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MILF in seamed stockings!
Sylvia - MILF in seamed stockings!

This week we say au revoir to the gorgeous teen Vander and Bonjour to the lovely, sexy MILF, Sylvia. She decided to do one of my castings after being told by her friend Valentina, that it was quite fun to get dressed up in seamed stockings and high heels and get fucked by yours truly. Valentina is the blonde MILF who tore me to shreds a few months ago! Shockingly, Sylvia informed me that her husband was a politician and he, "Fucks everything, cleaner, secretary, he never stops with the fucking!" Dryly, I replied that our politicians also fuck everything, but in a different way. Anyway, be prepared to be stunned by the sight of this gorgeous babe doing everything she can to impress me. Will I get my trotters on her? Will she jam by dick down her throat? Who knows? Anything can happen on the jimslip casting couch!


Vanderful Vander!
Vander - Vanderful Vander!

I must just read you an excerpt from an email I just got, "Jim, I am in hospital recovering from a Transmyocardial revasculization op. Can you PLEASE STOP putting such beautiful girls on your website? I keep setting off the ECG alarm at the nurses station every time I open your site to have a wank...!" My answer? "No!No!No! I will not pander to your request!" and to anyone else with a heart condition about to open, TAKE AN ASPIRIN, or consult your doctor first! This week we have Vander, she is stunningly beautiful and put on a school uniform, need I say more??


Bum-Fun Bonanza
Anita - Bum-Fun Bonanza

Is there no stopping this girl? Anita remind me of one of those Duracell Bunnies that never runs out of power. Just when I thought we might stop for a break, she was back for more. To be honest I was gagging for a brew of PG Tips finest, as far as I am concerned if its good enough for monkeys in dungarees, well its good enough for me! Anyway, back to Anita, I was gobsmacked to see her standing there with a large dispenser of proprietary lubrication looking at me in a suggestive manner, she slapped it on her bum, beckoned to me in a lewd manner and insisted that I partake in a disgraceful act of anal sex with her. As usual I was shocked and appalled at this behaviour, but thought that it would be better to comply with Anita's wishes than face her wrath! You haven't seen what these girls can be like when they don't get their own way and I...


Cutest of the cute!
Anita - Cutest of the cute!

When you thought you'd seen "cute" on, something even cuter turns up and this week it is in the compact shape of Anita, an 18 year old bundle of fun! She'd travelled a long way the night before and so stayed over and being a complete nymphomaniac decided that staying in the spare room wasn't good enough and instead climbed into the grand bed of Jim & Lara to join us for a night of threesome frolics! The following morning I got up early to prepare for the shoot and Anita emerged none the worse for wear and in fact gagging for more sex. Anyway, we started filming and I grabbed the camcorder (Which was still sticky from last weeks bout of filming) and did the old, "Wey! hey! hey! Yor a right little corker and make no mistake abart it, darlin' go on git 'em orff babes" camcorder routine with her to get her warmed up. Yes I know ...


Queen of the Teens
Henessy - Queen of the Teens

This week I do an in depth interview with the beautiful Henessy. To be honest it was quite difficult to hold the camera steady since the drool oozing from my lips was dribbling down onto the camcorder and then on to my lap and forming an embarrassing patch on my trousers! The reason for my demonic and wanton lust? Well, as you can see Henessy decided to put on a Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform and was sitting not 18 inches away from my trembling, sweaty trotters! How on Earth did she expect me to have a serious discussion with her dressed like that? It transpired that we English are known throughout the World as a kinky bunch who love to, gorge on hot curry, drink a load of beer and then dress up our partners in a sexy schoolgirls outfit on a Friday night. This presumes our partners are female, but hey, I'm pretty broad minded so for some couple...


The Queen of Tarts!
Lucy Heart - The Queen of Tarts!

This of course rhymes with "Heart" which is Lucy's surname and I must always do a rhyming slogan for every girl; do not enquire why, it is just so! Anyway, Lucy passed her casting with flying colours and was more than eager for Lara to take on the chore of holding the camcorder, so we could get on with the business of some serious screwing. As you can see, Lucy left on her sheer stockings and high heels during our second bout and as a result drove me crazy. What is it about stockings that drives men mad? I wonder how long this has been happening, did women of the Neanderthal period make stockings out of animal fur and high heels fashioned from stone to drive their men mad? Is this the origin of this strange and universal obsession that men from all cultures and creeds are still slaves to until this day?


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