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A bird watcher nabs a bird watcher
Audrey Marshall - A bird watcher nabs a bird watcher

This week you can join me on a bracing walk on the South Downs of England in my never ending search for new girls. It was so windy that Lara and I were nearly blown away, but in the end we stumbled on a girl standing in the middle of nowhere looking skyward. I engaged my secret camera and slithered up to her, no, not to ask her where the nearest Metro was, but to enquire whether she had, "Noticed a glamour model standing around." Yes, I know it's a dumb question to ask! Anyway, it turned out that Audrey was a bird fancier from Holland over here researching the Common Woodlark, it turned out that Holland is so flat and there are so few windmills these days, that the Woodlark chooses to make it's home here rather than there, hence her visit. I managed to entice her away from bird fancying and get her to come back, find some kinky clobber fr...


Only the UK can produce the sluttiest
Rebecca More - Only the UK can produce the sluttiest

Well folks we're back in England again and can't you tell? Yes, it's wanton slut time again. Only the UK can produce the sluttiest, dirtiest girls on Earth. For all you foreign folk out there, if you ever visit the UK, you will find dozens of sluts roaming the town centres at night, in micro mini skirts and high heels, propositioning any passing male.They should announce this fact in the British Tourist Board advertising. This weeks babe, Rebecca More could and should be crowned the UK's, "Queen of Sluts". Maybe she should be given a room at Buckingham Palace, as it would be convenient for her crazed sluttish "carryings on" in Central London, by cover of darkness. Anyway, I found Rebecca, plying her trade in a back alley and got her to come back to mine for some hot and rampant sex action. Well, before we started, Rebecca started recount...


The shadowy world of girls
Leila - The shadowy world of girls

Today we delve into the shadowy world of girls who ply their "trade" by night. Sexy babes, clad in fur who will engage you for an evening of pleasure for a handful of coins! In this weeks very furtive and sleazy scene, you will witness, Lara Latex, skulking in the shadows, secretly filming my shameful liaison with, Leila. She had been procured from a local pimp by name of, "The Fat Man", who lurks at one of the stations in Olde Budapest. The drunken, morbidly obese, toothpick chewing, scumbag, (Why do pimps always have stuff stuck in their teeth?), announced in a guttural voice, "Leila is good girl, she do every...." He then burst into a disgusting, hacking cough, symptomatic of a severe case of TB and then continued, wiping foam from his mouth, "I have her myself only a few minutes ago, He! he! he!", my reply was a predictable, "Charmed...


Delightful skinny teen
Kylie - Delightful skinny teen

This week we have a delightful skinny teen for you to drool over. As it happens she's 20 years old, but looks more like 18, that's what the Hungarian diet of Goulash, no smoking and early nights does for you, it fights all, "7 signs of ageing" in one go! She announced that she had recently had a job in London working as a chambermaid in a hotel, which immediately got my imagination racing, as I imagined Kylie flitting around with a duster, wearing a French Maid's uniform, seamed stockings and high heels. My fantasy was dashed however, when she explained the uniform was but a drab old housecoat with flat shoes.That's the trouble with todays hotels, they have no respect for our old traditions. In fact that's the trouble with our NHS. Hard nosed, miserable, nannying, old lesbians, were allowed to ban the sexy starched cotton uniforms the nur...


Sex with specs
Summer - Sex with specs

As you lucky Jim Slip members have probably noticed. Summer was creaming herself during last week's exciting episode! This week we continue the mayhem, except Summer decides to wear her specs. It's not often that a girl looks MORE BEAUTIFUL even when she is wearing a pair of bottle-bottomed specs, but Summer certainly did! She looked like the ultimate sexy secretary! Although, if you employed Summer as your secretary, it wouldn't be long before you were bashed over the head with your wife's hand-bag! Anyway, Summer and I went at it hammer and tongs, or should I say, "Hammer & sickle?" Haw! haw! haw! She has probably one of the nicest arses on the whole website and with her clad in stockings and suspenders and high heels, she is certainly a televisual feast of sexual delight!


Snowy wastes of East Sussex
Sarah Jane - Snowy wastes of East Sussex

This week we are in the snowy wastes of East Sussex with Sarah 'big juggs' Jane. This girl is the, "Gang-Bang Queen of the North!". They say say that women are multitasking, well, Sarah is certainly adept at that. You will listen in complete shock as she describes in graphic detail, her gang bang exploits. You will recoil in horror, as she compares her handling of groups of men as if she were an, "Oars-women in a boat", there are no prizes for guessing what were "The oars" in her metaphorical description and finally you will find yourself banging at your own chest, attempting to perform CPR, when you discover the SHEER VOLUME of men that Sarah, has been known to service in a SINGLE WEEK! So settle down and watch, but keep your smelling salts to hand!


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