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New realms of sluttishness
Jeni - New realms of sluttishness

Sometimes a cute babe appears that pushes the "envelope" of sluttishness to new levels previously unknown to Man. A babe you would DEFINITELY NOT take home to meet Mother! Yes, if Jeni were a mountaineer (and a bloke) she'd be Sir Edmund Hilary or if she were an astro physicist, with Motor Neurone Disease, she'd be Stephen Hawking. She bravely teetered in her high heels into new realms of sluttishness and in my opinion should hang her head in shame at her behaviour. I hereby, by the power invested in my position as Jim Slip award her 11/10 for sluttishness! Next week she gets even worse!
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Life of prostitution and sleaze
Debbie - Life of prostitution and sleaze

Well this week my disgusting pimp, "Gustav", has come up trumps again.He found the beautiful Debbie packing turnips in the town of Illocska, deep in Hungary. He promised her the "Good life" ie a life of prostitution and sleaze under his supervision and she jumped at the idea.Well, I was her first client and she turned up in a cute little dress, which I left her in, because I think she looked rather nice. Anyway, I don't know if it was her diet of turnips, but wow, was she rampant, well aren't all the Hungarian girls?
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Jamming my dick in her
Katrin - Jamming my dick in her

Here's a recent letter from Cyril Spongeworth of Cleethorpes, "Dear Jimbo, I can't take anymore of the total babes you're throwing at me at the moment, can't you put on a couple of "Dodgy Boilers" like you see on other sites?" My answer, "No, I will not!" So just to annoy Cyril, I have this week the delectable babe, Katrin and on my personal score of, " Babeliciousnous", I must award her a score of 11/10. Yes, I brought back the stripey tights, I know you all love and just check out Katrin's , " I'm being very naughty", expression, while I'm jamming my dick in her."
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Big Scottish juggs 2
Jordanna - Big Scottish juggs 2

You have to admit, when filming in 16:9, with a wide angle lens, those JUGGS certainly fill the screen! Well having given you a visual feast of gratuitious JUGG mania, this week it is time for me to prepare the gorgeous Jordanna's tight BUM-HOLE for penetration, well not least after, her having teased and coaxed you with her PRE BUM-HOLE ACTION DILDO WORK. Well while she was doing this I was biting my lip and crossing my legs, just desperate to get stuck in. It was certainly worth the wait! By the way, next week, I get the gorgeous Madison back, for a 1 week BUM-FUN FRENZY, dressed as a sexy sailor, that's her by the way, not me!
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Big Scottish juggs
Jordanna - Big Scottish juggs

Well, you don't get letters like this on BBC's "Points of View!".... "Dear Jimbo, why, oh why, oh why, can't you give us more BIG JUGGS on your site? I'm a wee Scotts lass and on many a cold, wintry night, you'll find me feverishly masterbating to the vids of cute girls on your website.My knickers are usually sodden with love juice, by the time I orgasm. Recently, I've noticed that I am in desperate need of some BIG JUGG visual stimulation, so being that I am in possession of a rather JUMBO PAIR OF JUGGS, I propose to offer myself to you, for the use thereof and furthermore, (As an added bonus) the offer of the exclusive use of my BUM-HOLE for whatever use you see fit. I am yours Jordanna XXX!
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Sexy British schoolgirl outfit
Satine - Sexy British schoolgirl outfit

Well, I finally managed to get my sweaty mits on the lovely student Satine. She'd been recently advised by her careers advisor to take up a life of porn, since her grades were so bad....I salute you sir! Anyway, she had two outfits, the first was a "Mr Potato Head", from a recent advertising assignment she'd got and the second was a,"Sexy schoolgirl outfit."You'll never guess which outfit I went for! Anyway, I got her to do some rather nice pussy playing whilst standing right over the camera and then promptly ripped her knickers down and fucked her until I was overcome with exhaustion! What more can I say, but feast your eyes!