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The spawn of Satan….The End!
Coco - The spawn of Satan….The End!

Well, unfortunately, my brethren, Gina & Coco advanced like a Panzer division and my cunning plan was simply brushed aside in a trice! However, my brethren, let it be asked, could the Pope himself have fended off this pair of, "Babes of Beelzebub" if they were to break into the Vatican and surprise his Holiness whilst engaged in his ablutions? What would he do? I wager, like me, simply drop to his knees, look Heavenwards and give thanks! The girls had used a pincer movement to encircle me in a vice like grip, they had clearly been well trained, one of them then jammed her tongue down my throat and the other forced my dick down to the back of her throat! I did my best to fend them off and managed to actually disengage myself from these monsters for all of a whole second. I was about to remonstrate with them, when they revealed their final...


The spawn of Satan…The Beginning!
Gina H - The spawn of Satan…The Beginning!

You will all have wept for my plight in last weeks episode whilst I grappled with that demon Nikki. This week however, the Devil has brought out the "Big guns" to drag me once and for all into the pit of Hell fire! Yes, my brethren, He has unleashed. two of his most trusted minions to bring me down. They crept into the site using Larasplayground as a Trojan horse and once ensconced within , made their devilish move to occupy and hold the sacred corridors of Make no mistake, this week you may be witness to the final battle for my soul. I stood alone against a pair of beautiful demons schooled in the ancient art of bring Men to their knees and they had come well prepared. Satan's quartermaster had kitted the girls out in the guise of sexy schoolgirls, the unfeeling monster even went to the trouble of giving them white socks to ...


Madam of the Brothel Barges
Nikki - Madam of the Brothel Barges

This week we have the sex crazed nymph, Nikky. Members will have already reached for their smelling salts as she related to Lara her shameful antics aboard a barge travelling the Danube. By day an innocent conveyor of goods ranging from cars to crates full of ornaments. But by night unbeknown to the drunken captain, his barge was turned into a house of sin, depravity and shame with no holds or holes barred! Drunken, foul-mouthed sailors cavorting with scantily clad wenches doused in spilled drink and bodily fluids. Yes, my brethren, a veritable lust filled tableaux of debauchery that could have been taken from the sketches from the painting, Hell, by Dutch painter, Bouts Dieric! Yes and I will tell you who the puppet-master of this crazed, madness was. It was none other than Nikky, or should I now unmask her as, "Madame Nikky!" purveyor...


I blame Lara!
Amira - I blame Lara!

As usual I was minding my own business and trying to be a serious film maker, when I was rudely interrupted from "The craft" and forced to indulge in the most shameful shenanigans imaginable! Yes, once again, my slave driver of a wife, Lara, demanded that not only must I create a cinematic masterpiece but also stuff my cock into Amirah's tight arse! To be frank, I hit the roof, "How can I be expected to produce a work of art, when you always insist on me dropping my trousers and getting my cock out?" I protested. "Just shut your big mouth and get yer knob out! You can give me a work of art with your dick jammed up Amirah's bum; anyway, a chimp would do a better job on cam than you do!" yelled Lara. I was mortified at her suggestion that I was no better than a simple, cuddly, primate at the art of filming. yes I know they can ride bikes a...


Suntanned trollop from Tasmania!
Amira - Suntanned trollop from Tasmania!

Well, as members will see, this week I am a very lucky man indeed. After Amira had enjoyed 30 minutes of hot lesbo action with Lara, the girls were in a desperate mood for some cock, basically pussy licking simply wasn't enough to satisfy their insatiable appetites. Normally, Lara would have taken the camera and continued filming, but this time she not only joined Amira for some cock sucking, but she also clambered onto the sofa with Amira and presented me with her lovely arse up in the air. Choices, choices, what was I to do? On the left, I had the lovely round sun-tanned arse of Amira beckoning to me and on the right the siren call of the gorgeous and internationally famous buttocks of my wife Lara. Well, being a fan of stockings and heels, I let my dick make the choice and it naturally plumped to fuck Lara first and then proceed to Ami...


Coco goes loco!
Coco - Coco goes loco!

Members will have drooled over the lovely Coco's transition from her successful "casting" a few weeks ago then into the willing paws of Lara for some fun and now passed back into my eager trotters for a full blown hardcore porno xxx session! Much to my delight and I expect millions of others, Coco didn't bother changing out of her, "Fantasy schoolgirl outfit" and just leapt into action seemingly reinvigorated by her hot lesbo session with Lara. To be honest I was quite shocked by her shameless behaviour and had he been present, even the Devil himself would have turned away to hide his blushes (again) at Coco's spectacle of wantonness! I myself was just about to give her a stern chastisement, when she interrupted me by plunging my dick as far down her throat as she could get it, at which point I thought it prudent to save my scolding for...


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