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Sex crazed schoolgirl mayhem!
Lara Latex - Sex crazed schoolgirl mayhem! members will have already seen how a few weeks ago my wife, Lara, had been ravaged by wanton schoolgirl, Henessey. It seemed that donning the school uniform had turned Henessey into a crazed sex slut and having left Lara strewn lifeless on the sofa had decided to launch an all out attack on me! What was I to do? A true professional, a master of my craft as cameraman, director and dare I say, thespian? To be honest, I blushed as Henessey and Lara beckoned me to join in their lewd and shameful antics. I, a purveyor of, "The Art" was left with 2 simple choices; to either fiercely protest and insist that I adhere to the unwritten international lore of the video cameramen, ie to NEVER grope one's subjects, or secondly to think, "Bollocks, life is too short, let's get my knob sucked by a babe dressed in a schoolgirl outfit and a...


Fist of Fury!
Lyen - Fist of Fury!

As members will have gloated over, Lyen was gagging for cock. The fact that she had had the foresight to wear a sexy, fishnet body stocking UNDER her rubber trousers was a triumph of forward planning! I think it was this sexy combo that turned her into a sex crazed, lust filled beast! She was so wild that I could have done with a chair and whip to keep her at bay and don't ask me about her fisting antics! This week she decided to swallow my dick into her tight bum and members will salivate at seeing her groan into the camera as she plunges me ball deep into her arse time and time again. To be frank, I was shocked at her wanton behaviour and cautioned her to curb her sex crazed antics, but she simply chose to ignore me and just continued stuffing my cock into her arse until she was satisfied!


Ball Busting Butt
Lyen - Ball Busting Butt

This week we bring back the image of the old Avengers series mixed with a little of the Hollywood megastar Uma Thurman. No unfortunately we haven't managed to enlist a superstar for a jimslip scene, but we enlisted Lyen instead who looks like a superstar! She arrived clad in what looked like skin tight, shiny, rubber. Now, my gran used to love venomously hissing, "The only place for rubber is in tyres and incontinence pants!" I beg to differ, rubber looks great on girls with long legs and long boots. In fact the look drives me crazy. Jim & Lara members of course will see Lyen bend over and present her gorgeous, shiny, arse into Laras camera and I accept no responsibility for anyone who suddenly finds that's he or she has suddenly developed premature ejaculation after having to endure watching this ball-achingly sexy shot! Anyway, prepare...


Babe in a Basque
Sylvia - Babe in a Basque

As members would have seen, Sylvia passed the strict criteria of a Jimslip audition with flying colours! I allowed myself a 5 full milliseconds of deep, solemn thought, before allowing her through those hallowed gates that lead to a full jimslip scene. She was then whisked off to our make over room and then re- emerged wearing what I and millions of other men would call, "Something for the weekend". Her outfit comprised a sexy basque, smooth, shiny stockings, killer heels and a new hairdo. She would have looked perfect kicking her heels at the Moulin Rouge. Yes, my brethren, I was transfixed and those "vestments of Beelzebub" worked their magic and within seconds I had leapt on Sylvia and ravaged her, without a bye or leave! I must say, when it comes to sex, the MILF'S leaving their teen counterparts standing, they just know w...


MILF in seamed stockings!
Sylvia - MILF in seamed stockings!

This week we say au revoir to the gorgeous teen Vander and Bonjour to the lovely, sexy MILF, Sylvia. She decided to do one of my castings after being told by her friend Valentina, that it was quite fun to get dressed up in seamed stockings and high heels and get fucked by yours truly. Valentina is the blonde MILF who tore me to shreds a few months ago! Shockingly, Sylvia informed me that her husband was a politician and he, "Fucks everything, cleaner, secretary, he never stops with the fucking!" Dryly, I replied that our politicians also fuck everything, but in a different way. Anyway, be prepared to be stunned by the sight of this gorgeous babe doing everything she can to impress me. Will I get my trotters on her? Will she jam by dick down her throat? Who knows? Anything can happen on the jimslip casting couch!


Vanderful Vander!
Vander - Vanderful Vander!

I must just read you an excerpt from an email I just got, "Jim, I am in hospital recovering from a Transmyocardial revasculization op. Can you PLEASE STOP putting such beautiful girls on your website? I keep setting off the ECG alarm at the nurses station every time I open your site to have a wank...!" My answer? "No!No!No! I will not pander to your request!" and to anyone else with a heart condition about to open, TAKE AN ASPIRIN, or consult your doctor first! This week we have Vander, she is stunningly beautiful and put on a school uniform, need I say more??


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