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My Adventures
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Miky Gold - part 1
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Miky Gold - part 1
Miky Gold - part 1


The Allure of Latex
The Allure of Latex

For centuries men of science have pondered the imponderable! Questions that have no answer, like what is infinity? How much does the sky weigh? How do they get the egg inside a Scotch egg? Is it true that Scottish chickens were fed a secret blend of meat & crumb that caused them to lay eggs coated in the delicious crumb coat? Perhaps the most vexing question of all is, “Why when latex is fashioned into ladies garments it causes men to become crazed with lust, but when it is used to make swim caps, catheters, balloons & tennis shoes, it does not? You may well ponder this conundrum whilst you salivate at the lovely Belle cavorting in her luscious, lascivious latex!


Belle is Back!
Belle is Back!

This week we have the gorgeous Belle back for another jimslip stint. This time she demonstrates the wonders of sheer knickers, that girls wear these days. Of course back in the old days the mode amongst the female sex was to wear what men, crazed with lust, would called, “Dreadnought bloomers”. These, were more amour than underwear & they were designed to keep men with moral turpitude in mind, at bay for as long as possible. Thankfully Belle was more than happy when I plunged my hands into her gossamer like panties! I should mention that unknown to my good self at the time, Belle had hidden some latex in her bag & I’m sure her fans will be foaming at the mouth with lust next week as she squeezes into her outfit!


Jim Slip Hall of Fame
Jim Slip Hall of Fame

Even after the first bout of crazed shenanigans, the gorgeous Cyprus showed no sign of tiring out, so the fucking continued with every position known to man or beast! Even the author of the Kama Sutra would have raised an eyebrow at the antics of Cyprus, from fucking one minute to lactating the next & then back to fucking! There was no stopping her. To be honest I was exhausted, but I carried on for the benefit of the website & my faithful fans, ‘cause that’s the kind of guy I am, service beyond the call of duty! I’d have to say this scene is now in the “Jim Slip Hall of Fame”.


It’s HOT in Cyprus!
It’s HOT in Cyprus!

This week we have a lovely blast from the past with the lovely Cyprus, a classic fun loving English girl! She was dressed in a mini kilt, huge fishnet holdups, high heels & all topped off with a school tie. In this episode Cyprus invites me to follow her into the bathroom to film her peeing. There were a number of attempts, but me being close by filming with my giant camcorder put her off her stride. In the end she let rip with a cascade of the Amber Nectar. I’m sure pee-lovers will salivate uncontrollably onto their keyboards & short circuit their PC’s at the sight. In between all these attempts at peeing we had a crazed fuck fest. Don’t ask me what happens next week, I’m still too shocked to say.


Atlanta Moreno - Part 2
Atlanta Moreno - Part 2 members will be still reeling with shock at the antics of the very sexy Atlanta in Pt1. This week she dresses up as a sexy NHS nurse, complete with high heels & seamed stockings. She then sucks my dick & gets fucked in this outfit. I therefore have no choice & in the interests of Health & Safety, I have no choice but to issue this dire warning: IF YOU WEAR A PACEMAKER, OR ARE UNFORTUNATELY INDISPOSED IN HOSPITAL WITH AN AFFLICTION OF THE HEART, PLEASE DO NOT VIEW THIS SCENE! IF YOU MUST, THEN PLEASE INFORM A QUALIFIED MEDICAL PRACTITIONER OF YOUR INTENTION TO VIEW MATERIAL THAT COULD CAUSE ATRIAL FIBRILLATION OR WORSE & REQUEST THEY HAVE A CARDIAC TEAM ON HAND SHOULD YOU SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCE OF EXCESS EXCITEMENT.



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