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Fucking gorgeous babe
Sarah - Fucking gorgeous babe

This weeks total babe is called Sarah. You will notice a flurry of beautiful Hungarian babes coming up. "Why do you always film in Budapest, Jim?" I hear you say, well it's because the girls are FUCKING GORGEOUS and HOT....end of story! Sarah is no exception, she doesn't speech much English, but who cares with a body like that. Next week, your eyes will pop out of your heads when you see the spectacular Lily!
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Gorgeous round arse 2
Nikki - Gorgeous round arse 2

Well I couldn't wait to launch myself into "Pt 2" of Nikki. I knew a bum fun session was on the cards so I got stuck in as soon as I could. I don't know where this girl got the energy as she didn't seem to stop for a moment. I had to interrupt the proceedings, however whether she liked or not. I just had to have a quick, "Brew" before we continued. I certainly know know how Britain conquered the world in the 1800's, it was by sheer guts and.........TEA!t
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Gorgeous round arse
Nikki - Gorgeous round arse

Yes it's another gorgeous round arse from Budapest this week. They certainly produce some rampant sluts in Hungary and Nikki is no exception. She was desperate to get stuck in, but I made her wait and play with herself for the delectation of Lara. Check out her sexy stockings and suspender belt thingy she also had a bit of a hairy minge which is quite unusual these days. I'd forgotten what they looked like. In my day, all the girls were covered in thick hair all over the place.........and so were the guys, with their kipper ties and goaty beards, yes, those were the days!
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Teen in sexy airline outfit
Candy - Teen in sexy airline outfit

Well, after surviving "Hurricane Tallulah" last week, we're back in the serene waters of a cute little blonde called, "Candy". Yes, you can't beat a smiley little blonde especially when she's dressed up in a sexy airline outfit, complete with stockings and heels. So you can wipe the sweat from your brow after last week's mayhem and sit back and relax while I squeeze my dick in and out of the cute little Candys tight, juicy, hole! There's even more cuteness coming up next week with the beautiful, English Rose, Danni. So watch out for this!
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Desperate for real cock 2
Tallulah - Desperate for real cock 2

The girls summoned me to "Do my stuff" with Tallulah, so I put a brave face on and marched in. Tallulah was already rampant from her dildo session and was desperate for some real cock. To be honest I thought she'd laugh out loud when I got it out, but no, she just grabbed it and jammed it down her throat. I thought that she was going to swallow me up completely. This girl couldn't get enough fucking, she was like a girl possessed by the Devil himself. I tried to make a quick call to my local priest, to beg for an exorcist to be dispatched poste haste, but the phone was grabbed from me and I was made to plunge my dick into every hole with no let up. In the end I was instructed to shoot my load into her juicy arse, which I did, without question. By the end I felt like I'd been locked in a washing machine on full-spin, for 30 minutes!
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