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Wicked wench from Warsaw!
Mischa - Wicked wench from Warsaw!

To get 2014 going with a bang, allow me to present the amazing 19 year old Mischa from Warsaw in Poland. She arrived at one of my "Castings" and to be honest I was both shocked and appalled by her lewd behaviour. When I innocently enquired as to what she thought her role might be at a so called jimslip "casting", she had the brazen affront to look into the camera and whisper, "You wanna fuck me, right?" Yes, my brethren, once again, I had to be administered with smelling salts to stop me fainting with shock! How dare this hussy, attempt to drag a jimslip, "Casting" into disrepute! How dare she take the sanctity of a jimslip casting and trample it into the foul, stinking slurry of sleaze! Well, to be frank, I nearly stormed out in anger and yes, for ONE WHOLE SECOND I was incandescent with rage, but then she added, "Of course I'll need to...


Festive fun with Tracy
Tracy Gold - Festive fun with Tracy

Well, my brethren, once again Christmas and New Year are upon us. This is the time we all reflect on the past year and give thanks for what we have received and look forward to a bountiful forthcoming year! Members of will shout, "Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!" as they celebrate the fact that I have survived yet another year of being abused and used by some of the most beautiful girls on Earth. I must admit, I am now a physical wreck! The girls have truly pummelled me flat this year and even as I write, I am in the hands of two very talented Vietnamese masseurs, kneading out the knots and muscular injuries incurred by a year of brutality at the hands of these monsters! In my day, girls were fresh, shy and retiring, even, if I may be so bold, "Fragrant!" Nowadays, these young beauties behave like crazed Dervishes, showing not an...


Seamed stockings and heels!
Nataly Gold - Seamed stockings and heels!

Yes, I thought this title would get your attention! This week we have the beautiful Nataly who has the longest legs I've ever seen! Put some killer heels on her and lets just say, "It does it for me!." So what's best for a long legged babe like Nataly to wear? Well, what else but seamed stockings (So long that the tops just kiss her round bum) high heels and errm, a fancy dress, "Sexy Pilot" outfit. Yes, my brethren, for some reason this tatty, "Something for the weekend, sir?" outfit just does the job with long legged girls, don't ask me why, because as you know we tend to take a lot of care with the clothes on I just love this whole, clingy, look, its just too damn sexy and I strongly advise all you guys out there to visit your local, well known High St purveyor of the articles of filth and depravity, or more more commonly...


Devil in Denims
Danielle - Devil in Denims

This week for your delectation, we have another one of "Jim's Casting Cuties". This is where a beautiful babe attempts to pass through one of the most rigorous and stringent enrolment procedures in the World! Yes, my brethren, it is here in the hallowed halls of "Maison Slip" that girls must prove themselves worthy of being included, nay, immortalised, within the dog-eared pages of! However, I must admit, as soon as I saw Danielle standing there with the skimpiest pair of denim shorts I'd ever seen, I decided to waive the normal formalities and get on with it. As I held the camcorder in a vice-like grip, I couldn't help wondering what it would be like to squeeze my hand down the front of those little shorts, but before I could broach the subject Danielle had dropped to her knees, undone my trousers and stuffed my dick into th...


The spawn of Satan….The End!
Coco - The spawn of Satan….The End!

Well, unfortunately, my brethren, Gina & Coco advanced like a Panzer division and my cunning plan was simply brushed aside in a trice! However, my brethren, let it be asked, could the Pope himself have fended off this pair of, "Babes of Beelzebub" if they were to break into the Vatican and surprise his Holiness whilst engaged in his ablutions? What would he do? I wager, like me, simply drop to his knees, look Heavenwards and give thanks! The girls had used a pincer movement to encircle me in a vice like grip, they had clearly been well trained, one of them then jammed her tongue down my throat and the other forced my dick down to the back of her throat! I did my best to fend them off and managed to actually disengage myself from these monsters for all of a whole second. I was about to remonstrate with them, when they revealed their final...


The spawn of Satan…The Beginning!
Gina H - The spawn of Satan…The Beginning!

You will all have wept for my plight in last weeks episode whilst I grappled with that demon Nikki. This week however, the Devil has brought out the "Big guns" to drag me once and for all into the pit of Hell fire! Yes, my brethren, He has unleashed. two of his most trusted minions to bring me down. They crept into the site using Larasplayground as a Trojan horse and once ensconced within , made their devilish move to occupy and hold the sacred corridors of Make no mistake, this week you may be witness to the final battle for my soul. I stood alone against a pair of beautiful demons schooled in the ancient art of bring Men to their knees and they had come well prepared. Satan's quartermaster had kitted the girls out in the guise of sexy schoolgirls, the unfeeling monster even went to the trouble of giving them white socks to ...


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