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DIGITALLY REMASTERED from April  2003 for your enjoyment! - London tower trollop!
Faith - DIGITALLY REMASTERED from April 2003 for your enjoyment! - London tower trollop!

Watch out in this classic jimslip scene, for the Tower of London in the background. The Royal fortress that has stood for over 1000 years! The only link between the Tower and Faith that I can think of, is that she she should be locked up inside for the offence of "Gross sluttishness with no shame!" With pockets stuffed full of chewing gum - which was the norm for the street girls at that time - she announced that she had never had an anal experience before. To be honest, I wasn't entirely convinced that she was telling the truth, but decided against challenging her on her claim. Anyway, as it transpired, it seemed that she hadn't been economical with the truth and I must now declare in my honest opinion it was I , James Horatio Slip who was the first to be invited to penetrate and conquer her tight bum!


Poppet in pink pumps!
Charlize - Poppet in pink pumps!

As jimslip members would have witnessed, Charlize passed her "casting" with flying colours and passed through to the next phase on her gruelling journey to that world of sleaze and filth, known as porn! A dark world of rubbish strewn alleyways and grubby attic studios, peopled by breathless, wheezing pornographers with stubby sweaty hands gripping cameras coated in the organic debris of previous gropings, hunched over and salivating for their next victim! Anyway, enough of me and now back to Charlize, who reappeared with a cute little dress and pink pumps, or should I say plimsolls? I don't think I need to say much more than she had a body that would bring Satan to his knees and also that she was extremely energetic!


Aphrodite from Athens!
Charlize - Aphrodite from Athens!

For the first time on we have a beautiful, Greek Goddess, by name of Charlize. She got in touch after dipping her toe into the quagmire of sleaze back home in Greece. Charlize described how she had done a few shoots that hadn't gone too well and decided to plunge in feet first and do a Jim Slip casting. When I received her email and saw her photo, I must admit I immediately covered my keyboard in drool as I gazed at Charlize pouting at me from my screen! I commanded her to board a plane forthwith and get to my lair as soon as humanly possible. This she did and members will see, Charlize did not disappoint!


NOT the 'the girl next door'!
Minny - NOT the 'the girl next door'!

This week we have the gorgeous, "Minny", who many would describe as a typical, "Girl next door." Next door to whom, I ask? Certainly not me, I can assure you. My next door neighbour is a cranky old witch who spits on the ground every time I cross her path. I have never had the good fortune to reside next door to a cute babe like Minnie. Anyway, Minny decided to do a Jim Slip casting in the tiniest denim shorts I have ever seen. Shorts, so short and tight that the very fabric was straining from the enormous pressure of her buttocks trying to burst through! My eyes popped out of their sockets with lust when I laid eyes on her walking around the apartment wiggling her cute bum. So the question is this: "Did Minny successfully pass the stringent tasks as set by a Jim Slip casting and overseen by an independent adjudicator, Lara?" Or did she ...


DIGITALLY REMASTERED from June 2003 for your enjoyment! - Beach babe turns into London slut!
Alyssa - DIGITALLY REMASTERED from June 2003 for your enjoyment! - Beach babe turns into London slut!

For some peculiar reason, the lovely Alyssa traded the sun drenched beaches of South Africa for the rain drenched streets of Whitechapel, the haunt of generations of "good time girls" before her. Yes, she had tired of the sun and sea and sought instead, a life of roaming the rubbish strewn alleyways of London in search of paid sex from willing "punters!" Donning the standard garb of stockings, suspenders and heels she plied her trade with no shame, enticing the likes of me to have sex with her for a few coins and a handful of cash! "Wanna fuck my arse?" She nonchalantly asked, "No problemo ducky, gimme an extra tenner and a cup a tea afterwards and my arse is all yours!"


Gun toting tart from Transylvania!
Lara Latex - Gun toting tart from Transylvania!

Ok! Ok! already, I know that Erica was not from Transylvania, but I couldn't find another place that would rhyme properly, yes and I know Erica did not carry a gun, but she did lurk in an area in earshot of gun-fire. So to get to the point of all this, having had her wicked way with Lara, it was only right and proper that I join in the melee of mayhem. As you all know, I cannot resist the allure of a tarty, brassy girl clad in the garb of a common prostitute! My local barber/ kebab shop owner, Stelios, has a whole collection of this kinky clobber in his garden shed that he sells to all his clients. He calls it, "Something for the weekend, boss?" and moves it by the truck load. Worryingly most of it is second hand and in tatters and much of it has suspicious stains on it, in fact the whole lot should be shoved in a washing machine on a ...


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