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I simply phoned Gustav my local pimp
Miky Gold - I simply phoned Gustav my local pimp

This week I haven't trawled the streets for a tasty bird. Quite frankly I couldn't be bothered, so I simply phoned Gustav, my local pimp and had him dispatch some fresh totty forthwith. Well, when I opened the door and found Miky standing there I nearly fainted in shock. Her giant juggs entered the apartment a good 2 seconds before the rest of her and don't start me on her skimpy denim shorts! She looked like she'd arrived on a space ship from Planet Porn! Anyway, we wasted no time and got down to some serious jugg juggling and shagging! I must send congratulations to Gustav, before he finds himself floating down the Danube.......again!
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Lovely long legged Natasha
Natasha Brill - Lovely long legged Natasha

This week we have the lovely long legged Natasha, dressed in a tiny mini kilt, hold-ups and heels! She was trawled from a park reading the Stephen King book, "IT" about a murderous clown. Natasha was all too ready to cast her book to one side at the promise of crisp cash! I've recently had a few complaints from people suffering from RSI or "Repetitive Strain Injury" to the right arm and I quote, "Please Jim enough of these gorgeous babes, the doctor put my arm in a sling and I told him about, the following week I returned to find both him and the other doctors AND a nurse ALL had their arms in slings as well, STOP, enough with the babes already!!" My answer to him, NO! NO! NO! I will not stop putting the most beautiful babes on Earth on my website, you will just have to alternate arms!
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Strange but true!
Nataly Von - Strange but true!

The scene with our lovely Nataly is truly an example of those stories you read about alien abduction or a remote town being rained on by frogs. Here we have a total babe, met in a park whilst innocently reading a book and within an hour of this, "Strange Encounter", this beautiful babe has dressed up in heels, seamed stockings and a mini-kilt and is being mercilessly screwed in the bum by your host Jim Slip. Could anything be more strange or weird? In what bizarre dimension does a such a distortion of time and space occur? Could Jim Slip actually be an alien from Outer Space with the technology to tele-transport babes back to his craft, which is cleverly disguised as a nondescript apartment? What crazed master plan is being hatched by these aliens? Should they not be stopped here and now? Today it is Nataly, who will be the next babe tran...
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Worship The Arse!
Viktoria Diamond - Worship The Arse!

This week we have the gorgeous Viktoria, yet another TOTAL BABE! A babe with a body that must have been fashioned in the Fires of Hell by the Devil's own hand! A body that would tempt the most devout from his path of righteousness. At the birth of Man, if she had been Eve, Adam would have slung the apple away and said, "Sod this apple, I want a piece of THAT ass, girl!" She actually approached me and asked me if I knew where the nearest metro was. Metros in Budapest are so dammed difficult to find, you see they bury them underground, which is bloody inconvenient if you ask me! Anyway, feel free to salivate and ogle at the female form at it's most tempting!
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This week I had my birthday
Chanel C - This week I had my birthday

This week I had my birthday. Some guys get socks, others get aftershave, but Jim Slip gets a tasy bird delivered to his door. Clad in mini-kilt and over knee socks and a complete, All American "college girl" look, Chanel arrived at my place and was gagging for some hot, kitchen/ diner action, which makes a change from the sofa which is in for repair at the moment. The IKEA robot sofa tester is unable to put the sofas through the rigourous pummelling that only I, Jim Slip, can put them through and so it had collapsed! Anyway, we got straight down to it and the first thing I did was plunge my hand into her tight knickers and from then on I had no choice but to ravage her on the spot!
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She's far too cute to actually DO anything apart
Nataly Gold - She's far too cute to actually DO anything apart</