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Northern hemisphere bus-stop
Paige Fox - Northern hemisphere bus-stop

Being in the depths of winter and already dark at 4.30 pm, that is for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it can be quite difficult to locate TASTY YOUNG GIRLS. This week, however, I stumbled on one waiting at a bus-stop. You could have knocked me down with a feather, when after doing my usual patter, she just blurted out, "I don't give a fuck about the money, I just want to get fucked in a porno film!" Well, knowing that the moths would have another week of safety residing in my wallet brought a well deserved smile to my face! Paige came back to my place and Lara dressed her up in a school-girl outfit complete with white shirt and school tie. She then put on some ripped fishnet tights and some thigh-high boots. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and i couldn't wait to screw her senseless, which I did!


Hunting the streets 2
Shalina - Hunting the streets 2

This week we continue with the wonderful Shalina and concentrate on her cute, tight little juicy bum! It was such a shame to have to get the mini skin tight denim shorts off in order to fuck her. You see I'm weird like that, I love fucking girls when they are dressed, it's always such a shame to have to get the clobber off. But what a love cute little arse Shalina has, it felt really tight and hot as I squeezed my dick in and out of it, especially seeing her arse framed in the red fishnets and especially with her wearing stilleto heels!As you can see from the pics my dick filled her arse right up and it was difficult not to shoot my load up her arse! By the way next week we have a lovely English babe Paige Fox.!


Hunting the streets
Shalina - Hunting the streets

The Sleaze-Meister, Jim Slip, the oiliest man in porn, has been prowling the streets again looking for tasty birds with his secret camcorder. I am now so oily and sleazy that if I go for a swim in the sea, I leave an oil slick! This week I struck GOLD with the lovely Shalina. Now, if you are a little old fashioned like me, you'll just love the sight of a long-legged babe, with a cute little arse, squeezed into some really tiny denim shorts (you'll need a magnifying glass to see these ones), high-heels and topped off with some ripped tights, striding around in front of you! Well, this week you get all this, some hot minge action and she gets fucked. What more could you want to see after spending the last week stuffing yourself with turkey and Xmas pud!


Japanese schoolgirl week
Sami - Japanese schoolgirl week

It's Japanese Schoolgirl Week at jimslip and the "Gok Wan" of porn (Moi) has struck again! Does anyone else think "Gok Wan" is a made up name since if you reverse it it could become "Van Gogh" the great painter and decorator! Anyway back to the gordeous Sami, who looked great dressed up like every schoolgirl in Tokyo, complete with prancing about and giggling. Jamming my engorged dick in her mouth, brought the giggling to an abrupt end and we had a great shagging session! Anyway, Lara and myself would like to extend our Christmas Greetings and wish a Happy New Year to one and all! Ho! Ho! Ho!


UK milfs roaming carparks
Tanya - UK milfs roaming carparks

Here in the UK it's Xmas shopping madness! Everyone going hysterical in their quest to make the retailers rich and take us out of recession. It also means we get thousands of MILFS roaming the carparks and streets of the UK, penniless after squandering all their money on Christmas treats. Rich pickings for the "Sleaze-Meister" of porn to claw in another willing babe into his clutches. This weeks it's the lovely Tanya, who is dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl and fucked senseless!


Sex with GI Jane 2
CJ - Sex with GI Jane 2

Here's Part 2 of CJ, I'm afraid CJ is so damn hot, that she puts the HOT into Hottentot and far too much to fit into just one week. Anyway this week I get to fuck her cute, tight, little arse which was quite a struggle to get into, but I persevered! That's true British grit for you! Like Hillary climbing Everest, OK, he was a New Zealander, but sort of British by default.........enough of my jibba-jabber. Many of you will be relieved to know that next week we are back with a CUTE MILF IN A SCHOOL UNIFORM AND HER HAIR IN BUNCHES called Tanya, so watch out!


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