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Gustav pimps out his wife!
Lana - Gustav pimps out his wife!

This week we have the delightful Lana, wife of arch pimp, "Gustav", "Pimp of Pimps" This man is so depraved and devoid of all morality that he will not only sink to the level of the gutter, but burrow underneath it, presumably so he may reside closer to The Devil! This is a man that trades in flesh and when his cupboard is bare, offers his loving wife to all and sundry for a paltry sum. Have pity on this hapless scribe whilst he hastily puts to paper this horrific tale of one man's descent into the very Fires of Hell! Do you think for one second that I would have taken Lana, wife of Gustav in consideration of a few coins? Well, you're damned right I would! How a man so sleazy as Gustav could have such a classy, well dressed wife as Lana stuns me to my very core. She arrived, looking like she had been parading around the streets of Knights...


Xmas Bum Treat
Henessy - Xmas Bum Treat

I hope that Santa had a big surprise in his sack for you all this year and I hope that Henessy has brought some extra Christmas cheer as well! I am taking a well earned break on the beaches of Thailand this year and re-charging my batteries for another year of hard shagging! We continue with Henessy again this week and believe it or not, she gave me a Festive taste of her tight, hot, bum hole with all the trimmings, what a treat! Anyway, you don't get many babes coming along like Henessy, so sit down and enjoy this brilliant update and have a very Happy New Year!


Crazed anal Festive babe!
Henessy - Crazed anal Festive babe!

First of all please allow me to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Remember this is a time for giving and I'm sure you'd all love to give a large present to this weeks babe, Henessy! Anyway, I was trying out my new iPhone, (which is a mobile phone with a camcorder inside it) yes it's unbelievable that clever boffins can fit a camcorder inside a tiny phone with no winding mechanism, cogs, wires or film! Anyway, as I was walking down the road filming, the most gorgeous babe came into view. When I say gorgeous, I should actually say, babeliciously lovely! Clad in a sexy, tight, striped dress, I had no choice but to accost her and see if she was up for some, "Modelling". She told me that she is constantly being pestered by, "dirty old men" asking her do "modelling", well, I'd call it "depictions of disgusting filth" and not ...


Jim melts icy Russian
Olivya - Jim melts icy Russian

Is no one safe from the clutches of Jim Slip? Stalking the streets, ever searching for fresh, succulent, meat.....and brand new girls as well! This week I entrapped the lovely Olivya as she emerged from a Metro station. She was a Russian student, living in Budapest. I engaged her in some innocent banter about this and that and then pounced with the old, "I shoot erotic fashion, errrm , sort of like!" routine.She couldn't believe it when I pointed out that Lara had been secretly filming us from a distance and burst into nervous laughter. Anyway, she was dead keen on coming back to mine for some hardcore porno action and for a change I decided to fuck her in the kitchen. Yes, I know it's not an exotic location! I know it's not on a beach on Fiji, but does it really matter? All you really want to see is a cute girl bouncing up and down on my...


Mincing my way back stage
Iwia - Mincing my way back stage

I'm sure that you enjoyed Eva's sexy clothing changes in last weeks episode and as you will have seen, she settled for the sexy ballerina's outfit. These Eastern European babes love their ballet and even I could imagine squeezing into some tights and sneakily pirouetting and mincing my way back stage, at some opera house, to get near all those gorgeous babes. Somehow I think my flat feet and clumsy gait, would give away my cunning disguise in a few seconds and I would be ejected immediately. This week we get down to the nitty-gritty and Eva was a fabulous fuck as you can probably imagine and as is the norm for these girls from the icy wastes, she was insatiable. I suppose fucking and vodka is the only way to keep warm in those places and certainly a good ruse if you should find yourself stranded at a bus stop with a pretty girl, somewher...


Sexy Princess?
Iwia - Sexy Princess?

This week we have possibly the most perfect "Girl next door" ever to grace the corridors of So perfect in fact, that in spite of her accent, I think she strikes a suspicious resemblance to our very own Princess Catherine. She was studiously reading a book in our local park, when I pounced. But now I think about it, could someone we all know, have been skulking amongst the trees, gleefully watching, with his trousers around his ankles, whilst I made my approach? Could "The Couple" who shall remain nameless, be involved in kinky sex games to spice up their marriage? Anyway, "Ivea" came back and did some wonderful outfit changes, a bit like a catwalk model, so I could pick the sexiest look for her. Actually ALL her looks were gorgeous! Now folks, settle down and enjoy a true and totally natural babe of the old school! If any of ...


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