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Tram driver takes a detour!
Alexa - Tram driver takes a detour!

This week ladies and gentlemen, we have a sexy tram-driver from Zagreb in Croatia. Coaxed into the world of sleaze by her "Blakey, from "On The Buses" sounding inspector, Alexa found her way to She had been indulging in gross acts of indecency both at the back of the tram terminus and in the front of the tram whilst in transit! I can't imagine what "Elf & Safety" would have to say about that! Her inspector sounded like a most disgusting, slime ball, devoid of all moral stature, using his camcorder as a means to grope innocent, impressionable young tram drivers. In fact I was so appalled that I phoned him up........and CONGRATULATED HIM! Anyway, it was he that pointed Alexa in the direction of and as you will see, she makes a worthy addition to the Jim lip Hall of Fame!


A demon in stockings?
Blanche - A demon in stockings?

Well, as members would have seen last week, Blanche was the very essence of sophistication and elegance , until that is, she was offered a dick to suck. At this point she plunged headlong into the abyss of depravity and sleaze known as porn! Yes, my brethren, within a blink of an eye this angelic creature had metamorphosed into a veritable agent of Satan. Yet again, I had been waylaid as I trudged wearily along my path of Righteousness and been forced to tangle with a demon! Blanch had reappeared wearing "The Devil's Armour" from which no man is safe, a full ensemble of stocking suspenders and killer heels and then demanded rampant sex. Frankly, I was shocked and appalled at her wanton licentiousness and was for a moment tempted to consult the Old Testament for some guidance in this matter, but strangely, I didn't and instead ravaged the...


Casting cutie
Blanche - Casting cutie

This week we have the lovely Blanch who I managed to entice to perform in one of my "Casting" sessions. Astonishingly, we met on a video help line for a hotel chain. You may have seen sometimes on hotel websites, you get a little box with a girls face that you click and you get to ask her questions. I was lucky enough to get to chat to Blanch and not Griselda, who had a moustache and beckoned from another helpline box! Anyway, Blanch was intrigued by the murky, dark world of porno filth and agreed to "dip a toe in the water" as it were. She arrived looking the very essence of elegance and sophistication and I was stunned to see she had had the forethought to include seamed stockings and suspenders in her ensemble. To be honest, I presumed her to be far too fragrant, to join me in a dip in the mire of sleaze, but yet again I was proved wro...


Amy drives me Wild!
Amy - Amy drives me Wild!

Pretty face, giant natural juggs and nice arse! Don't think I need to write anymore this week, so goodbye!....No, my brethren, of course I must write more and more I shall write, if only to observe that if the Devil himself were to instruct His R & D team to construct a 19 year old girl with sole purpose of tempting the righteous to fall into Damnation, His team would come up with Amy Wild! When I laid my eyes on Amy, an excerpt from the Bible came to mind, Jude 1:7 "Just as Sodom and Gomorrah which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire!" Yes, my brethren I was mindful of these prophetic words as I plunged my hands inside Amy's tight knickers and stuffed my tongue down her throat. But alas that is the power of the Devil at work, in His hands I...


Crazed anal orgy!
Lara Latex - Crazed anal orgy!

If last week's episode wasn't enough for you, now things go from bad to worse. Henessy and my wife Lara had at this point lost all sense of decorum and like those crazed zombies you see in films lusting for fresh meat, Lara and Henessy roamed the apartment lusting for fresh cock. Nothing would satisfy their insatiable hunger! Mercilessly they dragged me into their quagmire of shame and together plotted to use me to satisfy Henessy's desperation for anal sex. Lara did not waste her time in the act of aiding and abetting this shameful act! What was I to do? Ask yourselves what would you do if your wife demanded that you squeezed your dick into a beautiful girl's tight arse, whilst she was dressed in a sexy schoolgirls outfit? Yes, my brethren, I am sure you would have found strength from above to resist, but I alas, am no more than a weak m...


Sex crazed schoolgirl mayhem!
Lara Latex - Sex crazed schoolgirl mayhem! members will have already seen how a few weeks ago my wife, Lara, had been ravaged by wanton schoolgirl, Henessey. It seemed that donning the school uniform had turned Henessey into a crazed sex slut and having left Lara strewn lifeless on the sofa had decided to launch an all out attack on me! What was I to do? A true professional, a master of my craft as cameraman, director and dare I say, thespian? To be honest, I blushed as Henessey and Lara beckoned me to join in their lewd and shameful antics. I, a purveyor of, "The Art" was left with 2 simple choices; to either fiercely protest and insist that I adhere to the unwritten international lore of the video cameramen, ie to NEVER grope one's subjects, or secondly to think, "Bollocks, life is too short, let's get my knob sucked by a babe dressed in a schoolgirl outfit and a...


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