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The Mysteries of the Orient unveiled!
Nicolene - The Mysteries of the Orient unveiled!

This week, your humble host will transport you from the cold, grey streets of Wigan to the mysterious and strange land that is known as The Orient! No, I do not mean the football club, I refer to that far off land where intrepid explorers of old have sought enlightenment for centuries, all seeking to find the answer to questions that vexed them! I too have tussled with such troubling issues, eg "How can I get one of them Chinese birds onto my website?" and "Will I need to travel to the Orient, to get one?" Well fear not, my friends, Nicolene is that most rare of breeds, a mixture of Russian and Chinese. So, on the one hand you get the enigmatic and mysterious trait of the Chinese girl, mixed into the cauldron of fiery sexiness of the Russian! As you will see, Nicolene makes a wondrous, if not explosive combination!


Trolley Dolly By Golly!
Denise - Trolley Dolly By Golly!

They say there is a "silver lining on every cloud", well when a large foreign airline went down the toilet recently, up popped the gorgeous Denise who said she was available for some XXX porno action with your humble host. In fact I had spotted Denise on a flight last year and remember thinking she was a bit kinky by the fact that she was wearing seamed stockings as part of her uniform and heels so high that they would have ripped any escape slide to shreds had there been an emergency. I also noticd her amazing, sexy eyes. Anyway, I slipped her my business card and heard nothing more until out of the blue I got an email from her asking if I was still looking for girls. Anyway, she had given her uniform back, which was a shame, so we tarted her up in a "Sexy Air Stewardess" outfit from our, "Something for the weekend, boss?" range, supplie...


College girl bum-fun action!
Irina Bruni - College girl bum-fun action!

I expect you loved last weeks scene with Irina cavorting around in a waifish little dress and gorging on my cock! Well this week you (And Irina) are truly in for a BIG surprise! Yes you are going to witness this student temptress successfully squeeze my dick into her tight bum! Frankly,I was shocked and appalled by her wanton behaviour! In my day, female students all had thick specs, duffel coats, woolly scarves and bovver boots! God help you if you ever managed to get one back to your pad and suggest some, "Fun." You'd get a mouthful of feminist abuse, ranging from, "Keep away from me you foul evil rapist!" to "You disgusting, vomit inducing creep! How dare you suggest I share your filthy Man's bed with you!" So anyone who pines for the "Good old days", can shove them up his or her arse! lol


Student turns slut
Irina Bruni - Student turns slut

This week we find your humble host yet again trudging the streets, hoping, begging, in fact praying, for fresh young meat for your delectation! This is the cross that I must bare, to keep your insatiable appetites for filth and sleaze at bay. Yet again I have come up trumps with this gorgeous babe, Irina, a student of something or other, but who cares, the point is she looked amazing in her skin tight jeans and it took all of my willpower not to drool whilst I was enticing her back to my lair using my inimitable English charm, much of it learned from the PG Tips performing chimps ads from the 1970's. In particular when one chimp on the Tour de France meets a gorgeous French chimpess and says, "Avez-vous un cuppa?" It so reminds me of my charm when meeting foreign babes!


From phwoar to whore!
Teena Dolly - From phwoar to whore!

This week we see the complete transformation of Teena from cute waif to rampant, sex crazed whore! Yes, she was taken to our special "Transformation room" where skilled technicians turned her from looking like a doe eyed cutey into someone who would not look amiss plying her trade in the Red Light districts of Hamburg or Amsterdam. Personally I prefer the waif look nowadays, but I was over ruled by the powers that be, who said, "Jim remember your roots!!" Anyway, Teena still looked stunning and she continued to remain rampant and desperate for cock!


Eye poppingly gorgeous babe!
Teena Dolly - Eye poppingly gorgeous babe!

Just when you thought the babes couldn't get cuter on Just when you pleaded, nay, begged, "Enough with the babes already Jim, you're driving me crazy!" another babelicious angel walks in the door for a jimslip casting extravaganza! In fact even Lara was rattled as while I was enthusing on the delights of Teena, she had me standing on a tram track and allowed me to be nearly crushed out of existence by a runaway tram! Thanks Lara! Anyway, check out Teena's pouty lips, big wanton eyes, waify little dress and woolly over knee socks and be prepared to collapse with lust as she plunges my dick into her open mouth, without a bye or leave!