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Student turns slut
Irina Bruni - Student turns slut

This week we find your humble host yet again trudging the streets, hoping, begging, in fact praying, for fresh young meat for your delectation! This is the cross that I must bare, to keep your insatiable appetites for filth and sleaze at bay. Yet again I have come up trumps with this gorgeous babe, Irina, a student of something or other, but who cares, the point is she looked amazing in her skin tight jeans and it took all of my willpower not to drool whilst I was enticing her back to my lair using my inimitable English charm, much of it learned from the PG Tips performing chimps ads from the 1970's. In particular when one chimp on the Tour de France meets a gorgeous French chimpess and says, "Avez-vous un cuppa?" It so reminds me of my charm when meeting foreign babes!
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From phwoar to whore!
Teena Dolly - From phwoar to whore!

This week we see the complete transformation of Teena from cute waif to rampant, sex crazed whore! Yes, she was taken to our special "Transformation room" where skilled technicians turned her from looking like a doe eyed cutey into someone who would not look amiss plying her trade in the Red Light districts of Hamburg or Amsterdam. Personally I prefer the waif look nowadays, but I was over ruled by the powers that be, who said, "Jim remember your roots!!" Anyway, Teena still looked stunning and she continued to remain rampant and desperate for cock!
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Eye poppingly gorgeous babe!
Teena Dolly - Eye poppingly gorgeous babe!

Just when you thought the babes couldn't get cuter on Just when you pleaded, nay, begged, "Enough with the babes already Jim, you're driving me crazy!" another babelicious angel walks in the door for a jimslip casting extravaganza! In fact even Lara was rattled as while I was enthusing on the delights of Teena, she had me standing on a tram track and allowed me to be nearly crushed out of existence by a runaway tram! Thanks Lara! Anyway, check out Teena's pouty lips, big wanton eyes, waify little dress and woolly over knee socks and be prepared to collapse with lust as she plunges my dick into her open mouth, without a bye or leave!
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Long legged, luscious and just 18!
Naomi - Long legged, luscious and just 18!

This week I heard the tragic news that my local pimp Gustav had upset the locals and found himself minced up and added to the mixture that they make hot dogs out of, so I had to find a new pimp. Well Igor came up trumps with the amazing Naomi. She sauntered up to my apartment as bold as brass, standing well over 6ft in her heels. This was one of Naomi's first jaunts into the sleazy, murky world of, "modelling" and as your host, I was only too eager to show her the ropes, as it were. As you probably already guessed I just love long legged girls in high heels and who doesn't? So I was quite happy watching strut her stuff until my glasses steamed up and I realised that it was time to pounce!
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I'm Tu-Tu Sexy
Diamond Cross - I'm Tu-Tu Sexy

As you saw in last weeks exciting episode, Diamond looked sensation playing with herself on the stairs and that was just a prelude to her wanton antics later in the scene.Diamond's ripped tu-tu would have had her thrown out of the Royal Ballet for sheer sluttishness and in all honesty, I myself was shocked to my very core by her disgraceful behaviour! As will see this week, Diamond attacked me like a hungry Labrador in search of a juicy bone! There was a time when the image of the Prima Ballerina was one of innocence and virtue and now look! Diamond has managed to drag these fine values down into a world of sleaze and depravity, a world in which yours truly reigns supreme!
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Black Sexy Swan
Diamond Cross - Black Sexy Swan

This week may I proudly present one of the most stunning and sexy babes EVER to adorn the pages of and that is really saying something, since this site is bursting at the seams with beauties! I warn you now, wear goggles when you watch Diamond in action, just to stop your eyeballs flying across the room. Decked out in a strategically ripped, black tut-tu in the mode of that bird in the film, "Black Swan", Diamond is breathtaking beyond belief and even I your humble host, had to make a double-take when I laid me beady eyes on her! Anyway, I will drone no longer, so sit back, relax and enjoy a thing of beauty!
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