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Dressed in stockings and high heels
Holly Kiss - Dressed in stockings and high heels

Holly is so gorgeous I just had to stretch her over 2 weeks. I mean to say, some of you could have had a cardiac arrest if you'd had all her sexiness crammed in to a single week. Dressed in her stockings and high heels and bent over a table is a sight that will be burnt into my memory for ever. Her bum was a perfect sphere and peachy pink. These posh birds are always gagging for it, (So I'm told) Thank God I managed to get her back to my place before the car repair man had arrived!


Back to the streets of
Keeley Magee - Back to the streets of "Old London Towne"

It's back to the streets of "Old London Towne" this week. Trawling the streets in my never ending search for fresh, tasty, birds. This week I stumble across the gorgeous Keeley. I didn't have to do much convincing, since she was a manager of a sleazy sex shop and was quite used to disgusting perverts approaching her. So my proposition was like "water off a ducks back". She explained how customers would ask her to demonstrate the dildos and how sometimes on a busy day, she'd end up getting gang-banged by the customers. God, you don't get that sort of thing at John Lewis! Anyway, when she got changed I was stunned to my very core at what a babe I'd brought back and wow what an arse!!!


Stalking the streets of Budapest
Bailey - Stalking the streets of Budapest

Well, welcome from the "Sleaze-Miester of Porn", AKA Jimbo Slip, stalking the streets of Budapest in the snowy wastes. This time, being a master of disguise, I am posing as an innocent tourist looking for the Houses of Parliament. The ones in Budapest, because they have a Parliament too, just as corrupt as ours apparently! Anyway, I stumbled on the delightful teen student Bailey and managed to entice her back to my lair, for some decadent, filthy, porno action! What a babe she turned into and what an arse. Only in Hungary does one find these incredible, perfectly rounded, firm bums. They should state this fact in their tourist blurb because I think Budapest should be considered a "Wonder of The World", ie "The Incredible Bums of Budapest!" along with the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon".


A lovely Easter Chick
Jasmine - A lovely Easter Chick

In celebration of Easter we have a lovely Easter Chick this week called Jasmine. You might have seen her before years ago, but I thought that it was worth the trip up to the North of England to see her again. "I know Jasmine was a hot babe and you've fucked her brains out before, but why travel 200 miles just to fuck her all over again?" I hear you say. Well, I'll tell you why, because she's worth it and Jasmine has a rather nice selection of outfits including a rather natty school uniform, which she seemed keen to try on. Your eyes will pop out on springs when you see her at the top of the stairs waltzing down without a care in the world, showing off her knickers underneath her little skirt and you'll gasp for breath when you see her swallow my dick!


Amabella with a cheerleaders outfit and a lollipop!
Amabella - Amabella with a cheerleaders outfit and a lollipop!

Well this week folks, yet again I prove that you can never tell when a tasty bird is going to crop up. I was trudging the streets of Budapest in the pouring rain and I look up at the balcony of a beautiful building and guess what? Well, I'll tell you what, there was a tasty bird waving at me, she'd seen me with my camcorder.Since the girls of Budapest are so friendly, I went up to introduced myself and to cut a long story short, managed to convince the lovely Amabella to come back to my place. We went through the boxes of clothes and she dragged out a cheer leaders outfit and a lollipop! When she reappeared all dressed up I nearly fainted with shock at what a cute teen she'd turned into. Don't even start me on what a dirty slut she became when she laid eyes on my dick!


Exotic babe India in the snow
India - Exotic babe India in the snow

I'm in the snowy Peak District again this week and we don't just have a babe, we have a MEGA BABE! I met the exotic India looking at a map by the side of the road, about to freeze to death. She tricked me into thinking that she was a budding, "Bollywood actress" and agreed to come back to my shack for some hot action. When Lara laid eyes on India's giant boobs, her eyes nearly popped out of her head,(Lara loves BIG JUGGS by the way) I filmed the beautiful India's lovely arse clad in skin tight denim, which is a new thing we are doing, due to popular demand and to be honest I actually think it's very sexy as well. Anyway, we then got her dressed in a sexy nurse's uniform and Lara, after wiping the saliva from her mouth, filmed India generally cavorting around and playing with herself. I was huddled in a corner biting my nails, like an inma...


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