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This week we continue the fun from Lara's sex crazed bout of XXX lesbo action she enjoyed with the sex mad nurse, Cali. As you will recall, at the end of the last scene with Cali, the girls insisted on demanding the use of my dick for their unashamed enjoyment! It would appear that red hot xxx lesbo action was simply not enough to satisfy these two sex crazed hussies and they were in need of a gorgeous, bandana wearing, oil covered, sun-tanned, uber-stud to satisfy their every need! Luckily for me, there was not a "Gorgeous, preening, red hot uber-stud" present at the time, so the girls had to settle with good 'ol Jimbo, the Potterton Boiler of porn, maybe not the nicest looking object in the house, but will always give you heat when you need it most! So I gave the girls a mini camcorder, shoved the main camcorder on a tripod and dived in...
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Teened up Tiff !
Tiffany - Teened up Tiff !

As you would have seen already, our Evangelical Christian, Tiffany, had been turned to the Dark Side by Lara some time ago and now it was the turn of Jim Slip to lead her onto the path of wickedness and depravity! As you can see, we decked her out in the uniform of Jim Slip, which has been dusted off and served us well on many occasions without complaint! I would expect Tiffany would have been given a penance of at least 5000 Hail Mary's for her disgraceful behaviour this week. She even sank to the depths of inviting Lara to join us in some crazed 3 some xxx madness! As you will see Lara accepted her offer and plunged into the melee with no shame. Quite frankly I was shocked and appalled by the girls' behaviour and gave them a stern warning, but this seemed to fall on deaf ears!
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Doncha wanna kiss Holly's Arse?
Holly Kiss - Doncha wanna kiss Holly's Arse?

After seeing my wife Lara dressed up in breeches and riding boots a couple of weeks ago, on Lara's Playground, I couldn't resist the temptation to get the sexy, Holly Kiss to don the same outfit and enjoy some hot, dressage xxx action with me! Why is this outfit so damn sexy and might I say quintessentially English? Even during the Olympics I expect there were loads of us drooling over the various females in the dressage teams cantering around on their trusty steeds. I think it is because the look is just so impenetrable and spotlessly clean. The girls with perfect makeup and their hair tied back neatly, looking like butter wouldn't melt in their just want to ravage them!! Anyway, Holly was perfect for this whole haughty, look. I reckon I might have to one day get Holly and Lara to dress up in identical outfits and take on...
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Dutch devil in high heels!
Leone Queen - Dutch devil in high heels!

As you saw in last week's exciting episode Leone brushed up rather well as a wanton slut. This week she leaves not one stone unturned in her quest for unashamed depravity! Even the most sex crazed Dutchman would stub out his Marijuana cigarette and turn away in shame at Leone's wanton antics. I wonder what the wise elders of the Museum of Cheese would have to say if they were to stumble on this homage to Sodom & Gomorrah? I expect they would have to call a board meeting...........A CHEESE BOARD MEETING! Lol No, my friends, allow me a short jest as I solemnly relate to you in confidence, this grave tale of one man's bold, but futile stand against the most disgraceful and shameless behaviour at the hands of this wanton hussy! No tulip dancing or clogs for Leone! No, her sole desire was continuous and rampant sex, from your humble scribe! ...
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Amsterdam voted Crazed City of Sex 2012!
Leone Queen - Amsterdam voted Crazed City of Sex 2012!

This week we have the sexy Leone Queen from The Netherlands. Some would say Leone is a hatchling that has emerged from the very cradle of porno filth! Years ago, whilst we were cowering in fear at the very mention of sex, the Dutch were having wild orgies in the streets of Amsterdam! Travellers to Central Station would be welcomed by a girl like Leone who would have been dressed in the livery of the Dutch Railways, which at the time was thigh high boots, fishnet stockings and a whip! It was her job to allocate tickets to the crazed orgy that was going on outside the station. As you disembarked from your train, she would simply hand you a numbered ticket, a Marijuana cigarette and you'd simply dive in, when your number was shown on a large display! I have no idea how the Dutch managed to get any work done during this mad, mad, period in t...
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My poor pussy got all wet!
Kitty Kat - My poor pussy got all wet!

This week we have the lovely, feline, Kitty Kat who was desperate to be included in the wanton depravity that is With a name like Kitty Kat it was quite difficult to not resort to making silly puns like, "Have you seen my pussy" and strangely enough I fought the impulse. Anyway, Kitty got changed into a rather sexy tiny pair of denim shorts. Somewhere she had got the impression that I love girls who pour themselves into tiny, denim shorts! She looked amazing when she made her debut all tarted up and wow what a gorgeous body! In the future there will be life like love-dolls that look and feel exactly like Kitty Kat, you'll just shove a couple of hydrogen fuel cells in her back and she'll fuck you continuously until you throw the OFF switch, after which you'll just put her in a cupboard until you feel horny again!
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