Q: What is the Jim Slip website about?
A: Jimslip.com is an enormous reality style website that has been operating since 2002 and contains hundreds and hundreds of beautiful girls contained in hundreds of unique full length scenes - over 40 minutes long! On the front page you will find 3 trailers that will give you a taste of the enormous breadth of the website!

Q: What kind of porn can I find?
A: Jimslip.com is the home of the smiling "Girl next door" who wants to be a total slut and Jim Slip is there to help! You will see how these so called innocent babes turn into wanton sluts once they don thigh high boots, stockings, tiny skirts and re-emerge to find Jim ready to ravage them. Jimslip.com is NOT a bog standard, hair pulling, name calling, misogynistic porno website. There are millions of these sites already. We update a completely unique scene most weeks and a completely unique Larasplayground scene every 2 weeks. Unlike other sites, we do not film EXTRAS in these scenes, like smoking or stockings or whatever and then sneak those bits out on another sites or call the little sections "Updates". We put all the fetishes where possible in one complete unique scene and that is why they are over 40 minutes long. So you get chat, stripping, stockings, heels, little skirts, thigh highs, more chat, girls showing off wiggling their bums, in fact Jim does everything he can to get the girls to behave badly, and then fucks their brains out and they love it!

Q: What format are the movies in?
A: The movies are all in MPG 4 format and offered in 3 different qualities: 540P, 720P & 1080P & full movies can be streamed. But that's not all! You also get thousands of photos of jimslip scenes to treasure for ever!

Q: Is this site for free?
A: Yes and no! If you join jimslip.com you get my wife's website Larasplayground.com for free and vice versa. On the front page you will see 3 different trailers that give you a taste of the full breadth of material on the site. To get access to the total movie archive you need to join. A major video website like this takes huge bandwith, so for downloading all of the full Jim Slip porn movies we ask a small price in return.

Q: Can I watch the movies without downloading codecs or software first?
A: Yes, we provide all our movies in MPG4 format. This is a format that anybody can download and watch and is also common on most mobile platforms.

Q: How do I get access to the site?
A: We have 2 options to access the entire Jim Slip archive. Option 1: Become a member by creditcard, payments are monthly. Option 2: Watch anonymously by dialing a number and a code with your telephone. Have fun!!

Q: If I join jimslip.com how will this appear on my credit card statement?

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