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19 year old damsel in a dress!
Christen - 19 year old damsel in a dress!

This week we have the stunning, 19 year old, YES, 19 YEAR OLD Christen who arrived for a jimslip casting. (At 19 I was still playing with my Hornby train set, not indulging in porno perversions! That came later.) Anyway, the word must have got around about always arriving in stockings and heels and pretty dresses! Anyway, Christen looked pristine and fresh faced so I was stunned to the core when she started her casting without even the merest hint of shame. She stuffed her fingers up her sodden pussy and let out a groan that reverberated around the building, sending pensioners dialling 999 to report an earthquake! Not content with that, she then launched herself at the front of my trousers and tore down my flies, the zip missing my dick by no more than a millimetre or 2. Yes, my brethren, it could have been cataclysmic! Naturally, I had n...


Edward Scissorhands ripped stockings madcap threesome!
Tina Kay - Edward Scissorhands ripped stockings madcap threesome!

During last weeks debacle of shame I could hear Lara Latex panting from behind the camera.Being married to her for many years, I immediately knew that this was a sign that my wife was desperate to join in this lust crazed threesome of shame with a pretty girl I had already ravaged. I guess you folk at home have the same trouble when you bring a cute girl back home for some fun! These wives, just can't control their shameful lusts! Anyway, things went from bad to even badder and by the end of this debacle of depravity both girls looked like Edward Scissorhands had made some serious alterations to their panties and stockings. All three of us collapsed in exhaustion, the apartment littered with the remnants of once pristine lingerie and now shredded in lust crazed abandonment. At this point there was only one thing left to do and I looked up...


Devil in a red dress!
Tina Kay - Devil in a red dress!

I hope you had a lovely Xmas. However I am afraid that once again you must stock up on Kleenex, because we have a stocking crazed frenzy coming up this week and it gets worse next week! As you have seen before Tina Kay has one of the most wonderful, smooth skinned , round bottoms possibly in the whole World and gorgeous, long legs as well. So imagine this clad in seamed stockings and suspenders, frilly knickers, high heels and all topped off in a pretty red dress. An ensemble that would be perfectly acceptable for taking afternoon tea at the Ritz! Now imagine, if you will, this thing of beauty being ravaged by a sex crazed, middle aged man in a suit. Her bent over, her pretty dress roughly lifted up, her panties yanked to one side and the mad man plunging his dick deep into her tight sodden pussy. Are you imagining? Well believe it or no...


Ripped Christmas Stockings!
beata - Ripped Christmas Stockings!

To celebrate the festival of Christmas I bring you the lovely licentious, Latvian, Beata, possibly one of the cutest babes to grace the hallowed halls of She arrived for a jimslip "Casting" in a rather nice dress in Santa style red, pearls, white gloves and underneath she sported tights and frilly knickers. The first thing that came to mind was, "Those tights and knickers need to be ripped to shreds?..for Christmas!". She described how she'd been airlifted to safety from the clutches of a pervert photographer who had lured her to the snowy wastes of Latvian hinterland. His icy claws reaching out from behind his antique camera trying to grope this pearl bedecked, fragrant beauty! Thank God for the emergency services! Anyway, as a special Xmas treat, you will also over this Festive period get to see Beata dressed in a sexy scho...


My Wife and I
Coco - My Wife and I

Some may say I am just plain greedy, others will say I am insatiable. Well both are true and this is why, not content with just fucking Coco alone, I decided to turn this spectacle of lustful shame into a "My Wife and I" special. This was just a cunning ploy to squeeze even more fun out of the scene by enlisting the services of my wife Lara Latex, placing the camcorder on a tripod and then fucking the pair of them! I would strongly suggest this idea to any of those fed up with having to endure awful Saturday night TV of "Celebrity Singing on Ice" and the like. Why not simply engage the services of a cute girl like Coco, bung her in some kinky clobber and then fuck her brains out with the help of your wife? I must add a caveat here as follows: I take no responsibility for injuries incurred as a result of head injuries resulting from your...


Bellissima Ballerina!
Coco - Bellissima Ballerina!

Sorry to go all Italian this week, but I couldn't think of anything else to rhyme with "Ballerina". As members will have seen, Lara Latex had the pleasure of the beautiful Coco a few weeks ago and having had to film this ball aching spectacle I decided to get Coco back and have her for myself. I employed the POV style of shooting which is all the rage at the moment and Coco did not disappoint. As you can see we dressed her in a ragged, black TuTu with rips in all the right places and with socks. As you will see I demonstrated the dexterity of a master acrobat when it came to holding the camcorder and fucking the delicious Coco and even crazed with lust, I do believe I did a rather good job at keeping the camera steady!


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