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Snowy wastes of East Sussex
Sarah Jane - Snowy wastes of East Sussex

This week we are in the snowy wastes of East Sussex with Sarah 'big juggs' Jane. This girl is the, "Gang-Bang Queen of the North!". They say say that women are multitasking, well, Sarah is certainly adept at that. You will listen in complete shock as she describes in graphic detail, her gang bang exploits. You will recoil in horror, as she compares her handling of groups of men as if she were an, "Oars-women in a boat", there are no prizes for guessing what were "The oars" in her metaphorical description and finally you will find yourself banging at your own chest, attempting to perform CPR, when you discover the SHEER VOLUME of men that Sarah, has been known to service in a SINGLE WEEK! So settle down and watch, but keep your smelling salts to hand!


Well done IKEA boffins!
Anna Joy - Well done IKEA boffins!

As you can see from last weeks episode, Anna was sex crazed and ready for anything. We retired to the drawing room and continued with some hot action on our well worn sofa (KLIPAN from IKEA). I really don't know how it keeps going, I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed by now! Well done IKEA boffins! Anyway, Anna was desperate for some DP fun. Since I was the only bloke, she had to utilise my dick and an enormous double ended dildo. (To the uniitiated, a "Double-ender" or "Doppelseitge!" as the Germans like to say, is a dildo, that is constructed in such a way, as to allow a pair hot sex crazed, lesbians to entertain each other, without leaving the room). Anna managed to get both ends inside each of her hot, tight holes! Later on she dragged me in as well for some scalding anal bum-fun!


Simply not enough babes like Anna
Anna Joy - Simply not enough babes like Anna

This week we are back in the UK and have the delectable Anna Joy captured on camcorder. There are simply not enough babes like Anna in the UK or anywhere else for that matter and it's a shame because they are SO HOT! Anyway, I decided to do my initial interview on the bed, you know a bit like they do on those cultural in depth programs they have on BBC2 with artists etc, except of course the interviewer doesn't get his dick sucked, well at least not on camera! Well, Anna was so sexy, I'm afraid the "Interview" didn't last that long, before I just had to get my trotters on her! While you lot lounge around out there, in cyberspace, spare a thought for the likes of me, because it's bloody difficult having fun on a bed with a girl and holding a camcorder at the same time, the cables get stuck in the most awkward places!


The delectable teen, Bibi.
Bibi C - The delectable teen, Bibi.

This week we have brought back the delectable teen, Bibi. I know you've seen her before, but since the original shoot, unsurprisingly, she has become a mega porn star over in Budapest. I was a little worried that she'd been, "Pornstarred" you know, big hair, caked in makeup, hobbling around on ridiculous heels, but luckily for me, Bibi knew my tastes and left the trappings of pornstardom at home. She brought with her a suitcase of sheer cuteness. In fact this week Bibi wears two outfits, firstly a classic teen outfit consisting kilt, socks etc and then she changed into a ballerina outfit which I know many of you love, since it is not often an outfit chosen by your typical porn star. In both she looks sensational!


Lara lookalike
Paige - Lara lookalike

This week we're back in the UK with a Lara lookalike! Paige arrived and I had to take a double take, as it appeared that my medication was playing tricks with me again. Anyway, Paige dressed up in heels, seamed stockings and a floral dress, in the mode of what your mother would describe as, "What a nice girl and what colour coordination". Well, how wrong your mother would be, because lurking under that sweet exterior was a WANTON SLUT with absolutely NO SHAME! Yes, your mother would be reaching for her smelling salts, if she were witness to even one second of Paige's disgraceful behaviour. In fact she had ME reaching for my smelling salts, mind you anyone in seamed stockings has me in need of sedation and don't start me on the combo of seamed stockings and high heels!


Femme fatale spies
Tiffany - Femme fatale spies

Well having enticed the delectable teen, Tiffani back to my lair and had my wicked way with her,in last weeks exciting episode, I was stunned to learn that she liked the old "backdoor" fun. No wonder the USSR had such success during the Cold War with their "Femme fatale" spies. You can really imagine a young Tiffani type, seducing some old diplomat with the promise of some hot action and bum fun! Anyway, as you can imagine, once I'd prised down those skin tight denims and saw what was on offer, you could have blown me down with a feather. Tiffani has definitely got one of the cutest bums on the whole website, I think you'll agree!


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