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Blonde in tight denims!
Karol - Blonde in tight denims!

I should have mentioned in last weeks text with Alexis, to watch out for her and Lara getting dressed up in sexy nurses outfits on Laras website coming soon, followed by them both getting fucked by me in a sex crazed threesome! This week we have a Casting Cutie in the form of blonde bombshell Karol strutting her stuff for and members will salivate as she wriggles around trying to pull her skin tight denims past her cute, round arse so she can sit down on my dick as part of the stringent protocol of a jimslip casting!


Babe alert!
Alexis - Babe alert!

This week we have the gorgeous babe, Alexis, wearer of the tightest and most clingy leggings that are possible to purchase. Leggings that should be be banned on the basis of being, "Weapons of mass DESTRACTION!" They just cling in all the right places and when Alexis arrived for a casting I was pretty sure she would pass, even before she stuffed my dick down her throat! Alexis had been holding down a job as, "Resident ghost/ghoul" on a ghost train in a funfair, until one fateful day, when whilst leaping out in from of one of the speeding carriages of terrfied holiday folk, she tripped and fell under the tracks! She was rushed to hospital dressed as a ghoul and continued to terrify the staff there as well, with doctors and nurses fleeing the hospital thinking the dead had come back to walk the Earth! Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy and a...


Fishnets & boots!
Kiara - Fishnets & boots!

Kiara was great in the casting scene and couldn't wait to get dressed up as a two bit hooker and God didn't she look great? members will gape with awe as Kiara strides from behind camera into shot, wiggling her cute sexy arse clad in fishnets and a skin tight micro mini-skirt in the style of Pretty Woman. A style that is as current today with street girls, from the dingy, rubbish strewn back alleys of LA , to the cobbled stoned backwaters of St Mary Mead! Kiara did a grand job of behaving like a common whore and lost no time in plunging my dick into her soaking pussy and riding me like a bucking bronco! In fact my wife Lara Latex was so turned on that she signed Kiara up for a spot of hot lesbo action and a dirty threesome with moi, so you'll have to keep an eye out for that on!


Cute blonde babe
Kiara - Cute blonde babe

This week it's back to the cute little blondes in the shape of the lovely Kiara, who arrived to perform in a Jim Slip casting. On camera she starts relating her woeful experiences of being groped by a gaggle of depraved photographers, camera in one hand the other reaching out, trembling and sweating with lustful intention! So in the light of this I was somewhat perplexed as to why Kiara should trek to the door of I, Jim Slip, "Sleazemeister In chief"! Anyway, members will gasp in shock as Kiara gleefully stuffs my dick down her throat and then continues to behave like a wanton slut without a smidgen of shame. Next week, she goes from bad to worse, dressed as a common slut in fishnets and a skin tight black ensemble a la "Pretty Woman"! Too be honest, I nearly shot my load when she appeared at the door dressed like this, because as member...


Love you long time!
Aysha - Love you long time!

Well, naturally Aysha passed the audition with flying colours. In fact there was no point having an "Audition" at all since Aysha is a sex maniac and was desperately trying to rip down my trousers even before the casting had started. Luckily, Lara Latex grabbed her and frog marched her back to make-up, so that I could continue the delicate task of prepping all the equipment. Anyway, this week, untethered by the constraints of close up camcorder action, Aysha went crazy and literally fucked my brains out. By the way, my brethren, next week we have a cute innocent looking little blonde who looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but as members already know, these are the girls who seem to be the most rampant and YES she certainly was, so watch out!


Estate agent sells herself!
Aysha - Estate agent sells herself!