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Good girl goes bad!
Jess - Good girl goes bad!

Well, do we have a treat for you this week. I met the lovely Jess roaming the North Downs of Surrey. She told me she was doing, "Women's Studies" at university and as she was short of cash wanted to do a hot sex scene with me. The fact that she was studying "Womens Studies" or as some might quip, another name for the course could be, "All men are rapists....discuss," intrigued me, as she admitted that her head tutor was indeed a moustached, donkey-jacketed, cropped haired lesbian, who's favourite saying was, "The only good place for a man is buried under my patio!" To be honest I thought Jess would hate every second of her scene with me, but, au contraire, she was as rampant as fuck, in fact you'll never believe her metamorphosis from earnest student to school uniform clad, sex-kitten!


A not so innocent French student
Tiffanny Doll - A not so innocent French student

Well as promised, here is the delighful, sexy, teen, Tiffany, a not so innocent French student, over here, learning English. I stumbled on her as I roamed the streets unchecked, complete with cape and secret camcorder, like a character from Victorian London.( NOTE to the "Young folk" out there.They didn't have camcorders and TV's, in Victorian times, in fact they'd just invented movie cameras, which were very cumbersome and would have had to be disguised in a horse drawn carriage and powered by steam) Anyway, back to Tiffany, quite simply, she chose a cute little kilt to wear and over knee socks, "Quel surprise", I hear you say. All I can say is, "Ooh La! La!"


Roxy continues the sexy mayhem with more rampant shagging
Roxy Foxx - Roxy continues the sexy mayhem with more rampant shagging

This week Roxy continues the sexy mayhem with more rampant shagging. I reckon she'd do better studying for a degree in Porn than art! Watch out for Lara reaching out from behind the camcorder to help Roxy fondle my dick! Watch out next week, when we have a rather cute French teen for your delectation!


Dirty little minxes
Roxy Foxx - Dirty little minxes

I must say a hello to all the chaps in Afghanistan and yes, Brigadier, I have a couple of "dirty little minxes" in stockings, coming up in the next few weeks and yes both of them have huge JUICY JUGGS! Anyway, this week we have the delightful student Roxy. In my day, when you went to University you wore scarves and clutched teddy bears, but you will be appalled when you hear Roxy describe the wanton debauchery that goes on these days. The antics that go on in her art class are scandalous and should be STOPPED or at least televised immediately!


Way back to the 1970's
Gita Blonde - Way back to the 1970's

This week we are taking you back in time, way back to the 1970's with the lovely Gita Blonde. My cameraman Sir Cecil Porkinson-Bangor DSO MBE DFS STD has done the "Styling" on Gita. He dragged a huge thread-bare suitcase out of his cupboard containing clothing and artefacts from the actual, cradle of birth, of pornography. A time when men roamed, unchecked, wearing goaty beards and checked flared trousers. A time that style forgot! Anyway, Sir Cecil has done a grand job in turning the clock back to the days of "Rodox" and "Colour Climax". So sit back, watch and remember when you found your dad's stash of Super 8mm Porno Classics films in the attic!


Bianka is far too hot to waste
Bianka - Bianka is far too hot to waste

We had to split this update in half, 1/ Because, heartbroken, Sir Cecil Porkinson-Bangor DSO MBE DFS had slammed the camera down and was balancing on the edge of the balcony threatening to throw himself to his death 100ft below. I for one, was more than happy to give him a push, but Bianka stopped me and coaxed him back, with a jumbo sausage in batter, to continue filming our scene. 2/ Bianka is far too hot to waste in a single week. So here we have some hot, teen. anal action for your delectation!


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