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Competition for television
Paris - Competition for television

Welcome to week 3 of "Jimslip's Festival of Teens", with the lovely Paris from England. She was so cute I just had to keep changing her outfit, but settled in the end with pink frilly knickers and stockings, (As usual). Her dental work played havoc with my dick, but once we got going, she gave a fabulous BG and I couldn't wait to get jammed into her, especially with the pink knickers on, (Her wearing them not me!) So settle down for a little feast of cuteness.
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A festival of teens
Niki - A festival of teens

Well it's been the "Jim Slip Festival Of Teens", what with Devon last week and now the lovely Niki this week. Yes yet another "Winner" of my BIG MONEY Challenge, where lovely young girls must answer a simple question correctly to win an enormous sum and get to shag me! Niki is a perfectly formed Hungarian, blonde, little babe, who fulfilled all the rampantness that only cute, natural girls, can do and she chewed gum as well! Ya can keep ya pornstars, with all their bullshit, shouting and screaming, who afterwards run back to their, "Suitcase pimps" and give them all their money! No, give me well scrubbed, normal girls any day!
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Be a Mini-Millionaire
Devon - Be a Mini-Millionaire

Well folks, here's the lovely Devon, who took up the Jim Slip, "Be a Mini-Millionaire" Challenge. Yes, you can be a 2000th of a MILLIONAIRE, ie 500 quid.......well it just sounds more glamourous than a mere 500 quid Challenge. Anyway, Devon took up the challenge and after a clothing change, ended up being a damn good shag and worth every penny.
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Red fishnets and heels
Anna - Red fishnets and heels

Well apparently the Latvians just can't get enough of Jim Slip. Don't ask me why, I would have thought they'd be too busy hunting elks to concern themselves with porno filth. Anyway, the lovely Anna, trekked across the icy wastes to get herself stuffed by yours truly. She even managed to kit herself out in red fishnets and heels. Anyway she was a thoroughly good shag to be sure.
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Dead sexy Welsh accent 2
Casey - Dead sexy Welsh accent 2

Well as you can see, I couldn't wait to get stuck in. Casey had already suggested a bum-fun session and I paced myself as well as a crack addict hangs on to his stash, i.e., I just had to have her arse NOW! Can you blame me? Those pouting lips, taunting and teasing me, those round mounds of her arse cheeks pulsating with anticipation, no, there was no more waiting, I just had to plunge myself deep into her arse.
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Dead sexy Welsh accent
Casey - Dead sexy Welsh accent

Well here's a total babe from, "The Valleys" complete with Welsh accent, which to be honest is dead sexy. In fact she's so damn sexy, that I had to grab her only after 10 minutes of her solo, single-girl, dildo action. Picture the scene, I was squatting in the corner watching, nay, fretting. Salivating at the mouth, imagine "Gollum" from Lord of the Rings, well that was me.Then in a gutteral voice, I announced, "I want to fuck you, my precious" and leapt on her. Next week, I get to squeeze my dick into her tight bum!
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