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Hard core porno filth
Felicia - Hard core porno filth

Firstly, may I extend Seasons Greetings to one and all of you! I expect many of you have told your better halves that you are on the computer, "Looking for a new car insurance deal, dear!","What again?"..... whilst in reality you are actually trawling the web for HARD CORE PORNO FILTH! Well so you should be, what were PC's invented for anyway? Writing to the milkman and watching porn! Come to think of it, what would the 3 Wise Men have been doing if they'd had laptops? (Note to the young people: In the time of Jesus, there was no electricity, DVD's or Playstations! Folk used to read books made out of stone for their fun) Anyway this week we have the lovely Felicia who hails from Slovakia and looks rather cute in a skimpy dress and white stockings and heels. Enjoy!


Cheap thrills and a bit of cash
Clover - Cheap thrills and a bit of cash

This week we have a serious, bespectacled, student called Clover. She has been at university studying Theology, the study of religion and I couldn't believe it when she announced that her tutor, "Did a bit of porn on the side" to supplement his income. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feahter. What's the world coming to, when even an ex man of the cloth. is dipping his trotters in the trough of FILTH, that is known as porn. A world were innocents like Clover are lured into the mire of depravity of PORNO MUCK, for cheap thrills and a bit of cash! A world where an innocent student like Clover dresses in stockings and supenders and a sexy Dorothy outfit and visits depraved porn stars for kinky fun!


Tight round bum
Candy Alexa - Tight round bum

Well, you have to admit that Candy truly has the roundest arse that is biologically possible. Even Michelangelo himself would have had trouble fashioning such perfection, with the tools that he would have had available at the time. In fact without a laser cutting tool locked to a GPS, I can't see how he could have done it. Anyway, while I stood their admiring this wonderful bum a thought came to me. "What would it be like, to jam my dick into that arse?" Candy looked at me as if she's read my mind and whispered,"Would you like to make with the arse fuckings with myself, be careful because it is very tight though? Looking at that coy little smile, what was I to do?


The Curse of a Thousand Shags!
Brandy - The Curse of a Thousand Shags!

This week, I have been visited by Hell and torment itself. Lara has cursed me with the task of not only having to film 2 beautiful babes in some HOT LESBO ACTION! but the EVIL that is Lara HAS STOPPED ME FROM JOINING IN! Surely this is a crime against humanity? Where is Kofi Annan when you need him? Should I plead my case at the Court of Human Rights in The Hague? To have to watch these babes getting it on, especially when one is wearing skimpy "Daisy Dukes" and cowboy boots. It's just plain wrong and I PROTEST!!So feast your eyes as these 2 beauties probe and lick each other whilst taunting me!


Depth interview on the bed
Blanche - Depth interview on the bed

Having completed my in depth interview on the bed, I got Blanche to join me in the main room for some hot shenanigans. I thought she look great in that tight dress and I couldn't wait to get stuck in again. The bed interviews are all very well but a nightmare to film, maybe try it yourself with your partner, ie filming, getting a blow job and getting laid whilst holding a camcorder and boom microphone! It's not easy by any means. It's so much more comfortable on a nice sofa, as you've probably gathered if you are a long term member. I love sofas, especially IKEA ones which seem to follow me all over the World, they are everywhere, I should get a merchandising deal with them!


Blanche is Paris Hilton lookalike Pt 1
Blanche - Blanche is Paris Hilton lookalike Pt 1

This week, from Rumania we have the gorgeous, sophisticated teen, Blanche. What a total babe and I was so impressed that I decided to interview her on the bed in my inimitable style. It's like a sort of casting couch where the babe and I get to grips with World events and the size of her tits and so on. Anyway, she got quite carried away and without hesitation unzipped my trousers and got my dick out and gave it a good, long, suck and desperately tried to climb onboard, whilst I got entangled in the various camcorder cables! Even you will agree, I couldn't have got the camcorder any closer to Blanche without actually glueing it to her!


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