jessica's supposedly coy and innocent facade, was a disgraceful and wanton slut! One expects these sorts of shenanigans from so called, "Porn stars" who's stock in trade is shouting and yelling in "Ecstasy" at even the mere touch on the arm from a mega-stud clad in spandex and wrap around shades. But not from a sweet, cute girl like Jessica! She was more than happy just to use me as a tool to pleasure herself with. Luckily Lara was on hand to grab the camcorder and at least allow me a brief respite from having to hold the camera, boom mic, clipboard, megaphone AND getting laid all at the same time. Not that I am asking for a pat on the back or anything like that, but sometimes the responsibility of shagging all these babes can be a bit overwhelming and I certainly don't get much sympathy from...


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