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My Adventures
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Cherry - Part 1
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Thanks to YOU I can call myself the luckiest man in Britain! I keep fucking one hot girl after the other, something most men can only dream of. One of my biggest turn ons is watching my wife Lara screwing other men, especially when she is dressed in stockings and heels! When you join my website you get her website for FREE where you can see what filthy exploits she gets up to PLUS over 65+ other sites with 1000s' of girls and guys for you to enjoy. Now thats a real bargain!

Sexy secretary in seamed stockings!
Sexy secretary in seamed stockings!

Yes, I thought that would get your attention! How many of us have lusted over that new sexy secretary who turns up to work in a skin tight mini skirted Chanel suit and insists on bending over the photo copier, wiggling her pert bum in front of you and revealing that she is wearing stockings and suspenders underneath? Yes, for the young people out there, this used to be the norm in ALL offices in the UK. Just check out the Carry On films and you'll get the idea of what pre PC Britain was like. It was non stop, "Phwoar, your a right little corker and make no mistake abart it luv, fancy a shag?" and of course they ALWAYS fancied a shag! Alas, these days your secretary will probably be wearing goggle-eye specs, have her hair greased down like Colonel Kleb and be dressed in some grey, utilitarian jump suit as worn by the feminists of North Korea. So allow me to transport you back to another time when ALL secretaries were sexy and ALL wanted to be bent over your desk and rogered senseless! Its amazing that we British managed to build Concorde, the TSR2 jet fighter and Carnaby St in the 1960's and still have time to be shagging literally non-stop! From morning until night sex was constantly on tap. You'd be lucky to get to the end of your road without having shagged at least 3 lonely housewives in their negligees and lets not forget the ticket collector on the No 88 who'd want her fair share as well! Oh well, that was life in the 1960's!


Couple ravages teen!
Couple ravages teen!

Well my brethren, if you were to quickly jump on to my wife's website, and simply scroll back a few pages you will find a rather cute teen called Ava, dressed as a schoolgirl and being ravaged by Lara. Site members will have already salivated at the sight of Lara burying her tongue in Ava's tight bum and they will have drooled all over their laptops as Ava reciprocated with her lizard like tongue flicking in and out of Lara's tight bum! Well folks, guess what, these two hussies invited my to join in their shameful shenanigans. At first I was shocked and appalled at the idea of being forced to engage in a rampant orgy with a girl dressed in a school uniform and a long legged MILF in stockings and heels! So I made a quick brew to calm myself down, said a short prayer and then leapt in to the affray. Lara wasted no time in jamming my hard cock into Ava's sodden pussy and then eagerly licking the juice as my dick slid in and out, all to the tune of Ava's load groans!


She knew no shame!
She knew no shame!

Well, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoyed gorging all the food and salivating over the gorgeous Tracy Gold. Anyway, this week to celebrate New years Eve, we have the delectable Gina. You saw Gina make her appearance a few weeks ago, during which she dressed up in a school uniform and did some sexy single girl action. Well now she's back and this time has decided to take things to the next level. "What is the next level Jim?", I hear you enquire. Well the next level, per se, is where the lovely Gina has enquires as to the possibility of exploring beyond the boundaries of single girl xxx action and instead plunging into the steaming quagmire of hard core porno filth. Naturally, I warned her that she must undergo a strict vetting procedure to ensure that she is suitable for inclusion on Anyway as you will see she seemed to have no problem getting to grips with the task in hand. In fact she wasted no time in plunging her hands into my trousers and grabbing my dick and from there on things went from bad to worse!! The wanton hussy.


The Lost Files Part 1
The Lost Files Part 1

In the forthcoming months I will be releasing some amazing scenes filmed back in the mists of time but previously unseen on They are from a batch from about 10 years ago that went astray. They were originally stored in the deep cellars at Castle Slip in the South of France. It was said that these cellars were haunted, so we seldom ventured into them unless we had to, to store our tapes. A decade ago I descended into the cellars to retrieve some scenes including that of Candera & found them to have been removed. From then on every night we would hear ghostly groans emanating from the cellars, like a tortured soul crying out in the night. Lara & I would be rigid in terror, until one day a couple of months ago I dared to creep down into the bowels once more & to my mixture of crazed terror & delight I found the lost bag of tapes together with a video player & TV set up & still felt warm to the touch! The remote was covered in ghostly ectoplasm & a box of tissues lay to one side. I froze in horror, realising why the ghost had been groaning, he’d been watching Candera!!! I snatched the bag & fled upstairs & bricked up the entrance. We haven’t heard the groans since, but I must presume the spirit will seek vengeance, don’t they always?


Welcome gift turns to threesome frenzy!
Welcome gift turns to threesome frenzy!

Well as members would have seen in last weeks episode, Lara and Gina were having a whale of a time in hot frenzied lesbo action, but as I have seen all too many times before, after 30 minutes of minge munchin' girls start to crave cock. They just can't help it and they will attack any male within arms reach! Luckily, I was within arms reach and so I was dragged in for some sex crazed action. My ever thoughtful wife Lara Latex ever mindful of my physical condition even insisted on helping me squeeze my dick into Gina's hot, wet, pussy and then continued to help by gripping my cock and balls and ramming it in to Gina with all her strength causing the babe to groan with pleasure. As you will see, Gina is a 100% certified nymphomaniac and never tires even for a second during sex and she thought nothing of Lara pulling out my sodden cock from her pussy and then plunging it deep in to her tight bum hole! Yes, my wife was using my dick as an instrument in order to pleasure a cute babe clad in a ballerina's outfit! Well all I can say, my brethren is, I can't wait for our next wedding anniversary!


This week we have a University student
This week we have a University student

If you thought that it was the end of the babes, I'm afraid you are wrong! This week we have University student, Nataly from Russia, the World's largest exporter of TOTAL BABES! I met her in a park reading a big book with an English title, so I pounced. So hold on to your eyeballs, because Nataly is achingly beautiful and once she donned the Jim Slip classic outfit, I had to reach for my smelling salts to stop me keeling over! To be honest I didn't know where to start and after a few seconds hesitation, I leapt through the air, like a man possessed and plunged my hand into her knickers! You can guess what happened next!



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