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Sex with GI Jane
CJ - Sex with GI Jane

Well, you don't get squaddies in the British Army looking like CJ. She knocked into me, whilst I was going for a Sunday stroll looking for tasty birds. I must admit she reminded me of Demi Moore in GI Jane with the cropped hair. But what a beautiful babe. Remember it's babes like this, who lived on the other side of the Iron Curtain, that our lunatic politicians wanted to nuke back in the old days! Anyway, I'll say no more, just enjoy!


Searching for fresh meat
Jordan - Searching for fresh meat

This week Lara and I scour the streets, yet again in search of fresh meat! This time we meet a lovely blonde by the name of Jordan. Little did I know that Lara had her beady eye on the leggy blonde and was already plotting her cunning plan to engage the lovely Jordn in some HOT- MINGE-MUNCHING-SEAMED-STOCKINGS-HIGH-HEELED-LESBO-ACTION! I reckon I could get a job writing for "Readers Wives" with that kind of talk. Which begs the question, can you buy "Readers Wives" if you are not married? Surely there should be a mag called, "Readers Partners", this would be much more PC surely? Anyway to make things simple I got chucked off set and Lara and Jordan got down to it!


Catch of the day
Cathy - Catch of the day

Splice the main brace and shiver me timbers, me hearties! The Captain Birdseye of Porn has yielded yet another fine "Catch of the Day" in the form of the lovely , big jugged Cathy. Setting sail, with only me compass and trusty secret HD camcorder I netted this fine specimen with the usual excuse of, "Excuse me, can you direct me to the nearest Metro station". Well, she agreed to my sleazy proposition involving crisp cash and her lovely body and she transformed into one of the sexiest babes this side of the Danube for many a month.


Strolling along the streets 2
Paige - Strolling along the streets 2

Paige took up the role of "Sexy school-girl" with gusto and I thought that she looked fucking sexy walking around in her heels and stockings. It's amazing that a girl could transform from a normal woman going shopping, to a sex crazed anal slut in the space of 30 minutes from meeting her. It makes you wonder how many supposedly innocent, "Normal" females pass you every day, whether it be on the road or in a shop, that in the correct circumstances could also turn into sex-mad slutesses!


Strolling along the streets
Paige - Strolling along the streets

Well we're back in the UK this week and up to my "Secret Camcorder Capers".In this exciting episode I way lay the lovely MILF, Paige, innocently strolling along the street, not realising she is about to be pounced upon by the "Caped Crusader of Porn". Well, I'm not actually caped, since all the tasty birds would probably run away if I was, but I like the title. Anyway, Paige was well up for earning a little extra cash in return for some amateur modelling. I did the old, "My model hasn't shown up, can you fill her place" and it worked a treat. I bunged her in the old school uniform and she immediately turned into a wanton slut, as usual!


Young camcorder victim
Aliz - Young camcorder victim

I've had loads of emails regarding my new secret camcorder capers eg, "Dear Jimbo, I just love your secret camcorder stuff it's so fucking sleazy watching you pickup tasty teens, you must easily be the sleazeast and sneakiest man in porn, congratulations! JB Toxteth. Well, thanks for that, "Accolade", it makes me really proud! This weeks camcorder victim is the gorgeous, teen, Aliz. God is she hot, plucked from having a coffee in a cafe and turned into a COMPLETE RAMPANT SLUT.


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