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Porn star Lily Tiger in Budapest
Lily Tiger - Porn star Lily Tiger in Budapest

It was such a miserable day in Budapest, I didn't really want to go out and trawl the streets for FRESH MEAT. However, my cameraman (Sir Cecil Porkinson-Bangor DSO KCMG KFC, ex Foreign Office and barred from the UK due to an incident involving a prostitute, a transvestitie and a dwarf, in a public convenience) insisted. Anyway, you'll never guess who I met, it was a porn star called Lily Tiger who was taking a stroll in the rain for some reason. She told me an interesting fact, "There are about 20,000 porn stars in Budapest". Well I think she's nuts, I mean 20,000? Budapest is a small place, it would mean about every 100th person was a porn star. So on any tram, there would be at least 2 porn stars. Well, Lily was a refreshing change from the normal, "Innocent" types as she was a complete and total slut gagging for hot fucking!


Lovely Bellina, a penniless student
Bellina - Lovely Bellina, a penniless student

I've been out roaming the streets again with my secret camcorder. Always needing to satisfy my craving for new and fresh babes. Today, I stumbled on the lovely Bellina, a penniless student, in need of crisp cash. To be honest I think she found the whole idea of paid for sex very sleazy and horny and the cash was just icing on the cake! Anyway I dragged her back to my place, where my morbidly obese cameraman, Cecil Porkinson-Bangor CBE, DSO and Bar, was trying to squeeze a giant pork pie into his greedy gob whilst skulking with his camcorder. We dressed the sexy babe in some pink holdups and a lovely dress and just seeing her in the kitchen drove me to burying my head between her legs and licking on her sodden minge, making Cecil choke on his snack. See the rest for yourselves!


Sun bathing Spanish Beauty
Conchita - Sun bathing Spanish Beauty

Today, I am in Alan Whicker mode.To those who don't know, this man toured the World and interviewed the rich and famous. This scene was filmed during the summer shortly after a tasty bird had just slapped my face after having heard my proposal. I stumbled on Conchita, calmly reading a book on the beach and she was a little bit more receptive to my suggestion of returning to my place for a hot, steamy sex session. So Lara and I kitted her up in some rather strange thigh-high PVC boots with big holes going down the front. Lara had stumbled on them at our local charity shop. Apparently, they'd done a house clearance at the house of a dead prostitute and found loads of sexy boots, PVC clothes, high heel shoes, sex toys and even a huge blow up lovedoll fashioned in the style of Burt Reynolds,the 1970's sex symbol. It had a large appendage sti...


Carina, sexy girl or robot?
Carina - Carina, sexy girl or robot?

You never know what kind of girl you are going to meet, when you trawl the streets looking for fresh meat! This week I met the strange but gorgeous Carina, half girl, half ROBOT! Yes, I'm sure she is the product of some wierd Soviet experiment. She announced to me in a staccatto voice, "YES-IT-WOULD-BE-A-LAUGH-TO-COME-BACK-AND-STAR-IN-YOUR-FILM!" So I was a little alarmed at the idea of taking her back, but I did all the same. Anyway, we chose a suitable outfit ,in this case a sailor suit, that female officers wear on my cruiser the HMS JIMBO. The instant she changed into the sexy sailor-ess outfit she transformed into a sex crazed vixen, which left me reeling in shock. She went completely mad and demanded hot fucking in every position. So it just goes to show, that appearances can be very deceiving!


Northern hemisphere bus-stop
Paige Fox - Northern hemisphere bus-stop

Being in the depths of winter and already dark at 4.30 pm, that is for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it can be quite difficult to locate TASTY YOUNG GIRLS. This week, however, I stumbled on one waiting at a bus-stop. You could have knocked me down with a feather, when after doing my usual patter, she just blurted out, "I don't give a fuck about the money, I just want to get fucked in a porno film!" Well, knowing that the moths would have another week of safety residing in my wallet brought a well deserved smile to my face! Paige came back to my place and Lara dressed her up in a school-girl outfit complete with white shirt and school tie. She then put on some ripped fishnet tights and some thigh-high boots. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and i couldn't wait to screw her senseless, which I did!


Hunting the streets 2
Shalina - Hunting the streets 2

This week we continue with the wonderful Shalina and concentrate on her cute, tight little juicy bum! It was such a shame to have to get the mini skin tight denim shorts off in order to fuck her. You see I'm weird like that, I love fucking girls when they are dressed, it's always such a shame to have to get the clobber off. But what a love cute little arse Shalina has, it felt really tight and hot as I squeezed my dick in and out of it, especially seeing her arse framed in the red fishnets and especially with her wearing stilleto heels!As you can see from the pics my dick filled her arse right up and it was difficult not to shoot my load up her arse! By the way next week we have a lovely English babe Paige Fox.!